Maha Updesh of Aadishri – Part 5

Maha Updesh of Aadishri – Part 5

Maha Updesh of Aadishri – Part 5

(Aadishri Arun)

Maha Upadesh of Aadishri, Part - 5

O human!  You should know that worldly desire should be abandoned for you to be peaceful and happy. Why? Because when the desire is not fulfilled, it leads to anger and that leads to the destruction of wisdom and to the power of discernment.  And that leads to the downfall of man.  The Gita chapter 2 verse 62-63 clearly states this fact.  The fact is that desire and anger are the sure shot way to reach the depths of hell.  Yet you travel on this bullet train to hell every day. Gita chapter 16 verse 21 reaffirms this fact.

We may know this theoretically, yet the basis of all your life and all your relationships is worldly desire and various hopes that you may have in this regard. The wife has expectations about how her husband should behave, the husband wishes for a wife as per his specifications. The parents wish for devoted children who look after them and so on and so forth… The fact is that a person is able to love another only when that other person fulfills his expectations and desires.

Yet the very nature of the wish for fulfillment of worldly desire is that it can never be fulfilled. The nature of desire is that it is always in flux and it’s this very nature means that there can never be any lasting happiness in the pursuit of any worldly desire.

Since desire is born in the mind of a person, hence no other person can come to know of it since it is not visible.  This is the point where struggle is born…I desire something from someone but that person is not aware of it and he has his own desires. Both people in the relationship do various things to fulfill their contradictory desires. Lo behold- Conflict is born. Thus all relationships get twisted by conflict.  Therefore it is essential that a person realize this fact and not make expectation/ desire, the basis of a relationship. Instead we should base our relationships on love alone.  This is the only way to be peaceful and happy and have happy relationships.
The eternal question-how to have maximum happiness and minimum pain-has haunted humanity since time immemorial.  Is there anyone in the world today who is satisfied with their relationships?

The answer is that hardly anyone in the world is truly happy and at peace.

You may think that money can buy you happiness but if you look closely, you will find that at the bottom of it all, only good relationships can bring peace.

Everything valuable in this world is based on relationships. Even your basic security is based on relationships.  The basis of your happiness is also good relationships.  That being true, we get most of our grief also from relationships. The cause is that when you don’t accept the others point of view and you try to change it – that is when trouble starts. The less you expect, the less your conflict. So if a person stops expecting things from others, and he changes his expectations from within, such a person is always happy.

Whenever a person experiences injustice or double standards, that is when he feels shaken from inside. He feels that the world is his enemy. The bigger the injustice, the bigger the feeling of conflict, anger and aggrievement. The heart of such a man demands justice from God.  This feeling is justified since justice is the cornerstone of any society and without a sense of justice, civil society cannot function.

So the question is-What is justice?

Justice starts with the boundaries of relationships being defined. Once the boundaries are fixed, crossing those boundaries becomes a matter of injustice. Crossing of boundaries is injustice and if society does not fix those injustices, retribution and vendettas result on an individual or group level. The result is anarchy in society.  We should remember that Mahabharata happened only because injustice was done.

Thus the boundaries are important to maintain a sense of justice. But have we ever thought about the basis of these boundaries?  The basic logic of these boundaries is that all are equal; that each human is entitled to the same rights and freedoms. Respect a person as you would respect yourself and injustice will never and peace will prevail.