Gita | Gita Saar – Chapter-7

Gita Saar

 Chapter 7

(Ishwar Putra Arun)


Gita Saar | Chapter-7

In chapter 7 of the Gita, Lord Krishna gives glimpses of the nature of the supreme father.  He also speaks of the Lord in First person, thereby clearly saying that he is the avatar of the supreme father. He starts  by   saying that that  the   devotee   who focusing his   mind  and stilling his heart, stays in the Lord’s-remembrance till a point that he can think   of   nothing   else,   such   a   person   finds   Him   with   ease   and   such   a  person is never reborn into this sorrow- filled world. Lord Krishna further says that the fact is that most people are not aware of the possibility of knowing the Lord; nor do they seek the Lord and they continue to struggle in life after life running after temporary objects.   Lord Krishna  says   further in chapter 7  that –  one among thousands   is interested   in   knowing   the   One   true   Lord,   and   out   of   a   group   of   the thousands who are interested in knowing Him, only one or two actually come to know Him till the fundamentals. Lord Krishna further says that I, the Lord of the universe, know everything-the past; the present and the future but only those who are filled with devotion for me can know Me in my true nature. Lord Krishna continues by saying that even as He comes face-to-face with the men of the world, they are unable to recognize Him since He comes wrapped   in   His  self-created  Yoga-Maya.  Lord  Krishna   further  says   that People see Him but they think of Him as an ordinary person-of flesh and blood and fated to die like everyone else around them. They are simply blind to the person who stands before them. Lord  Krishna   further said   to  Arjuna  that  since he – Arjuna,  was a   sincere seeker and completely devoted to Him (Lord Krishna), therefore He – Lord Krishna, would reveal to Arjuna, the divine knowledge that has the power to liberate the sincere devotee.   Lord Krishna said that he would reveal that knowledge to Arjuna even though Arjuna lacked the divine vision that was   necessary   to   gain   such   knowledge.   The   fact   was   that   Arjuna’s devotion   to   Lord   Krishna   overcame  that   handicap   and   qualified   him   to receive this divine and secret knowledge. This knowledge is considered so potent that after hearing it, nothing else remains   to   be   heard.   This   knowledge   is   the   most   fundamental   of knowledge. It is scientific and logically robust and does not require the listener   to   suspend   reason   while   listening   to   it.   This   fundamental knowledge  is   the  king of  all knowledge; it is  the   most secretive of  all secret knowledge; it is the most holy and pious of all knowledge; it is the best knowledge of all since it liberates; this knowledge is capable of giving quick results; it is as per Dharma; it is easy to practice and eternal and indestructible in nature.

Then after that in the Gita, Lord Krishna gave this supreme knowledge to Arjuna. Lord Krishna further explained to Arjuna about how creation was brought about by God and how the universe was brought into existence. Lord Krishna explained   that He, himself   is  the cause  of  creation of the universe and also the cause of the destruction of the universe. Lord Krishna said that All of the physical universe(s) have been created out of a combination of two parts of his (God’s) own nature. The two parts are-Higher energy and lower energy.   And these two energies have been extracted from the body and mind of the supreme Lord. The lower nature provides   the   physical   existence   of   the universe   and   the   higher   nature provides the consciousness that creates movement in the physical parts. Just as an electric toy consists of a physical structure and a  battery to provide the energy to run the toy, the two natures created from God’s own being, create the physical universe and all the laws of nature that keep the universe in operation. Once these are created, the Lord-who is the super-soul, Himself comes into the universe, in the form of the individual souls that inhabit each pore of the universe and make the universe come alive.  This is like switching the switch of the toy on so that the toy starts moving. It should be remembered that the toy, even though having the capability to  move, can only do  so when someone switches  it on. That someone, who switches on the body, whether of an individual or of the universe, is the soul. Thus the soul is that potent droplet of God’s soul, that has the power of God-to give life. When the soul leaves, the body drops lifeless. Lord Krishna explained that the person who comes to know of this secret knowledge and realizes it in his own life, is the person who finds liberation. Lord Krishna further said that there are four kinds of devotees.

  1. The first type of devotee is the one who worships God because he wants some worldly gain or benefit.
  2. The second type of devotee is the one who worships the Lord so that he may avoid some difficulty or tragedy in his life.
  3. The third type is one who is curious about the world and he wants to know about the creator. He wants to know God and the nature of God.
  4. The final type of devotee is the one who is knowledgeable about God and who seeks God with single minded devotion. He has no selfish motives in being   a   devotee.   The   only   reason   he   seeks   God   is because he loves God and realizes that God is the only reality and that everything in the universe is made out of God stuff only.  Lord Krishna further said that this fourth kind of devotee is the one who is intensely dear to Him. The person who loves God unselfishly-without any

motive and is single minded focused on Him is the one who is intensely loved back by God. Lord Krishna said in simple language – He Loves me and I love him. Lord Krishna explained the secret of liberation further.   He said that the people   who   worship   other   gods   and   demigods   are   the   ones   who   are seekers of worldly pleasures and/ or particular goals.   These people are only running after objects that have been created by their minds and in their essence they do not seek liberation. These people are only after their self – imagined objects of pleasure, fame and/ or acclaim and with this aim, these people do great prayers, sacrifices and penances. (Ravana being a good example of such a person)Lord Krishna clarifies that the person who seeks boons from any particular god   and   does   so   with   devotion   and   sincerity,   to   that   person,   He – Lord Krishna, rewards  by  giving  him  further  concentration  on  that  particular god. That person also gets what he seeks after due prayer from the god he seeks it from.  But the fact is that it is He-Lord Krishna, who provides that devotee with the object he seeks, through the god he seeks it from. Lord Krishna continued and said that it was good to receive the things a devotee wanted from his favorite god, but the problem was that all those objects that were demanded and prayed for, were things that were not of long   lasting   value.   All of them had a shelf life and were   fated  to end sooner or later. Unfortunately this is not known to these types of devotees who   have   a   limited   ambition   and   a   limited   brain   and   who   set   their happiness on the yardsticks that are temporary in nature. True happiness can never be the outcome of such false and erroneous attachment. Lord Krishna then said the following-“Those who worship the gods go to the   gods;   those   who   worship   their   forefathers   go   to   their   forefathers, those who worship the spirits go the spirits and those who worship me come to me and find liberation.”  Lord  Krishna  ends the 7th  chapter  by saying that the people  who don’t worship  the one  true   father, are  the ones   who  have been  seduced   by Maya through their desire to indulge in the world.  Such people are ready to do anything-even lowly acts, so that they may reach the objects of their desire. Such people have no conception about the real nature of God and nor do they seek him.