5 signs that indicates the destruction

5 signs that indicates the destruction


five signs that indicate the coming of destruction


 5 signs that indicate the coming of destruction  – 

Lord Kalki is 24th incarnation of Lord Vishnu. He has arrived on 2nd May 1985 on the Indian Soil. He had to come down on Indian soil with the name of Kalki, in village Shambhal Gram.
Meaning of word ‘Shambhal Gram’ :-
शम्भु Shambhu – Brahm (those who knows Brahm / Brahm knowing people) is called Brahman + ल or ले (of) + ग्राम Grama (Community/Village/Group of people living at a certain Place) = शम्भल ग्राम Shambhal Grama (Village / Place / City of Brahman / Group of Brahman ब्रह्मणों का समूह ) A place where group of Brahman is living / जहाँ ब्राह्मणों का समूह निवास करता है, उसे शम्भल ग्राम कहते हैं .
People will call Him with many different 1000 community names. Lord Kalki is silent Avatar like Krishna and Lord Buddha and He will destroy the Adharma people, Evil minded people and Malechchha people by hiding Himself on this earth and lastly He will re-establish Dharma at His appointed time.
Since He is King of Kings, God of gods and Universal thus He cannot be for one particular religion. He is for Hindu, He is for Islamic people, He is for Christian and at the same time He is for Shikh also. There is no God except Him. One is He, no partner hath He. Exalted is He alone, and praise be to Lord Kalki only, and there is no deity except Lord Kalki, and Lord Kalki is the Greatest. And there is no might nor power except in Lord Kalki, the Most High, the Most Great. He gives life and causes death, and He is Living, who will not die, never. He of Majesty and Munificence. Within His Hand is (all) good. And He is, upon everything, Able (to exert His Will).

Lord Kalki will destroy the the evil people in is ow appointed time that indicate five signs, mentioned in the Holy Scriptures . These are as below:

1. Most people in society will start to consume non vegetarian food, Women will speak in sharp, hurtful tones, refuse to honour their husband’s feelings and improper sexual conducts will increase in society. It will be observed that the sun is eclipsed even when there is no moonless night.

2. The average life span of people will drastically reduce and girls will reach child-bearing capacities at very young ages. Husbands and wives will be dissatisfied with each other. People will not keep faith in places of worship. The stars will shine less bright and the earth will get increasingly hot.

3. When there are such times, at an appropriate time, in village Sambhal on the Mathura-Vrindavan border, Lord Kalki will take Avatar. He will travel the earth destroying evil and evil minded people. This is when Satyuga will be said to have begun.

4. Lord Kalki will be the fourth son of his parents whose names are Vishnuyasha and Sumati.

5. Lord Kalki will appear soft natured and divine in appearance and demeanour. He will be the master of the eight siddhis. He will travel on a white horse. He will possess immense anger inside him for he will observe the evil and sinful behaviour of society and therefore he will be dark skinned. He would like to wear the colour red and he will fight with a sword.