Maha Upadesh of Aadishri; Part – 26

Maha Upadesh of Aadishri; Part – 26

(Aadishri Arun)

O man, there is only one condition to be self realized- that we put all our attention; intelligent; wisdom and devotion on God. Lord Krishna clearly says to Arjuna in the Gita that if you do this, soon you will reside within me. (Gita 12:8)

Today, I Aadishri, am repeating the same age-old truth because that is the eternal truth. This Truth stands from time immemorial and it never changes.  And that’s the difference between you & Me -that my soul remembers this eternal Truth while yours has forgotten it.

Because you are swaying in your attention between the world and God, you don’t get success in meditation as all kinds of thoughts impinge and they break your focus while you meditate. Many people who are disturbed by their thoughts in their attempts to meditate, ask me about some method by which they can quiet their minds.

To help you I will describe a technique, that will quieten you mind and concentrate your focus, and which upon faithful practice will take you towards success.

To process of quietening the mind requires many steps. There has to be physical, mental and emotional quietness. The first step is to make the body comfortable. The body should not be giving painful or uncomfortable sensations. If the body is not healthy, then it is an essential requirement that we make the body healthy and flexible before we meditate since our body will prevent us from progressing.

The second step is to gradually withdraw our attention from the outer to the inner world. We must sit in a place that is relatively free from outer sounds and sensations since even our senses tend to pull us outward. Once we achieve these two states-physical and sensory quietness, then we are ready to start the inward journey.

Why should we look within? Why cant we find God in the outer world, since He is everywhere? The answer is straightforward. Our soul-a living throbbing piece of God, resides within us and the simplest and easiest way to connect to God is through our own soul, since it is closest to us. Why look outside in this case?

So friends! To know ourselves truly, we only need to look within and not outside.

All religions of the world agree that this universe has been created out of the combination of two basic elements-Purush and Prakriti. Prakriti is everywhere and it can be observed through our senses but the Purush-the spirit cannot be seen through the five senses or even be figured out from the mind, intellect or even wisdom since the spirit lies beyond the per-view of even the mind.

The soul that lies within us has been described as a glorious body that is essential to give us life. Our problems start when we forget this source of life within us and instead focus on the outside world for our sustenance.

The nature of the outer world is that it is a constantly, ever changing flux. Like a mirage it tempts and misleads and it can offer only temporary solutions at best. The moment we recognize this basic fact, we are free of suffering because, then we will never be emotionally or physically dependent on something that is inherently unstable and constantly changing.

The genuine recognition of the eternal nature of the spirit and the ever changing nature of creation(Maya), leads to liberation because it becomes clear to us that the spirit is essentially one and that all beings are carrying the same divine spark. All differences and classifications such as caste, religion, sex and even species, disappears because it becomes obvious to the realized person that all beings are essentially made of the same soul-stuff. The only difference between two beings is their level of delusion and their sense of identification with their physical and mental self. That means that a cow is a soul that thinks it is a cow, a rock is a soul that thinks it is a rock and so on and so forth.

Thus the goal of meditation is to go beyond this narrow sense of identification and see all beings as essentially One.

So friends, still your body and mind and observe this truth within. You will see everything that you ever wanted to see and know everything that is the Truth.

Thus meditation that starts with this realization, leads to self purification and finally leads us to become one with the almighty.

To reach this state, self purification is very important because till we are not purified, we will not be able to feel the pull of God. Just as piece of iron is naturally pulled towards a magnet, our soul too naturally gravitates towards the super-soul-God, but our being is full of impurities. If 1 kg of iron is contaminated with a 1000 kg of sand, then the magnet will not be able to pull the iron. This is what our condition is like. Too much worldly contamination weakens the pull of God. Instead we are pulled towards the world of Maya because our impurities are pulled by the counter magnet of Maya.

This above is the logic and aim of meditation. Now I will briefly describe the process.

Sit in a place-not too high, nor too low with the spine erect in a comfortable manner. The place should be neat and clean and it should also be pious place that is away from the hurly burly of life.

Fix your gaze at the tip of your nose and focus there in a manner that all directions start to disappear This will help you lose contact with your sense organs.

Do this regularly and you will make progress. Also remember that moderation of lifestyle is important. Do not do anything in extremes. Do not stuff yourself with food, neither starve yourself. Neither deprive yourself of sleep nor oversleep. (Gita 6:17)

The mind should also be balance. It should neither get over excited when something good happens, nor unduly sad when things don’t go our way.

Fluctuations of body and mind will prevent progress on the spiritual journey but for the one with steadiness in mind and body, God realization is not difficult.(Gita 6:36)

Friends also remember that this world may be illusion but it is made for our pleasure. So there is no harm in enjoying the delights of the world. Why we get trapped in illusion is when we lose the perspective. We become so indulgent in this playground, that we forget that this playground is not our home. We forget that we have come here only for some time and that our Father-God awaits our return.

So remember who you really are. You are someone who has come/ been sent to enjoy this grand creation of God. So enjoy it and then return back. If you remember this, then you will always be blissful here but if you forget this reality, you will be fated to constantly travel this wheel of karma like a merry-go-around always fluctuating between pleasure and pain, sorrow and happiness.