Faith and Patience brings Blessings



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The perspective of man and that of the Lord is different.  This is why man is not able to understand God and be a vessel for God’s blessings.  What is the difference between God’s thoughts and man’s thoughts?  The difference lies in the viewpoint. God thinks from the larger perspective and Man thinks from his personal perspective.  The truth is that man is born in a world that is subject to change.  Creation is conjoined with destruction and good health is conjoined with ill-health.  Both come into the life of man with regularity.  There is the law of Karma also and our past actions determine what we face in the present moment and also in the future.  This is why we face destruction, difficult times and ill-health.  The kind of problems we face varies from moment to moment and from person to person. Some may suffer with a mild headache that could last for a little while some may suffer terminal disease that may seem hopeless. The point is that both can happen and both will last for some time but they are not eternal and the person who has patience and keeps the faith in the Lord can never be ultimately harmed.  Therefore my advice is not to be disheartened! The Lord has come down on this earth with the name of Kalki to break the power of sickness so that you need not suffer sickness any more.

The intention of God is for you to prosper in all aspects of your life even as your soul prospers (Bible, 3 John 2). Since this is the intention of God, it has to come true.  Things happen at a time and place of God’s choosing, in a manner that is most suitable as per the grand design. All we have to do is to have faith in God’s plan and wait for that moment to come.  Thus whatever may be the lack or the distress in our life, we must hold on to Him and wait for Him to act.  God’s way provides peace and guards us from all dangers, not only those dangers that we can see (Bible, Isaiah 26:3).  If you know God and have faith in his blessings then you don’t have to feel that you have no one influential in your life to take care of you, that your human pillars of strength such as your father are not there to look after you. You don’t have to lament- ” My father is no more! Hereafter, who is there to talk for me?”

Thus do all actions that you think are necessary but behind that action, keep all your hope and faith on the Rock our Lord Kalki; He will give the blessing at the right time (Bible, Ecclesiastes 3:11; Matthew 7:11). God provides nurturing for all those who have faith in Him. Does He not provide food for the young ravens who are completely helpless? (Bible, Psalm 147:9). The truth is that God never forsakes those who believe in Him and he will never forsake you. So, wait patiently for Him.

We are living in a time when we can get everything in an instant. We do not have to work hard like how people used to do before. From coffee to food to noodles, everything is available instantaneously! We even make instant friends on social networks with people we don’t even know. In this fast world, we don’t have patience and grumble when things don’t happen in a hurry or happen our way. We want instant gratification and we lose faith and patience very quickly if things don’t happen the way we think they should happen.  Thus, we have a doubting nature and we even condemn God for not doing things for us instantly or blame Him for the mishaps and adverse things that happen in our lives. A grumbling or murmuring spirit is against God and it becomes a hindrance that prevents God’s blessings from flowing into our lives. Grumbling opens the door to the devil as we begin to doubt God’s plan for us. We get hasty and try to do things our way-out of greed and fear- and this ends in failure and tears. God’s timing is perfect. He makes everything beautiful in His time. Let us not grumble and block the blessings but keep faith and patient and receive the blessings of God in our lives.