Can Meditation Cure Disease?

Meditation cures

Can Meditation Cure Disease?

In 20th century, Aadishri Arun gave Sanjivani to the world in the form of Meditation.

Meditation is a quality to blossom within you, if meditation has to blossom within you, if you cultivate your body, if you cultivate your mind, if you cultivate your emotion and energy to a certain level of preparedness, meditation will blossom within you.
Meditation is a tool that promotes physical as well as mental fitness. Since most diseases are not just physical, but also mental, meditation can help a person find a more wholesome cure for themselves. In a word it can be said – In meditation, healing can happen. When the mind is calm, alert and totally contented, then it is like a laser beam – it is very powerful and healing can happen.
Meditation is the antidote. By reducing the production of stress hormones, it counteracts all the stress-related changes in the body, giving a boost to the immune system and helping to prevent and manage chronic disease. It also helps prevent and treat cardiovascular disease and can even reduce cholesterol and blood sugar levels too.
If you list out problems in life, it would be probably as under:
*Wandering of Happiness
*Tension and Stressul Life
*Poor memory
*Loss of concentration.
*Decrease in Emotional Quotient
*Loss of confidence.
*Aggressiveness in behavior or behavior disorder
*Decreased body weight
*Mental health
*Heart problems
*High Blood Pressure
*Cholesterol and blood sugar
All these problems leads to poor relationship with friends and family, poor financial health and personal own health.

Meditation For a Healthy Mind and Body..

Certain meditation techniques are helpful which are gradually improves certain part of brain in such a way that person overcome with mentioned problems.
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Every Thought is like a seed that has the potential to become a fruit giving tree. Your life can change with just one right thought. The life of most people is not good only because they spend most of their time in doing those activities that they don’t like. They live in negative barren thoughts. Your mind and heart are not in the work you do. The result is mediocrity and failure and you lose confidence in your abilities. You somehow carry on in order to survive. Your life becomes a burden to you.
Shabd-Surat yoga is a solution that can help you. Surat-Shabd yoga will start bringing about a change that will appear miraculous to your defeated mentality. You will see miracles happening in your life and you will start believing that you are worthy of God’s love. This will once again give you confidence that you had once had but you subsequently lost. This feeling of support from God creates space for you to start believing in yourself. Use that space to start doing what you like to do. Start listening to your heart. Start doing those things that you are good at and that you enjoy. Stop those activities that you don’t like but the world wants you to do. Rest assured you will have a much better life.


Meditation is a quality to blossom within you, if meditation has to blossom within you, if you cultivate your body, if you cultivate your mind, if you cultivate your emotion and energy to a certain level of preparedness, meditation will blossom within you.
There are two ways within – Jyoti Marg (Light) and Sound Marg (the way of light and the way of sound), respectively. The holy Light keeps the soul fixed and absorbed and to certain extent leads the soul as well, but the holy Word pulls it upward and carries it across from plane to plane in spite of various hurdles on the way, like blinding or bewildering lights, densely pitch darkness, etc., until the soul reaches its destination.
Holy Word has a magnetic pull which is irresistible, and the soul cannot but follow it to the spiritual source from whence the music emerges. The soul is helped by this process to slide out of the shackles of the body and becomes fixed in the heavenly radiance of its Self (Atman), and it led on to the heavenly home of the father.
Success in meditation depends on various factors. The first is to meet a Sadguru who re-connects our soul to Paratma through a process of initiation. Thus in today’s time, to meet AADISRI ARUN who connects us to God is the height of good fortune and the greatest blessing. The second is that before sitting in meditation, pray to AADISRI because that will give impetus and help to our meditation. You can sit in Padmaasan, Siddhasana or any position which is comfortable. The idea is that body should not cause discomfort and disturb the meditation. Thirdly, the best time to meditate is before sunrise i.e. between 4:00 a.m. to 6:00 a.m. This is called Brahma-Murtha. But if you are unable to give time in small hours of the morning, you may give time which suits you best.
Shabd-Surat Yog:
Man must know where he is going; Light and Sound are both a necessity to know where you are going, and the Sound will be dragging you like anything. You do not know where you are going, so both things should be developed. Sound Principle is the guiding principle. Those who take up only Light, they may be enveloped by Light, but do not know where to go further. The Sound Principle guides there. Both things go hand in hand.

You should listen closely whether any higher Sound is coming, and while listening closely, repetition of the five names should not be done. You will have more Sounds than one, but you have to stick to that of a big bell, a conch, drum-beat, a violin (Saarangi), the flute, and Veena or Bagpipe which are the higher types of Sounds and leave all the rest.

As regards the Sound of Veena, it somewhat resembles the sound of the instrument which the snake-charmers use to play to catch the snakes. Its tune resembles that of a flute – the difference is that the sound of the flute is shrill compared with that of the Veena – just as the sound of a violin is shrill when compared with that of the flute – and the Sound grows more in volume and thicker and continuous as the soul traverses higher. It is a continuous Sound resembling that of a bagpipe. When you listen to the Sound you are not to follow it to trace out its source of emanation, as in that way it fades out. You should simply keep on listening at your eye-focus with rapt attention. It will draw closer, grow stronger, and ultimately come from above. As for hearing the Sound Current, you will please put in equal time for that soon after your sitting for withdrawal. If, however, this is not possible, you may devote time separately for each practice.
Shabd-Surat Yog technique continue for 20 minutes regularly.
Visualization with light flowing in body:
During the deep breathing exercise and dhyana practice he visualized that cosmic white light start flowing into the body from palm, legs and head and circulating in body. He sooner felt that body was filled up with white light only.
Visualization and dhyana technique for 15 minutes regularly.
Pain Management:
Pain is the main complaint among patients I see, and chronic pain can lead to other health issues. It not only increases stress, but also can trigger a reliance on painkillers.

Just as meditation can help you cultivate healthy thoughts, there’s evidence that it can help decrease chronic pain. After all, it has the power to transform the brain’s structure. Meditation trains the brain to be more present and focused, so patients who meditate don’t anticipate pain. This helps reduce anxiety, depression, and insomnia.
Stress Reduction:
Meditation allows you to respond to stress instead of reacting to it. During meditation, you experience a profound sense of peace and relaxation that can dissolve the physiologic changes produced by stress. It can decrease blood pressure and heart rate, and it can lower anxiety and depression, which are the typical stress markers.

The benefits of meditation persist throughout the day, too. It helps you experience more peace and clarity in your life and this allows you to react differently to stress, breaking old habits and response patterns.
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Effect of doing Deep breathing technique:
Deep breathing is completely scientific, it boosts immune system by strengthening the lymphatic system of body. Deep breathing has effect on brain’s certain areas like frontal lobe and amygdala. It helps in brain’s response towards ‘flight or fight’ response. In overall, boy learnt that deep breathing reduces tension and pressure blood and hence it is very much helpful in calming the mind.
Deep breathing technique is being carried out for 5-10 minute regularly.
Effect of doing Kapalbhati Pranayama:
Kapalbhati is shaktipat it means it purify the mind and body. It has vital effect on frontal lobe of brain thus it is also called frontal brain technique or skull lightning technique.
Effect of doing Anulom – Vilom Pranayama:
In simple word, Pranayama means control of breath.

Pranayama has Sanskrit words: Prana and Ayama are combined in one word Pranayama. Prana means life and Ayama mean control. Therefore, Pranayama is the control of life.

Prana is the Energy or Life Force that is universal in nature and it is omnipresent. A portion of that prana is present in the human body. It flows at a superficial level to maintain the body and its organs. Ayama means expansion or stretching. When we used the two together in word Pranayama it means the extension and control of the breath.

Breathing is the most important function in our body but it is the most neglected one.Learning to control our breath allows us to control our body chemistry. Awareness and control of the breath also allow us to control our emotions. Mastery of the breath is vital to our spiritual growth. Pranayama is a form of breathing exercise and works as the supreme aim of spiritual awakening in yoga.

Breath is the life force that sustains life. When the breath stops, life ends. Normal breathing uses only a fraction of our potential respiratory capacity. Pranayama helps to control this life force in an extraordinary way to get the tremendous benefits. It brings benefits such as increased energy and perception, and development of various brain faculties. Pranayama purifies the channels that will carry the increased prana to some areas of the brain.
Benefits of Anuloma Viloma:
Physical benefits:
1. Anuloma Viloma cleanses and strengthens the lungs and entire respiratory system and balance the nervous system.
2. As exhalation is twice the time of inhalation, stale air and waste products are drained from the lugs.
Mental Psychic benefits:
1. Anuloma Viloma helps to calm the mind, making it lucid and steady.
2. It makes the body light and the eyes shiny.
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Brain Part Responsibility For Effect of Yoga & Meditation
Frontal Lobe * Self regulatory *Boost activity
*Problem solving *Increased grey matte
* Language
* Judgement
* It is control panel
*Decision maker
—————————————————————————————————————–Hippocampus *Memory
*Learning *Internal grey matter increase
*Stress responsible *Cortical thickness observed
Amygdala *Fight or flight response
* Stress *Size and brain cell volume
* Depression are decreased.
*Fearful and anxious response
Thalamus *It is like gatekeeper for
senses. It is kind of relay. *Reduces the incoming flow
of sensory data
Parietal Lobe/ *Process sensory *Decreases the activity in this lobe.
Temporal Lobe *information of surrounding.
Hypothalamus *Kind of steering wheel. Give *Slow down the information
command to sympathetic coming to it.
nervous system.
More to inform you that, your thoughts can change chemical composition of brain. So if you are doing regular deep breathing exercise or deep breathing meditation then you are actually rewiring of your brain.

Your body’s sympathetic nervous system and parasympathetic nervous system are very important. Increase in heartbeat, blood pressure and respiratory system are due to Sympathetic nervous system. Parasympathetic nervous system is doing reverse of sympathetic system. It does decrease heart beat, blood pressure and respiratory system.

Hence, Sympathetic nervous system is important as it is required in emergencies like situation and it is stress booster while Parasympathetic nervous system is also important which calms the nervous system.
How your Brain Parts engaging with each other:

For example when you heard any sound or noise, When you engage with sensory stimuli like sound,
Thalamus heard this and it gives signal to the temporal lobe (listener) and amygdala.
Amygdala gives this signal hypothalamus. Temporal lobe gives signal to Frontal lobe.
Hypothalamus gives signal to sympathetic nervous system to take appropriate action.
sympathetic nervous system takes action according to Hypothalamus and increase heart rate as per the implicit or explicit memory of sound (if it is not previously heard and scary then heartbeat increases) via signaling via thalamus to your brain.
Here frontal lobe tells mind (or you) how to respond according to sound.

I hope you would like my answer.