Celebrate Guru Purnima Festival on 21 July 2016



The Guru plays a central role in a soul’s journey towards enlightenment.  The role is that of a conduit. God is too vast an entity for man to understand and grasp with his limited mind and therefore even though the soul of man is a part of the divine spirit, yet man can never understand the true nature of God.  In that situation, how can man ever be free from his physical bondage?  It seems a hopeless situation but never fear! God provides a solution to this problem.  God knows that we can never reach him by our own capabilities and efforts unless we are guided by someone who knows God.  The question is-who can know God but God Himself?  That’s right!  Therefore God transfers Himself to the physical world in a form that can be seen and understood by people at large.  Thus God walks on earth in a physical form and communicates with people and talks about the journey back home.  He reminds all of us about God, our true nature and that our true home is not here but with God Himself.  In this way he awakens the divine memory that sleeps in all of us.  This person-God on earth, does a service that can never be repaid by us.

What is this person commonly known as?

He is called Sat-Guru.-The true Guide.

Guru Purnima is that day of the year when we pay homage to the man who gives us a priceless gift-the address of our true home.  On this day the planetary positions are such that this day is considered auspicious for paying respect to our Guru.

Our Guru Aadishree Shri Arun, was visited by God Himself a long time ago and asked to preach to the people about the right way to live so that we may live simply in Sansar and then finally achieve Moksha.

That momentous day was the 21st of July 1990, the day when God Himself came to Guru ji in a vision and said – “You have not been born to live an ordinary life. You have come to serve Me and fulfil my divine plan on earth”. Aadishree Shri Arun, immediately recognised the significance of what had happened and he also re-gained his divine memory and remembered who he really was.  Without a second thought, he resigned from his prestigious and well paying job and started the work of spreading the message of God to people at large.

To commemorate that significance of that day, we celebrate that day every year and a spiritual program consisting of Bhajans and a discourse by Guru ji is organized. This is followed by Langar or distribution of divine Prasad.

The history of Guru Purnima is as follows.


The Ashad month of Hindu calendar (July-August), which happens to be the full moon day is auspicious day when Guru Purnima is celebrated. It is celebrated in the memory of the great sage Vyasa. Hindus are indebted to him as he edited the Vedas and also wrote 18 Puranaas, Srimad Baghvata and the Mahabharata. Dattatreya, who happened to be the Guru of Gurus was taught by Vyasa. On this day Krishna-dwaipayana Vyasa, who is the author of Mahabharata, was born. Veda Vyasa made several contributions to the Vedic literature.


On this occasion Vyasa is worshipped and devotees perform puja for their Gurus. People welcome the much awaited rains. And the cool showers provide relief to the parched fields. This is the time for one to begin their spiritual lessons. Devotees intensify their “sadhana” for spiritual attainment. The period of “chaturmas”( four months) begins from this day. Spiritual wanderers sit down together and hold discussions on spiritual affairs. Discourses are held on the Brahma Sutras, which have been composed by Vyasa and Vedantic discussions are held. The spiritual gurus are remembered on this day for their teachings.


Religious discussions are held and the disciples carry out self- introspection. They offer “pujan” to the guru and pay their respects to the guru in mind, speech and action. They obey his wishes without any reservations. They serve him as they would serve God. Gurus are obeyed and revered on Guru Purnima day. The devotees seek truth, love and compassion from their Guru. They show utmost respect to the knowledge and teachings of the Guru. This is the reason why Guru Purnima is celebrated.

I would also like to share the following information.

  1. Ishwar Putra Arun was born in Singhia Ghat, Bihar and his knowledge was revealed in Indraprasth (DELHI), India.
  2. Guru Purnima is a Holiday of All Kalki’s Devotees and is celebrated on  21st July of ever year at every place in different ways.
  3. Pooth Khurd near Bawana  in Delhi holds an important place in the form of New Heaven, as Ishwar Putra Arun gave his first Gurudiksha there to a  large number of people on this day.
  4. Although Ishwar Putra Arun is the founder of a new religion which has only  One caste, only One Religon, One Nation and believes only in One God, he gives the proof of the same though the holy scriptures of all the major religions of the world.  He does this to prove to the people that the existing religions have given testimony for the future coming of the saviour Lord Kalki.
  5. On this day, people usually distribute kheer. Devotees offer prayers and pay their respect by visiting Narayana Grih or New Heaven or  Abhaya Dham or New Jerusalem.
  6. NEW HEAVEN / ABHAYA DHAM / NARAYANA GRIH / NEW JERUSALEM is the place to pray for  relief for those who face insurmountable difficulties in life.  The new heaven has been built as per the vision gotten by Son Of God Arun. This NEW HEAVEN / ABHAYA   DHAM / NARAYANA GRIH NEWJERUSALEM has twelve gates. It is a temple where Idols are not present. In this temple, there are three  thrones – one for Lord God and the remaining for the two witness of God. In the temple, there is a river of pure water proceeding out from under the three thrones. In the middle of the river is a street and on both sides of the   river bank, there are twelve trees which bear twelve different types of fruits and they yield their fruit every month. This entire temple has been built according to the plan and  direction given by God.


Thousands of people from various parts of the world come to NEW HEAVEN / ABHAYA DHAM / NARAYANA GRIH / NEWJERUSALEM for getting the Lord’s blessings.  Many miracles such as spontaneous healings and other events have taken place here and are too numerous to recount here. It is Lord Kalki himself who performs these miracles for all those people who are sincere and devoted to the Lord. Lord Kalki is present in this temple in the form of Light / Jyoti. The main gate in the East direction opens on Saturday, on the occasions of the festivals of Lord Kalki and for public meetings days…