Gita-Saar, Chapter – 3


Gita Chapter 3

(Ishwar Putra Arun)



Gita-Saar – Lord Krishna says to Arjuna that for pious people in the world, there are two paths that have already been enumerated by God. The first is for Sankhyayogis and for its practitioners; the Yoga of knowledge is the path. For the other seekers-Yogis, the Yoga of action is the path. The goal reached by following both these paths is exactly the same. That means that the person who sees both Karma Yoga and Gyan yoga as resulting in the same result is the one who has the right perspective.

Without taking action, the yoga of knowledge cannot bear fruit. And for this reason, the karma yogi, who works while keeping the Lord in his heart makes the fastest progress. Although both the ways lead to the Lord, Karma yoga is faster and easier when done with the right knowledge. That is why it is considered superior.

The fact is that no being, who lives in the world, can ever remain without carrying out relentless action because that is the way nature has been designed. Nature works through the three modes of action and every being is tied to nature and to the law of cause-and-effect through the three modes of nature. There are only a few people who even though taking action, remain untied to the fruits of that action and are instead tied to the Lord. This is why King Janaka, although a great king, who had to take many actions, remained unaffected by the fruits of his actions-since those actions were not done with any attachment.

This is God’s advice to all men- that they should act, but not with attachment to the fruit of the act but do the action as a righteous duty. This will result in such a man finding his way to God in the shortest possible time. The person, who does all actions as an ambassador of God and not because of his selfish attachment, is like a lotus that remains pure even though living in a dirty pool of water.

Lord Krishna tells Arjuna that before doing Karma-Action, Arjuna should know the nature of the action per sey. Actions taken by man are of three types. One-Karma; Two-Akarma and three-Vikarma. The person who sees action in inaction and inaction in action, that person alone has understood the real meaning of Karma-action. That person, whose scripture oriented actions are without attachment or desire, and whose actions are made sacred by the fire of knowledge, such a person is worthy of being called a learned man.

A person who has naturally let go of all desire and attachment to his action and is not dependent on worldly things, such a person finds refuge in the Lord and even though he acts, he finds that that his action creates no karma for him. It was as if he had not committed that action at all even though the act was committed.

And what is the way to commit sacred action? It is to dedicate all that one does, to the feet of the Lord. Whatever one eats, drinks, donates whatever austerities one does and all actions should be dedicated to the Lord. That way all the fruits of the actions-the results-good or bad will not accrue to the person and he will be free of the bondage of Karma and such a person will soon find his place in the Lord.
Lord Krishna thus addressed the Lord that “Hear brave Arjuna, Know the Lord as your witness and commit all your actions dedicated to him as his ambassador. Cut the cords of ignorance though the sword of wisdom and commit attachment free action on the battlefield and do your duty!