Maha Updesh of Aadishri – Part 5

Maha Updesh of Aadishri – Part 5

Maha Updesh of Aadishri – Part 5

(Aadishri Arun)

Maha Upadesh of Aadishri, Part - 5

O human!  You should know that worldly desire should be abandoned for you to be peaceful and happy. Why? Because when the desire is not fulfilled, it leads to anger and that leads to the destruction of wisdom and to the power of discernment.  And that leads to the downfall of man.  The Gita chapter 2 verse 62-63 clearly states this fact.  The fact is that desire and anger are the sure shot way to reach the depths of hell.  Yet you travel on this bullet train to hell every day. Gita chapter 16 verse 21 reaffirms this fact.

We may know this theoretically, yet the basis of all your life and all your relationships is worldly desire and various hopes that you may have in this regard. The wife has expectations about how her husband should behave, the husband wishes for a wife as per his specifications. The parents wish for devoted children who look after them and so on and so forth… The fact is that a person is able to love another only when that other person fulfills his expectations and desires.

Yet the very nature of the wish for fulfillment of worldly desire is that it can never be fulfilled. The nature of desire is that it is always in flux and it’s this very nature means that there can never be any lasting happiness in the pursuit of any worldly desire.

Since desire is born in the mind of a person, hence no other person can come to know of it since it is not visible.  This is the point where struggle is born…I desire something from someone but that person is not aware of it and he has his own desires. Both people in the relationship do various things to fulfill their contradictory desires. Lo behold- Conflict is born. Thus all relationships get twisted by conflict.  Therefore it is essential that a person realize this fact and not make expectation/ desire, the basis of a relationship. Instead we should base our relationships on love alone.  This is the only way to be peaceful and happy and have happy relationships.
The eternal question-how to have maximum happiness and minimum pain-has haunted humanity since time immemorial.  Is there anyone in the world today who is satisfied with their relationships?

The answer is that hardly anyone in the world is truly happy and at peace.

You may think that money can buy you happiness but if you look closely, you will find that at the bottom of it all, only good relationships can bring peace.

Everything valuable in this world is based on relationships. Even your basic security is based on relationships.  The basis of your happiness is also good relationships.  That being true, we get most of our grief also from relationships. The cause is that when you don’t accept the others point of view and you try to change it – that is when trouble starts. The less you expect, the less your conflict. So if a person stops expecting things from others, and he changes his expectations from within, such a person is always happy.

Whenever a person experiences injustice or double standards, that is when he feels shaken from inside. He feels that the world is his enemy. The bigger the injustice, the bigger the feeling of conflict, anger and aggrievement. The heart of such a man demands justice from God.  This feeling is justified since justice is the cornerstone of any society and without a sense of justice, civil society cannot function.

So the question is-What is justice?

Justice starts with the boundaries of relationships being defined. Once the boundaries are fixed, crossing those boundaries becomes a matter of injustice. Crossing of boundaries is injustice and if society does not fix those injustices, retribution and vendettas result on an individual or group level. The result is anarchy in society.  We should remember that Mahabharata happened only because injustice was done.

Thus the boundaries are important to maintain a sense of justice. But have we ever thought about the basis of these boundaries?  The basic logic of these boundaries is that all are equal; that each human is entitled to the same rights and freedoms. Respect a person as you would respect yourself and injustice will never and peace will prevail.




Maha Updesh of Aadishri Arun, Part – 4

Maha Upadesh of Aadishri Arun, Part – 4

Maha Updesh of Aadishri Arun, Part – 4

(Aadishri Arun)

Maha Upadesh of Aadishri Arun, Part - 4

When a person constantly remains in a state of God awareness and constantly thinks of God, such a person falls in love with God and such a person surrenders to the divine will.  This is called Bhakti or Devotion.  Only by devotion can a person get the wisdom to understand the difference between Truth and falsehood.  And only then can a person-on knowing the Truth, physically experience God in his life. And that is the aim of all life in this universe.

Only that person- who has experienced God, only such a person is a true Karma yogi, because all his actions are correct and in line with God’s wishes.  Please remember that without right karma, the Yoga of knowledge or Sankhya yoga cannot be physically manifested.  I.e. they remain mere theories. This is clearly stated in the Gita chapter 3 verse 4.  Friends, the secret is that karma yoga is the second stage of the secret Brahma Vidya-Divine knowledge. Once this Brahma Vidya is known and made real, it frees the devotee from the cycle of birth and death and this is the only way to reach Moksha.

Vedaant darshan 3/3/48 says the same thing.

The goal of all embodied beings to be realized and reach Moksha and Brahmagyaana and right action are the only way to reach this goal.

Now the question arises that how can man surrender to God without having the experience of God.  The solution is simple.  To see God with your own eyes, remove the covering of desire, ego, anger, greed and fear and stay away from self indulgent and ignorant actions.

If a man sitting in a dark room says that he wants to see the sun, what will you tell him?  You will say to the man- please come out of the room and under the clear sky!  Why will you say that? Because the sun is ever present there. And nothing else needs to be done to show the man the sun. I.e.  Nothing has to be done except to come out of the room… In the case of the ignorant man, the room is his desire, attachment, greed anger and fear… The moment these are left behind, the light of God comes through.  To see God, you only have to see your own soul and for that you have to look inwards instead of outwards.  Just as the taste of one grain of sand is the same as the entire waters of the oceans, similarly our own soul is the same as the soul of God. To taste God, you only have to taste your own soul.

If you ask me, Aadishri – Are you God Himself? My answer is yes. Only because I am aware of who I am. And that is also the difference between you and me. I am aware of my true nature and you are not aware of who you are…

The entirety of creation and all things within it are nothing but God manifested. It is only that those manifested beings are not aware of it.

I say to you that I am aware of who I am and whenever evil and anarchy raises its head, I come to the rescue of all devotees of God to set the world right once again.

I come in all the yugas or ages for this purpose and I take the appropriate form that is best suited for the people of that age.

Thus if you surrender to me, you surrender to God Himself.

So O’ humans, discard all your selfish actions and come into the gaze of my divine mercy and protection because I am everything. I am the sun, the moon, the stars, the planets. I am younger than the youngest shoot on a tree and I am present inside all sentient beings. I am the sustainer of heaven and hell. My existence itself is beyond time. I existed before this creation. I am the first born and I created this universe from my own essence. I have taken many forms and throughout the ages, I have appeared now, as I have appeared many times before, to guide and correct the direction of the universe that I have created.

Whenever there is an increase in anarchy and evil, I make one more form of myself, enter my own creation and set it back into its correct path.

I am the eternal Paraatma, I am Parshuram, I am Ram, Krishna and I am the ocean of light and bliss in the Anami lok. And I am Aadishri Arun as well…

Be Pure because God is Pure; Part – 4

Be Pure because God is Pure; Part – 4

Be Pure because God is Pure; Part – 4

(Aadishri Arun)

Be Pure because God is Pure; Part - 4

To reset righteousness in the world, to prevent the world from sliding into anarchy and for the protection of the sincere devotee of the Lord, He periodically sends His chosen ones to come into the world so that the world may be redeemed. The reason God sends His son is because it is only through that son, who comes from time to time as different persons, can the sincere seeker be redeemed.

In the present time, the Lord has manifested Himself as Lord Kalki.  Kalki’s mission is to re-establish Dharma and for that He has to purge the world of sin.  Where does sin exist?  Not in any specific place or country, but sin lives in the hearts of the corrupt and the self indulgent.  And for those of us who desire to know God, we must strive to be sinless since the Lord and all his avatars are themselves sinless.



The Bible is essentially a story of how many prophets and seers tried to steer the people of the world towards sinlessness… Jesus Christ, the son of God who came around 2000 years ago approx, in fact sacrificed Himself on the cross so that he could extract and remove some of the sin from the world and show the world the path of love and compassion.

The prophesy of Holy Bible, Leviticus 11:45 tells us that God is holy, Deuteronomy 32:4 tells us that God is perfect, and 1 John 3:3 tells us that God is pure. God is truth and he comes to us through his son from time to time to tell us that that God is pure, perfect and holy, and that He has created all things pure. Bible, Genesis 1:31 tells of when God created the heavens and the earth, and all that is in them, including man. God saw all He had created and called it “very good”. No allergies, no need for organic produce or grass fed beef…everything was pure because God created it pure. This even included man. Adam and Eve were pure, not because of anything they had done, but because God created them pure. When we look around our world today, impurity is easy to spot, but it wasn’t always like this. So what has happened since the origins is that the purity that existed has gradually been contaminated with impurity. Thus to see God, like Adam and Eve used to do, before they ate the apple, we have to become pure.

This is the key to redemption.  We must understand the meaning of the word ‘Pure’ since that is the key to what we want.

What is this purity about which Lord speaks?

Purity is not cleanliness or outward piety. It is not even having the right intentions or motives towards the objects of the world. The purity has to be from inside and it must stem from a basic belief that all is God and that every aspect of this creation is God manifested. It is the realization that since everything is God, therefore only a relationship with God is worth having.

If this is the attitude, then the devotee of God becomes pure of heart.

When this realization happens the sins that stain our heart is washed away by genuine tears of repentance.

Thus being pure of heart does not mean that you have to be perfect, however mean that we have come to that point where God is firmly established in our life and He is the rock that is the foundation of our life.

How to see God? Simple. Be pure of heart. If you are, you will experience Him in a way that is unequivocal.

Mahaupadesh of Aadishri Arun, Part – 3


Mahaupadesh of Aadishri Arun, Part – 3Mahaupadesh of Aadishri Arun, Part - 3

(Aadishri Arun)

Maha Updesh Of Aadishri, Part – 3

O human! Examine yourself, check your motives. Check whether you are tied up in the fist of your ego or whether your palms are spread in the acceptance of the divine.  You should know that this body of yours is constructed out of the five elements.   That means that whoever you are-rich, poor, intelligent, stupid, industrialist, worker, doctor, engineer or scientist or even if you are the prime minister or president of  a country, your body is nothing but a permutation or combination of only five elements and your body is nothing beyond  this. Since the person who is very intelligent is a construction of five elements and so is the sinner, so why are you so proud of what you are?



The fact is that the introduction of a man is not related to his body. The nature of a man, his behavior, and his actions, is what forms the character of a man.  So understand how the behavior, character and action of a man are formed. Because if you change these three things, you change yourself… This is a better and more fruitful thing to do rather than trying to change your body.  The body is but a combination of the material and conscious part of the creation of God.  Different people have different behaviors. The reason is the three tendencies –Sattva, Rajas and Tamas.

Tamas relates to darkness, sleep, rest, sloth, inertia. If you live your life without being aware of what you are really doing and whether what you are doing is right or wrong, then you are living in the tamasic state.  Another way to describe this state is that it is instinct driven… This is how animals are.  They live only to satisfy their basic hungers.

On the other hand being in the Sattvic state means that you live in a state of enlightened knowledge.  The person who understands true dharma is said to be in the state of Sattva. It is also the state of balance or rhythm with the rest of creation.  A person in this state is in equilibrium and is therefore in balance.

In between these two extremes lies the state of being active and desirous. This state is called being Rajasic… A person in this state does have knowledge but that knowledge and the action this person undertakes, is tied down to the achievement of material desires. Such a person is action oriented and result oriented… And he achieves what he seeks and such achievement leads to the expansion of his ego. Such a person is obsessed with “I”, “Me”, “Myself”.

An average person is a combination of these three states in different proportions. This means that a certain person can have more Rajasic tendencies while another can have more Tamasic or Sattvic tendencies.  This is what determines the way a person acts.  This is how nature acts through the Jeevatma -through these tendencies-to create the entirety of creation.

O deluded souls, understand why and how you act. Your actions are nothing but these tendencies acting through you to create or destroy/ modify some aspect of this creation and these ego filled actions, tie you down to the cycle of birth and death.

The Geeta chapter 3 verse 5 says this very thing.  The fact is that all karmas are done by the three gunaas or tendencies and the deluded soul simply takes ownership of those karmas and is thus trapped by the consequences of what it does. Chapter 3 verse 27 supports this statement.

Look at the actions of Duryodhana. Duryodhana knew what Dharma was and yet he would do things against dharma since he was bound by the desires of his ego. This shows that Duryodhana had a preponderance of Rajas and he lacked Sattva since he had no balance in his life.  I.e.  He would do anything to achieve what his ego wanted.

Look at the actions of Dushshasana.  He was the one who without giving a thought, did what his brother commanded him to do. He was Tamasic in nature.

Look at Bhishma pitamah. Bhishma was full of Sattva but also had Tamas and he lacked rajas. So his entire life went in passive actions. That is why he became inactive when he should actually have taken charge and made sure that dharma was not violated…   Bhishma even though competent and Sattvic in nature presided over the greatest adharmas that took place because of being tamasic.

Examine the life of Guru Drona… He was a combination of Sattva and rajas… Sattva could have led to Moksha but excess of rajas created attachment and prevented realization.

So before reading further, let us examine what a man truly is. Is he just a combination of the five elements, the five knowledge senses,  the five sense organs and the three tendencies (gunaas), Prakrti, Purush, Mana, Ahankaar and Mahtatwa (mind, intellect & ego)?


He is much more, since the above are not enough to create a live being. A man needs energy to activate all of the above and this force is called the consciousness. The combination of the above mentioned 23 qualities along with consciousness creates the necessary conditions for a person to live but this is necessary but not sufficient. One thing is still missing.

What is that crucial thing?

Friends once this working model is ready, a fragment of God himself-His soul droplet, enters this working model and resides in it, just as a tenant comes to live in a building. Only then does the person become living.

For the soul to enter, it is necessary that the body has to be complete with the 24 aspects mentioned above and when that is complete, the soul enters.

Thus all embodied living things are a combination of two basic things.

  1. Prakriti(nature-both material and conscious) and
  2. Purush- or the live spirit of God-which we also call the soul.

It is only when the spirit of God enters the creation of God, does a person live and when the spirit leaves, the person dies and the entire material and conscious aspects of the body, which had been gathered around the spirit, they fall apart and are recycled again by nature to create another body for another soul to enter.

Thus the soul lives in the body like a man in a movie hall, and the soul experiences creation through the 24 aspected body just as a man experiences various things while sitting in a movie hall.

Please remember that the soul is not the body and it does not end when the body ends. The soul is eternal, unending, indestructible, untouched by any aspect of nature such as fire, water, air, earth or ether. The soul cannot be harmed by any weapons etc.

The soul may live in the body from time to time, but it does not die with the body.  Geeta chapter 2 verse 22 states this above fact clearly and unequivocally.

Our eyes can see the material world but they cannot see the soul. Even the degrees of consciousness or unconsciousness can vary in a person. A person can live in an incomplete or deformed body. People can live without arms, legs and people can be revived even from a coma.  But nobody can exist, if the soul has left. So the soul is the essential thing.  And this soul is the witness, experience of all that we go through in life. That is essentially who you are… You are essentially the soul, who has taken on a certain body to enjoy a certain experience… That’s all…

Only when the person who examines who he really is and who realizes that he is not the 23 aspected body or the consciousness that makes the body move, such a person finally comes to realize his essential nature-the soul.

Most people’s understanding of who they are is restricted to believing that they are the body because the body provides them with various engrossing sensations and experiences. The deluded Jeevatma believes that it is the same as the body because the experiences that the body gives are very engrossing and experiential and feel very real. Pain is very real and so is pleasure. Such a deluded soul does not even try to find out the truth and its own true nature because it is so engrossed in experiencing this world.

Such a deluded soul acts to gain pleasure and avoid pain and it does everything with only its own gain in mind. Therefore such a soul that does everything for only its own indulgence, has to pay for what it does and this is how the deluded soul-the Jeevatma, goes from life to life either getting paid or paying for what it has done.

O human! Realize the eternal truth of what I am saying. Realize that you are not the body and its experiences. The body will die but your soul will exist forever. Your soul will simply take on another body-based on its beliefs and karmas and indulge in another experience.

Geeta chapter 2 verse 27 clearly states this…

So the question arises-how should a person lead his life? What is right action? Dharma as we call it?

The answer is simple. If you walk on the path where you see yourself as a soul and see others also as souls, such is the path of Dharma.

When a person sees this truth-that creation is God and God is creation, such a person can never be cruel or unkind to any aspect of creation.

Just as if a insects bits you, your entire body feels the impact not just the portion that is bitten, similarly when anything-man, animal, plant or even minerals, when they are injured, the entirety of creation feels the pain of it… So the man who realizes the unity of all things, such a person, will never cause unnecessary pain to anything else, since the entirety of creation is nothing but God manifested. The heart of such a man is full of compassion towards all the embodied souls of the world he sees around.  This is the state of dharma because such a man will never be able to take an action for selfish interest if it is detrimental to anyone else.  Till this kind of benevolent action is not fully established on earth, the nature of the era will be called Kaliyuga.  But rest assured.  These bad times are not endless. Evil and cruel times will be ended and dharma will be fully established soon.

Maha Updesh Of Aadishri, Part – 8

Maha Updesh Of Aadishri, Part – 2

 Nine Maha Upadesh of Aadishri

(Aadishri Arun)

Maha Upadesh of Aadishri, Part - 2

  1. The person who achieves peace is the one whose – (a) Mind, heart and soul are all working together. (b) Who is free of anger and desire. (c) The one who truly understands his own self.
  2. Leave all works and surrender yourself to God. God will rid you of all sin.
  3. Those people who worship God with love in their hearts, they reside within God and God shows his presence in their lives.
  4. If you are truly wise, be dependent on none except God.
  5. The one who doubts get nothing, either in this world or in terms of God realization
  6. Those people who have no specific desires for the outcome of the work they do, such people are free of the karma of the acts that they do.
  7. O human, says Lord Krishna to Arjuna, in the Gita- Both of us have taken many many births.  The difference between you and me is that you don’t remember your past births and its concerns but I do.
  8. O human, says the Lord, I am born with Maya under my control so that I can achieve my objective, while you are under the control of the karmas you do.
  9. O human, this is why I am not tied down by the actions I take, while you are bound by the fruits of your actions, since you do your actions to fulfill your personal desires. This is why I take birth as per my wish, while you are bound like a slave to the wheel of karma and to facing the cycle of birth and death again and again.