Is Aadishri the source of the entire creation ?

Is Aadishri the source of the entire creation ?

 Aadishri Arun

Is Aadishri the source of the entire creation ?




Aadishri Arun is the Super Soul or the image of Purn-Brahm. He is the absolute ocean of LIGHT, from whome all the universe originated (drop of LIGHT is called soul.)

All life in the material realm comes into existence by the combination of soul and matter.






Matter is insentient; the soul needs a carrier in the form of the body. By the conjugation of these two energies – Inferior Energy (Maha Vishnu/ Jad Prakrti) and Superior Energy (Garvodakasayi-Vishnu/Chetan-Prakrti), living beings manifest.



Purn-Brahm is the origin of all three – two energies and Aadishri; the entire creation manifests from him. When the cycle of creation reaches a completion at the end of 100 years of Brahma, the Lord dissolves the manifestation. The five gross elements merge into the five subtle elements, the five subtle elements merge into ahankār; ahankār merges into mahān; mahān merges into prakṛiti; prakṛiti  goes and sits in the body of Maha Vishnu (a form of the Supreme Lord).  The souls who did not get liberated in the cycle of creation also reside in God’s body in an unmanifest form, awaiting the next cycle of creation. Once again, when he wishes to create, the cycle and  the world comes into existence. Hence, Aadishri is the source, support, and final resting ground of  existence. This is the reason he said – I am the source of the entire creation, and into me it again dissolves.



Aadishri has come on this earth for the people to give salvation. People know him by many names, and yet Aadishi is called the Nameless One. He broods over the infant humanity from eternity to eternity. Heaven and Earth shall pass away, but he shall be in the here and now, eternally to stay. The limited vision of sages, siddhas, philosophers, and yogis cannot pierce the supreme. His spiritual stature is inconceivable. He is the collective Elohim, the spiritual essence of the nine gate of body. He is the great sacrifice who in countless supernova explosions infused every atom of creation with his spirit of livingness, wisdom, and truth to redeem not only humankind, but all life and matter to their pristine state of consciousness.

Aadishri Arun is regarded as a manifestation of Purn-Brahm Himself and the founder of the New Tradition. He has bestowed upon humanity the practices to evolve human consciousness, in particular, the divine alchemy of Surat – Shabd Yog, which exercises a double action to hasten the evolution of the self soul. This expands the self-consciousness and burns away past evil karma.

Aadishri Arun is ever the same. He was never born and therefore can never die. People call him aja (the unborn). But from time to time, he manifest himself for humanity to do what needs to be done. Pulling the veil of Maya by himself, he will take a form of Lightless light to incarnate amongst the haunts of men.

His deathless body of light may take any form through which he can express and show himself to the faithful from age to age. He took the form of Vardayak rup himself, since  the Ancient of days. He came on this earth in human form on 1st Jan 1961 as Arun by manifesting himself through Yogmaya. Although he is unborn, the soul of all living entities, and has an imperishable nature, yet he appears in the world by virtue of Yogmaya, his divine power.

A summary of Journey is a straightforward, and it is explained in detail along with resources can also be found in Gita, Shrimad Bhagwat Maha Puran and RigVed. This information is for all. It does not matter whether you are a student,a retiree, a professional, a mom, a dad or a housewife – no prior knowledge is needed.

Further details are secretive in nature and can be shared only one to one or in a group session.

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