Promises are always Fulfilled

Promises are always Fulfilled


Promises are always Fulfilled


As you go through the turbulence of life, you realize that there is nothing certain in life.  Anything can happen and on many occasions you find yourselves helpless in spite of our best preparations. That is the time many of you turn to God and pray to Him to solve your problems. You expect God to turn your sorrow into joy and to get rid of your difficulties and troubles. Most of you remember the Lord only in times of trouble and that’s when you quickly remind Him that He is your father and therefore it is His duty to help you. You also remind Him that it is His duty to He help you as He had promised to do so.



Look at the nature of God’s promise and what is the help that God  promises you?  The answer is straightforward. God promised you that He would always provide you with the way to salvation, that no circumstances in the world would be able to prevent you from finding your way back to Him if that’s what you really wanted.

What is the basis of this promise?  The answer is that the only reality in this world is God.  The universe where you live has been constructed from just a fraction of the Lord’s essence.  This universe is a time-bound, ever-changing entity that is in its essence unreal.  It is like the movie that is played on the screen of life.  Since the only thing that is real is God therefore that is what God promises you-Himself.

You are individual souls that have emerged from the soul of God.  That means you are one family and what does one promise one’s child?  Only the truth! After-all would you promise your child the truth or sweet lies? Since God loves you, He promises you salvation, since that is the only goal worth pursuing.  The rest is just a chimera.

Thus when you ask God for guidance so that you may reach back to Him, He listens to you.  He makes the way smooth for you to go back to Him.  In that situation, the greatest of difficulties are unable to prevent your journey back to the land of truth. But the problem is in what you ask.  You don’t ask Him for salvation.  You mostly ask God for escape from your present troubles.  When the troubles are over, you forget God. You must ask ourselves-Did God promise you to remove your troubles while you continued to live a sinful self-indulgent life?  NO!  That wasn’t what He had promised.

The basic fact is that in creation you must live as per the rules of creation-the law of Karma.  You must reap what you sow these rules have been made by God Himself for the purpose of the smooth running of creation. God will not break His own rules for you lightly.  The only except is when you ask for salvation.  That’s when the rules disappear and only your love for God matters.

Therefore No matter what you have done in the past, just commit yourself to the Lord. His sacrifice is capable of paying the penalties for your sins. He loves you so much that He is ready to do anything for your happiness. The Lord said –

In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world. Trials and tribulations may come; but be assured that Lord will not forsake you even amidst all these trials and tribulations. He will surely help you. You need not be afraid when Lord is with you to guide you and to help you in all circumstances. God also assures His seekers that He would deliver the righteous from all afflictions. All we need to do is to have patience. You must wait for the deliverance of the Lord and count on His promises. God’s timing is perfect. Every things happens exactly when it is supposed to happen and not a minute sooner or not a minute later.

As I mentioned above, your seeking for the Lord must be sincere.  And be warned-Your faith will be tested and only then will you be permitted into the land of the faithful and the pure.  It is Satan’s job to test your resolve and commitment. Satan will bring all type of temptations and problems in your life and he will always try to shake your faith in the Lord.  He will taunt and test you by saying that God’s promises will never come true. But your faith must not be shaken. Remember that finally it will be done as the Lord wishes. As the Lord’s Prayer says, “Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.” This is an absolutely wonderful promise. What a picture of the love and kindness of God! Even when you struggle in your faith, He will remain faithful to you because you are part of Him and He can’t deny Himself.

God has made the following declaration about the importance of timing and why you must wait for the perfect time to come.  He said– “My time has not come.” This means that it is not yet the time for miracles but that time is now fast approaching.

God has come down on this earth with the new name of  Lord Kalki and He has promised man that He will give him abundance of all kinds. What are those things? Some of them are listed below:

(1)  Prosperity in terms of money and Employment

(2)  Fulfillment of all needs without undue struggle

(3)  Healing of disease

(4)  Granting of wisdom and guidance

(5)  A happy family life

(6) A peaceful life

(7)  Help in overcoming temptation

(8) Deliverance to the Promised Land and protection

(9)  Absence of fear

(10) That God himself would come to us to guide us back to the Promised Land

(11)  The end of suffering and pain