erererIMG_0696The teachings of AADISHRI ARUN are based on a living belief in three different things i.e. called AADISHRI Faith. These three different things are –

(I)    The belief in the existence of God,

(ii)   The belief in the oneness of the essence of God and the spirit entity in human being

(iii)    The cycle of Birth, Death and Re-birth.

Those who believe in the teachings of AADISHRI ARUN and the Faith hold that there is one True Supreme Being who is the Fountain-Head of all spirituality and the Creator of the universe and the spirit or soul of man (Surat) emerges from the same Supreme Being.

According to teachings of AADISHRI ARUN, there are three elements in the human body: the Inferior Energy “JAD (Root) PRAKRTI” from which the physical body is made; the Superior Energy “CHETAN (conscious) PRAKRTI” from which the human mind (mana) is made and the third, the spirit – “Super-Soul” which is the life and soul of the human body and this brings about the evolution and development of man’s body and mind. The human body and mind both are perishable or mortal, while the spirit – “Super-Soul” is immortal. Corresponding to these, there are three Grand Divisions in the Creation, namely, the pure spiritual region, called Avinashi Desh; the Brahmanda or Region of Universal Mind in which the mind dominates over spirit; and the Pind Desh or Physical Universe in which matter is pre-dominant. A spirit can attain salvation or freedom from the cycles of birth and death, only if it enters the purely spiritual region.

According to the AADISHRI Faith, the Supreme Being has blessed the human body with certain latent faculties, by awakening which, the spirit entity can establish contact with different regions of Creation. The Founder of the Religion is AADISHRI ARUN. He was born in Bihar, Village – Singhia Ghat on 1st Jan, 1961 and he lives in Pooth Khurd, Delhi – 110039 (India) and this is where he preaches to the Lord’s Devotees. He is the Supreme Being who has incarnated Himself and therefore does not have a Sat guru to initiate Him. These faculties were already awakened in Him from the time of birth and manifested at a time of His choosing.

Any person, who wishes to tread the path of spiritual progress, has to understand that only the Supreme Being is real and that worldly desires take us away from the Supreme Being. This realization is enough and it is not necessary for AADISHRI’S devotees to renounce the world and live in seclusion. The devotee can make spiritual progress while leading the life of a family man (grihastha) as long as he dedicates all his life’s experiences to the Lord.