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    ABOUT ME - IshwarPutra Arun

    I, Son Of God Arun is the most obedient and most faithful to Lord. Lord ordered me to construct a building for Him that is called NEW HEAVEN / ABHAYA DHAM / NARAYANA GRIH / NEW JERUSALEM and showed its model. He has arrived on the Indian Soil in the name of Lord Kalki. After destroying the evil and Adharma people, He will take rest in this house in the LIGHT form. People of this world has not built a house for Him.

    NEWHEAVEN / ABHAYA DHAM / NARAYANA GRIH / NEW JERUSALEM is the place to pray for the, broken hearted people irrespective of caste, creed and religion. It has been built in obedience to God's vision gotten by Son Of God Arun. This NEW HEAVEN / ABHAYA DHAM / NARAYANA GRIH / NEWJERUSALEM has containing twelve gates. It is the temple where Idle is not presented. In this temple, there are three thrones – one for Lord God and two for two witness of God. There is a river of pure water proceeding out of the throne of God and of the two Witness. In the middest of the street of it and the both side of the river bank, there are twelve tree, which bare twelve different fruits and yielded her fruit every month. This building has built according to the plan and direction given by God.

    Thousands of people of different places of the earth are coming for getting blessing and many miracles took place in their lives. It is Lord Kalki who performs miracles for the people. Lord Kalki is present in this temple in the form of Light / Jyoti. The main gate of east opens on Saturday and rest six days close. The main gate of east opens on the day of Festival Public Meetings too.

    Son Of God Arun is inspired by the Holy Spirit to serve God and to spread God's fragrance among the people, both in India and abroad. Son Of God Arun, my wife and my three children and my son’s wife are actively involved in the Lord’s ministry programmes. Their praise & worship are a great blessing and bring solace to the broken hearted and the needy.

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