Dhanurmasam – A month of Devotion

Dhanurmasam – A month of Devotion

(Aadishri Arun)


Dhanurmasam  is considered the month of bhakti (devotion). It is very important month for all spiritual seekers as it is very good period for worshiping the Lord.

It begins on 17th December and ends on 13 January. It is based on climatic  change that happen and these rituals help us to face these changes and get ourselves adjusted to the changing times. This time is not only praying the God but helps in leading a life that has a scientific reasons for helping the healthy and happy functioning.

According to Hindu religion, God’s day is equal to 6 (six) human month (Uttarayana) and God’s night is equal to the other 6 (six) month (Dakshinayana) in a human year. About 6 (six) month of Dakshinayana and 6 (six) month of Uttarayana is also written in Gita 8:24.

This month is considered to be the auspicious early hours of dawn for Devas. It is called Brahmmurtam for the Gods and so it is recommended that we perform our prayers and worship during the early hours of the morning, around two hours before of the sunrise.

This is the reason we are performing SaptaSati Yagna (equivalent to Ashwamegh Yagna of the ancient time) on 17th December 2018.