Faith and Imagination

Faith and Imagination

Aadishri Arun

Faith and Imagination

Before we ask for anything from the Lord, we must have full faith in his ability to provide us with the object of our desire. It is important to place your wish with full faith, love and thanks (in advance) for it to work. After that we should look to the Lord for the fulfilment of our wish. But looking to the Lord and expecting from Him is not the same as thinking or worrying or doubting that whether our wish will be fulfilled or not. Thinking means doubt and our very doubt prevents us from getting the object that we seek.

The question that arises is that most of us have not seen the Lord with our own eyes.  In a south Indian temple, the Lord looks like a south Indian, In West Bengal, the Lord looks like a Bengali. Whether Bengali, Assamese, Bihari or any other – people of different regions depict the Lord to look like them, but most people know that the Lord does not look like the statues that have been made to depict Him.  Therefore it is always the wish of pious people that they see the Lord with their own eyes. The Son of God has come to answer this very desire of the people.

But before I discuss that, I want to ask all of you a question.  You desire to see the true form of the Lord but have you ever seen your own true form?

The answer is that your true form is like a drop of light.  The Gita says in chapter 15:7 that the soul in this body is an essential and eternal part of the oversoul of God Himself. So if we are a drop of light, then the Lord must be that vast ocean of light.

Then the next question arises. How can we see Him? To understand this, I made two groups. To the first group I asked that they sing the bhajan ‘O palanhaarey…” on the guitar. To the other group I asked that they sing the same bhajan but this time not on a real guitar but on an imaginary guitar. I asked them to close their eyes and sing the bhajan and strum the strings of the imaginary guitar with a feeling that it was a real guitar.

This exercise was done for 7 days and the EEG-brain wave pattern of both the groups was checked.  The results were surprising.  The resulting brain wave patterns of both the groups were similar even though one group was playing a real guitar while the other group was playing an imaginary guitar.


What can we conclude from this? – That the same experience can be had whether we are doing something physically or if we are doing it in imagination only. The only condition is that the imaginary act must be done with full faith and belief.


Therefore if we imagine the Lord as a sea of light and imagine this with full faith, then we will have the same results as having actually seen the Lord as a sea of Light. Since you imagine that you are a drop of light in side the sea of Light, you will experience this very fact as a reality when you imagine it faithfully. This is called ‘Dharaana’ in Hindi and this is the way to experience the Lord and see Him. At the same time we should imagine that the Lord is providing us with those things that we have asked for and that will turn to reality.


To check the efficacy of this, and to obtain what you desire from the Lord, please do this exercise for 15 days at the rate of three times a day specially before sleeping and also early morning before sunrise.