Chose the path of confidence without fear


path of confidencePath of confidence

Aadhishri Arun

When you chose the path of confidence and fearlessness, then all obstacles will melt away.  Without fearless and positive thinking, life is incomplete. The darkness of gloom is easily pierced by confident and fearless resolve to achieve one’s objective.  You may not be able to control your external circumstances, but you are in command of your own thoughts.  It is within you control to either think negative fearful thoughts about some situation or think fearless and positive thoughts.  To be positive and fearless, the first step is to have hope and have faith in what you want to do.  That hope and faith is like a lamp that drives away the gloom of darkness. Since thoughts arise in your mind you can control your mind and not let it loose since an uncontrolled mind will think of many kinds of thoughts and fear comes easily to such a mind.

Today is the day to forget past mistakes and start afresh. Start today with a positive spirit. Avoid bad habits since bad habits make the person lose control.  Form a good habit today-Positive and fearless thinking.