Maha Upadesh of Aadishri; Part – 25

Maha Upadesh of Aadishri; Part – 25

(Aadishri Arun)


We find our lives full of suffering and obstacles. Even as one difficulty ends, another raises its head. Man is in confusion about his fate and whether he will ever achieve happiness…


Yet I ask you a basic question. Do you really believe that your difficulties are insurmountable? That you will be defeated by them?  I advise you to ponder over this question with a bit of peace in your heart. You may realize that most of your problems are not as intractable as you thought they are. It is only your refusal to accept the results of your actions gracefully,-that is the root cause of your suffering.


If you chase all your difficulties and sorrows down to the basics, you will see that our sorrow is caused less by our circumstances and more by our attachment to certain preferred results. We are constantly opinionated about how our life should be and we get upset if something happens contrary to our expectations.


How should my husband be? How should my wife be; how should my children be? These often unspoken expectations cause constant turmoil in our life. You will find that people are mostly able to love only those people, who fulfill their expectations. And friends, that is the basis of our suffering.


As the Gita says in chapter 2 verse 62-Thwarted desires, causes anger-which leads to conflict. Anger clouds reason and leads to wrong actions.


Let me reiterate the vicious cycle which we are always repeating.


First is born desire for a certain result. And when these desires are not fulfilled-as per our expectations, anger is born. In our frustration, anger and sorrow, we take many actions that further add the load to our karmic sheet and we fall further and further into the pit that Kaal has dug for us.


We must understand that the nature of Desire is to forever be in the future. As we fulfill one desire another raises its head.


This is how the wheel of karma goes on-like a dog chasing its tail.


Friends, this is the futile struggle that most of us are engaged in. Only when we truly recognize the nature of desire can we get past it. Only then we can realize that desire should never be made the basis of action. Instead only love should be the basis of our actions and relationships.


The search for happiness has been the timeless quest of man. Everyone wants the least amount of obstacles and the maximum amount of happiness in their lives.


Yet happiness always slips out of reach…


This is the question that is there in everyone’s mind-Why is it that we are unable to reach happiness?  The answer is that we seek happiness in material things while real happiness is actually based upon the quality of our relationships.


That raises the next question-What determines the quality of our relationships? The answer is that when we accept the people in your life, without judging them or trying to mold them to our expectations, then and only then can we be happy.


Another thing of note is that the only relationship that can be 100% pure and true is the one we have with the Creator. Only He loves us unconditionally. The rest is conditional and karmic driven.


So friends do not ignore the one true unconditional relationship we can all have. The one with God.


Please ponder over what I am saying. Only God is real, the rest of creation is variable and ever in flux. Only by being attached to the creator rather than his creation, we can find peace and happiness.


As we slowly realize this truth, not from our minds but with our hearts, a peace will dawn and our external struggles will tend to get over. We will turn inwards.


Dear friends my advice to all of you is to appreciate what you have. Look at the positives you have. You have a decent life. You have work, you have some money. It may be true that you want even more but stop your insatiable desires for a minute. First appreciate what you have. Many people in the world are much worse off.


It is because you don’t feel grateful for what you have, you block the flow of the energy of love in your life.


Only this energy of love creates abundance and happiness. Just as if the heart did not get blood, it would die similarly if this energy of love does not flow through your being, then all your abundance and relationships will wither away.


The reason for you restless and sorrow is not because you need more material objects in your life, but because the flow of love energy has been blocked by your wrong expectations.


So learn to vibrate at the frequency of love and you will find yourself happy, grateful and abundant.