Faith in prayer will bring shower of Lord’s blessing



Lord created man with not to see in trouble. He wanted to live with him. He created many things to give him comfort. As He saw the man that he has to pass through the valley of tears and his heart bears anxiety and sorrow, He came down on this earth with His new name. He can not see you into trouble or in dipression. He is calling you to give comfort. To-day many kinds of cobras like this one may appear in your lives to harm you and to destroy your lives. Debts, evil men, loss of peace, infirmities, sickness, weakness and defeat are a few of such cobras that you might face in your life. Many more such cobras of more serious nature also has challenged you right now. But Lord said – In the world you will have tribulation; but be of good cheer (Bible, John 16:33). Lord has made a many commitmentd to fulfill in your life. He says His children should pray by using the personal name of “Lord Kalki“. He will give you whatever you ask Him in His name (Bible, John 14:13,14). Do you know why your loving God tells you, “Ask anything in any situation in My name”. What a privilege you enjoy in the name of your Lord? Because

(1) the personal name of “Lord Kalki” will give you salvation in Kaliyuga.

(2) you can pray for anything, and if you have strong faith, you will receive it ( Bible, Matthew 21:22). Lord said that whoever asks receives, whoever seeks finds, and whoever knocks will find an open door (Bible, Matthew 7:7–8).

(3) You must have the strong faith that whatever you ask in His name you will receive.

(4) Prayer with strong faith and undestructive love in Lord touches the Lord’s heart. He starts to pour down His blessing upon the people. By doing so it will bring shower of Lord’s blessings for you.

When you pour your heart at the feet of the Lord Kalki with many tears and submit your supplications in His presence, He will not ignore you. The more you shed sincere tears of deep love, the more you will reap benefits. Not a single drop of your tear will be a waste. Each of them is accounted in His mighty presence. Each and every drop of tears brings its own blessings. Please do not forget that no demon or evil person can ever prevent you from receiving the benefits of your prayers. Thus pray to God with 100% faith by uttering His peronal name of Lord Kalki and chant His name with pure undestructed love. It will definitely bring the shower of Lord’s blessing for you.

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