Aadishri’s message to All

Aadishri’s message to All

Aadishri’s message to All

This message is addressed to all the lazy, indolent and careless people of the world. I say that If you really want something from your heart, the entirety of creation gets together to help you achieve it. This is the secret of success in any endeavor.  Remember that everything that you see around you, started from literally nothing. You cannot cross the river only by standing on the bank and looking at the water. If you want something to happen well, do it yourself. Do your work so efficiently and silently that the only sound that comes is of the acclaim of its success.  Do your work in what you believe in regardless of whether people praise your endeavors or not. Do you not know that the Sun rises even though half the world remains sleeping? Victory and defeat are relative. If a so-called defeated man still smiles, then the one who has defeated him loses the taste of victory.

There are three kinds of gems in the world. These are water; grain and Sky.  Yet the foolish people of the world call pieces of stone as gems. Do not be disturbed by the immensity of your requirements to live. Every requirement of yours is based on a certain design.  Before any work is done, it’s planning / design must be done. If the design is not ready then how can you achieve success? Only that person is victorious, who believes in his goal and believes he can succeed and plans for it.

Two kinds of people fail in the world:-

  1. Those who think but do not act.
  2. Those who act but do not think

That knowledge that does not give any spiritual or mental relief is useless. That knowledge is useless that does not create energy to do something. That knowledge is useless that does not create beauty and love. That knowledge is useless that does not create the determination to achieve a task.

Just as a gift of a mirror is useless for the blind, the gift of knowledge is useless to the person who is without the power of discernment. Good fortune and success comes to those who walk on their designated path without getting derailed by the difficulties that come their way. Do not worry on seeing the difficulties of your life since worry is like a black shroud that covers you and then you do not know what to do and how to proceed. The reality is that there is none better teacher in life than the practical difficulties that you face in your attempts to do something that you have set out to do.

And finally the real happiness in life is gained not by indulging in personal happiness at the cost of others but in giving happiness to others.

– Aadishri Arun