Bhanwar Gupha – Ishwar Putra Arun



In an earlier article, I have explained the entire journey that an individual soul takes to come down from Anami to this physical existence.  There are two large steps involved.  First the Lord comes down from the Anami to Sach-khand where He appears as brilliant soft light bejewelled with diamond like stars and with divine sounds permeating the entire region.  The saints who visit this place say that the scene and the experience is impossible to describe through words and it can only be experienced.

Satlok is an ever-present abode of God and it is from here that the Lord creates many universes that are all finite and time bound. These creations are first imagined in the mind of God and then physically manifested for a period of time before being withdrawn back into the body of God.

The first step in the creation of any universe starts from a region called the Bhanwar Gupha.  This is also called as the Whirling Cave vortex. It is also called Ana-HU which simply means- I AM HE. This is why Hindus call it So-ham. So-ham means I AM THAT. Certain people also call it So-ham Brahm.

In this place, there is a rotating swing which constantly is in subtle motion and the individual spirits swing on it. This region is surrounded by innumerable spiritual islands who all emanate the sounds of ‘Soham Soham’ and ‘Ana-Hoo Ana-Hoo’. Spirit entities who reach here playfully and rapturously enjoy these sounds. Whiffs of scents of various kinds and sweet fragrance of sandalwood are enjoyed by the spirit there and the melodies of flutes are heard. Other characteristics of this region cannot be reduced to writing as they can be realized by the spirit only when it reaches there after performing Abhyas. Upon arriving in Bhanwar Gupha, the soul’s nirat (power to see) and surat (capacity to hear) attain a state of satisfaction.


Journey of individual soul – Ishwar Putra Arun



The journey of the individual soul-the beam of light that comes from the Sat Purush and the Anami travels down to the physical world where we find ourselves today.  The irony is that we have come down from the real world to the world of illusion but we find this world of illusion more real than our home, which we have all but forgotten.

The journey of the individual soul can be summarized as follows.

It travelled from the soundless world of Anami to the world of  sound and sound to finally rest in the world of light and light to Darkness where it is trapped in the cycle of birth and death.

We-the individual souls- have been driven down from our true home by the force of desire that makes us want to experience this world, which is nothing but tragic illusion.  But many of us are at a stage where we have started questioning the reality of this world. 

We have started realizing the illusory and sorrow-giving nature of this world and we have started hankering to go back to our true home-the land of Anami.

The current state of our consciousness is being constantly dispersed and lost through the nine gates of the body and the nine senses.  To go back we must collect this dispersal at the tenth gate (the sixth chakra, the third eye, junction of IDA, PINGLA and SUSHMNA, centre between the eyebrows). This is the point from which the path back to the Anami starts.  To do this, we must leave the pleasures of the sense organs and become established in the soul. We would then be on the right path to the realm of Light and divine Sound and onwards to the realm of the Soundless state-our true home.

The structure of Creation



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The world that we live in is bound by Kaal and has a certain lifespan. It emerges from and retreats back into the formless, endless and ever-unchanging form of the supreme Lord.

Physical creation-the world that we live in, is a many-stepped process and for the purpose of understanding can be broadly categorized into two major parts.

The first part is when the formless creator takes a form and descends into a region called Sach-khand or Satlok.  This is a three step process.  From the Anami, the supreme Lord descends into Alakh and then into Sach-khand.  Sach-khand is the starting point of physical creation.  In the Sach-khand, the supreme Lord takes the form a brilliant region of light which sparkles with diamond-like jewels.  It is impossible to describe the hues and colours of this place in earthly language.  Sach-khand exists eternally. It is a place that does not get destroyed even as multiple universes come to life and get annihilated. In Sach-khand, the Supreme Lord descends and lives as Sat Purush.

The second step of creation happens as, from the body of the Sat Purush emanate brilliant beams of light that go on to create the physical universe. Each atom, of our universe is one such ray and so are all the souls that come and populate this universe.

Thus first the formless one- The Anami Purush – takes on the form of Sat Purush and then the Sat Purush takes on the multi – hued form of physical creation.  The logics of creation and blueprints are the same in both the steps, the only difference being that the creation of Satlok is on the large scale and the creation of the universe within that is on a much smaller scale.

The entire physical creation consists of currents that originate from the Sat Purush, enter-twining with each other in different ways to form different aspects of creation. Just as many different types of cloths can be woven out of a few basic threads, the millions of substances that we see in the universe are nothing but permutations and combinations of currents that emanate from the Sat Purush.

For example, the branches and twigs of a certain type of tree would be a certain combination of currents and another different pattern /combination of currents would create the human body. Each one of the threads or nerves is a tube through which the current of the spirit flows. This is the general principle underlying the structure of all the physical bodies in the creation.

In this manner, through the current of the spirit, that the world is created and becomes visible.  The most interesting conclusion from this knowledge is that everything-from the atoms of our bodies to our souls-we are all nothing but different combinations of the same currents that emanate from the body of the Sat Purush like beams of light.

Put another way, this means that we are living in a world that consists entirely of the Sat Purush and our souls nothing but soul-beams that emanate from the soul of the Sat Purush.

This beam descends from Satlok in 6 steps. It is important to note here that since this is the region of creation / annihilation, therefore it comes under the purview of Kaal.  Kaal is the timekeeper and gatekeeper, who is given the charge of keeping creation and destruction going as per the grand design.

As the beams descends from Satlok, they steps down through three steps or regions. These are the regions of Bhanwar Gufaa, Mahashunya (bhava sagar) and Shunya.  Collectively these three steps come under the purview of Mahakaal which is also known as the region of the positive force of Kaal. The beams then further descend through the next three steps into the physical body, which consist of  Dasham Dwar (the top of the head), the region of Trikuti and that of the Jyoti Niranjan.  Collectively these three steps are called the region of Negative force of Kaal.  Below this lies the regions that constitute the physical body and which go down from Sahas – dal – kamal, third eye and then to the 9 gates of the physical body down to the base of the spine.

This is an explanation of how the Anami, which is formless, first materializes as the Sat Purush-Our father, who then from his own body, creates our physical body and the entirety of our universe.  The Sat Purush then sends sparkles of his own self as individual soul-beams to reside in every pore of this universe.

This knowledge when understood and believed by us-the individual soul-beams, opens the doorways for the return journey since we now know the way.  All we have to do is to realize this eternal truth and climb back to the home of our father.



The Highest Region Anami



The final stage of Shabd-Surat Yoga is reaching the level of Anami. After crossing the two higher regions, that is Alakh and Agam, the soul reaches the last stage, called Anami. This is a stage where the Aatma reaches the paratma. This is the area of pure spirit which glitters with soft white light and sparkles like diamonds. This is the area of total freedom and serenity. This place is beyond the realm of space and time. Here we are drenched in God and live in his total awareness. This place cannot be compared with the light of a billion of suns and billion of moons. It is not possible to describe about the abode of the Supreme Creator God in the language of this world. In a few words I will give you information about the abode of the Supreme Creator God – “This place is full of ANANT SUKH” and it is indefinable.

Why we should always have Hope and Faith in God



As we go through life, we face all kinds of situations.  There is no-one who has not faced trouble and difficulties.  We believe that our own actions can lift us out of our difficulties but it happens sometimes that the difficulties are so great that we are overwhelmed and we lose confidence in our own abilities.  That is usually the time that we look towards God for relief.  “Only God can save me now!” is the popular feeling when circumstances are very difficult…

And God doesn’t disappoint.

There is always hope when your trust in God.  God will always help and He will always restore the things that have been taken from you.  He can mend your heartache and bring your family together.  He has the power to provide for your financial needs no matter how impossible they may seem.  He can heal your sickness and break the chains of your addictions.  Most importantly, He can give you the force to conquer any battle you may have to fight.  He knows you personally.  He knows your name.  He has numbered your days. His promise is to never leave you or fail to give you all that you need.

What is required from us to get this grace is also not difficult.  We must never lose faith in Him and we must trust that His solution for our problems would be for our ultimate good even if they seem different from what we expect.  The solution is simple. We should simply surrender our worries and anxious thoughts and let God bring us to a place of peace.   No matter where you are in your life, if you believe in Him, God has a way to reach out to you.

The promises of God are real and He has a way to work out all the things in your life.  He knows what it takes to rescue you from the pain and the struggles of this earth and how to make you stronger for having endured them.  He can do all things for He is the Creator of all that is on this earth and in the heavens.  Nothing is impossible for the Lord.   With complete knowledge and faith in God’s love, we should abandon worry and trust His grand plan, of which we are a part.

Lord has personally said in the scriptures, – “Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat or drink; or about your body, what you will wear.  Is not life more important than food and the body more important than clothes?  Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them.  Are you not much more valuable than they?  Who of you by worrying can add a single hour to his life?”  (Bible, Matthew 6:25-27)

The truth is this, when we worry, we are showing our lack of faith in God.  I.e. we are assuming that our problems are too big for God to solve.  We are saying in effect that God is not strong enough or loving enough to help us through our trial.

When you give in to worry and fear, you are falling for the lies of Satan, who wants us to lose faith in the Lord and then it would be easy for him to destroy you.  The devil knows that God is more than enough to bring you to victory but he wants you to forget that.

We must always remember that God knew our problems and weaknesses long before we were born and he had made a way to overcome all of them.  He has a perfect plan and a purpose for your life.  Even though you may have fallen short and rebelled against Him, He can always lift you from your past and restore you to wholeness.