Don’t miss to-day of remembering the God

Don’t miss to-day of remembering the God

(Ishwar Putra Arun)

The God

God gave consolation to His Devotees and said call upon Me in the Day of Trouble and I will deliver you.

Remembering God is not a chore or duty that we must do. Remembering God is something that must come out of us out a sense of love and belonging. The fact is that God is the only reality and the world we see has also been created by God.

We always postpone praying to God. We remember him only when we are in some trouble that we cannot handle on our own. We also postpone praying to God and we prefer to first do those things that we consider more important. This is not the correct approach. We should not put off establishing a relationship with God for tomorrow since that tomorrow may never come.

The fact is that this world does not sustain us-it is God who sustains all life. God sustains us because God saw in us something worth preserving. It could be that we made some heartfelt prayer to God that was not selfish and self seeking. Most of our prayers are fake and selfish but even one prayer made with sincerity is enough to get God to support us through our life. God knows what is essential for us and it may not exactly be what we ask for in our prayers since our knowledge of our own circumstances is limited while God can see what is required from the perspective of his own plan. A certain prophet saw many miracles in his life and he saw his family members healed from chronic diseases. But for him the only real thing was Love for God and he felt bad when his daughter stopped believing in God. For him that was the biggest tragedy.

If our desires are not vain, selfish or worldly, then our desires will become God’s desires. And the only way to step out of your selfish nature is to seek God. It is only when the man’s seeking for God becomes urgent and all consuming, that is when that seeking bears fruit and man can see God face to face.

For such a person, nothing is as important as God and that person first seeks God before seeking anything else. Such a man is not distracted even by the desires and passions of youth. In fact it is fair to say that God must be seeked when a person has all his energies and strengths with him rather than seeking God in old age, when man’s passions and desires have naturally waned. The man who can sacrifice his youth and passions for the love of God, such a man easily finds God. The point is that God can never be found if we treat Him as a second choice.

Most people are attached to their petty and selfish lives and they have no idea about God’s plan for them. It doesn’t matter whether you have committed sins in your past. What matters is whether you love God from your heart. That is enough. Jesus went and dined with Zacchaeus and promised to abide by Him only because He found that Zacchaeus truly loved God.

When you hear the word of God, you must believe it and obey it. Sometimes God sends trials and tribulations and other difficulties your way. This is done because they are necessary for your spiritual journey to reach the point of culmination. So you must not lose heart and stick to the word of God even in times of trouble. That is when you will see God face to face.

Always remember that God is concerned about His sincere devotees and watches over them at all times.

Lord said – Call to Me, and I will answer you and show you great and mighty things which you do not know (Bible, Jeremiah 33:3) He gave consolation and said call upon Me in the Day of Trouble and I will deliver you.