Why Guru is Standing in the Court For getting Judgement ?

Why Guru is Standing in the Court For getting Judgement

Aadishri Arun

Why Guru is Standing in the Court For getting Judgement ?

Why Guru is Standing in the Court For getting Judgement

Why Guru is in the Court for Getting Judgment

The Guru, although resembling a human, is not a specific person. He is a special kind of energy that comes encased in a physical body for a limited period of time so that certain guidance is provided to humanity at large. This is so designed so that ordinary humans may be able to interact with this energy, through their five senses and their limited organs of discrimination, and gain from its guidance. This is why the Sat-guru-The true Guru, is considered the representative of Paraatma-who is Himself beyond creation.  This energy resides in the Anaami region before it is sent to level of physical world, filtering through the five levels of creation. This system is designed by Paraatma himself so that those of us who are real seekers may find the right guidance to be able to go back to our true home.

The process is as follows. The energy of Paraatma comes to the physical world, through the body of a human, who is called the Sat-guru and he offers us true and correct knowledge about the journey back home. Those souls, who really want to return, get attracted to these teachings and develop faith in this eternal unchanging knowledge and in the competence of the Guru to guide them back home. This seed of knowledge and the desire to go back home grows in the heart and mind of the genuine seeker and the curiosity about the higher life, soon becomes a raging fire of love, faith and devotion.


Such a person is driven by the search of the truth and usually such a person-the sincere seeker-finds salvation, after the guru helps him be free of the tangles of karmas that otherwise bind all of us in their deathly grip.


India is a land where God has never been the highest goal. The highest goal is considered to be Mukti or salvation. In fact God and Guru are looked upon in this country as a means to get to the state of Mukti. Just imagine that you are travelling in a strange land, where there are no known and familiar landmarks. How can you find the right way through such a region?  This is where the Guru comes in handy, since only he knows the way and only he can guide us through the unknown areas. Thus the Guru is the crucial element in our search for salvation, happiness and the desire to go back home…

Yet in the present times, we find a strange situation.  There are a number of Gurus and all of them claim to be representatives of God and all of them promise us a life of happiness and freedom. But we also see that many of them are cheats and fraudsters and their black deeds and their misuse of the blind faith of the ordinary devotees is landing them behind bars.

Why Guru is in the Court for Getting Judgement

The question then is that if the Guru is so important in God’s scheme, then why do we find false gurus standing and being prosecuted, in the courts of the land? And the larger question is also that why does God allow this to happen? Why does God let his name be sullied and misused by cheats and fraudsters?

The answer lies in the fact that these are the end times we are living in. In these times there are very few genuine seekers. The rest of people simply want better ways to indulge in worldly desires and therefore as is the desire of the people, so is the guide created to fulfill these desires.

The fact is that since there are very few people who really desire Moksha, the real Gurus are also few and far between and difficult to find.


The Bhavishya Puraana has prophesized thousands of years ago about the true gurus that would be coming.  The last line of Gurus that are mentioned is the lineage of Guru Nanak. The Bible mentions in Jeremiah 14:14 that in the end times, most so-called Gurus would make false prophecies. In Jeremiah 23:21 & Jeremiah 23:16, God says that he has not sent these false prophets and neither should the sincere seekers at large listen to these fraudsters. God further says that these false gurus have caused a lot of damage to the cause of God realization since they have created confusion and disbelief in the mind and hearts of devotees.  God further says that in the end, these false gurus will get the punishment they deserve (Jeremiah 23:11-12).

Why Guru is in Court for Getting Judgement

God further drives home the point that the people who follow such Gurus and these Gurus will fight with each other and be destroyed at the time of Judgment day.

These prophecies and the conditions they describe, all resemble closely the condition of the world today.  That can only mean that the prophecies of End times given in the Bible and Quran and Kalki Puraana are about to be realized. It is said that at the end of Kaliyuga there will be a 100’s of gurus who will call themselves as divine but will soon be discovered as frauds and will be prosecuted and jailed by the law of the land.  This is the sad situation as of today where even the holy scriptures of all religions have not been spared. They are being misinterpreted and misused and misquoted to suit certain political ideologies. I.e. the word of God as written in the Holy Scriptures is being misused for the gain of power. Not only that, even the genuine seats of traditional Guru Sects have been usurped by charlatans.

The question is that in times of such deceit and falsehood, how can the genuine seeker find Mukti? My advice all of you that do not be disheartened by the circumstances because God never abandons his true child. Therefore in these troubled times, to clear the confusion and the falsehood, God has sent not another guru but instead his own son, so that the genuine seekers can be guided properly.

Why Guru is in the Court for Getting Judgement

The name of his son is Adishree Arun. God has granted all his powers of heaven and earth to his son so that the son can do the assigned task.  And what is the assigned task?  To guide the true children back home and transit the world from the despair of kaliyuga to the new Dawn of Satyuga. So if you truly desire Moksha and the joy of God realization, he is the right guide for you. If you seek realization truthfully, genuinely and don’t desire worldly indulgences then you will soon find your way to Adishree.

Adishree Arun is the sole son of God and there is no other. He is the image of invisible God, the firstborn and also called Sheerdakoshayee Vishnu. This is mentioned in the Quran as well.  The fact is that no-one including the pious Rishis, yogis etc can ever know the full extent of God or his son as well. The extent of Paraatma lies beyond the vistas of knowledge or the grasp of the mind. All things including truth, Realization, Knowledge, virtue, life and all else are subsets of God and his son. Life and consciousness are within them as well.  There is no reality or existence apart from God and his Son and if one feels separation from them-who are very source, then it is like the branch of a tree fighting with the tree trunk!  The only result can be destruction of the branch. This is why Jesus had said that “I am the way and the Life” The “I” being the Son of God. The truth is that only as long as the branch remains attached to the tree can it bear fruit and without that connection, it can only die and its only use can be as firewood, which is used as fodder to create the next set of atoms for the next cycle of creation. And donot fear-Those who seek God are not denied the abundances of this world as well… Those are in any case granted as a default.  So chose The Creator rather than the creation of God and you will not be denied either…