Maha Upadesh of Aadishri – Part – 19

Maha Upadesh of Aadishri; Part – 12

Maha Upadesh of Aadishri; Part – 12

(Aadishri Arun)

Maha Upadesh of Aadishri, Part - 12

O’ human, spread the reach of your mind and open it to my advice. Only then can you make your life happy. What lies beyond the reach of your questions and that which is beyond the reach of your intelligence, all that I want to grant to you.


Till now whatever knowledge I have granted you, all the advice that I have given to you about action, karma, techniques of yoga, methods of worship etc, forget all of them and instead come  into the grace of the Lord just as an injured child rushes into the arms of his mother. What does the mother do? She soothes the child and tends to its wounds and eases the pain.



If you take the shelter of God’s infinite mercy, you will be healed protected and nurtured and you will find peace.