Blessing of Eternal life Life

Each aimagesqwnd every man has fear of DEATH. He does not want to die. Fear of death can not remove by applying any tricks. No one can save himself from death. But one is on this earth who can save you from the death. One is on this earth who can remove your fear of death. It is nothing but God alone. He has come down on this earth with the name of Lord Kalki. He is calling you. It is He who can give you eternal life. It is He who can give you blessing of eternal life. 4015 years ago, the incarnation of Lord Vishnu came with the name of  Ishu. During those days, there was three orphens named – Martha, Mary and Lazaar. Lazaar was the brother of Martha. Lord used to love all of three. Lord has chosen all of three. One day, Lazaar fall into ill. He didnot recover from his disease. Finally, one day he died. Martha send message to Lord Ishu about the death of his brother – Lazaar. But Lord Ishu didnot come. He came after three days. He saw Mary was weeping, He saw Martha was weeping, He saw people of that village were weeping. Their tears touched the heart of Ishu. Lord Ishu also begain to weep. Martha said – “If you arrived timly, my brother will not die”. Lord Ishu asked – where you have buried Lazar? She replied – in a cave. Then He orderd to Martha – walk towards the cave, I shall also follow you. In this way, Lord Ishu reached at the cave where Lazar was buried. He cried in loud vice – Lazaar where are you? Lazaar where are you? Lazaar where are you? come out from the grave! come out from the grave! come out from the grave! Lazaar came out alive from the grave immediately and he returned to his house with his both sister – Mary & Martha. (Bible, John 11:1-46) It is only He who can save the people from the death. The same Lord Narayana has come down on this earth with His new name -Lord kalki. Only he can save from the death and He can give the blessing of Eternal life. Lord says, “I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full” (Bible, John 10:10). Yes, the Lord desires us to have abundant and eternal life and this is His plan concerning us.
Lord told His people a parable to show them that they should always pray and not give up.Thus people must chant and sing with the pesonal name of Lord Kalki.