Gita-Saar Chapter 8


Chapter 8

(Ishwar Putra Arun)



Gita-Saar/Chapter 8

In Gita-Saar, chapter 8 of the Gita, Lord Krishna talks about the indestructible Brahm and this chapter focuses on the intricacies of Brahma Yoga. Lord Krishna has also explains that the time of death of an individual, is a time of great spiritual opportunity and He advises Arjuna on how to take full advantage of this time instead of taking this as a time of great sorrow. Lord says to Arjuna that the person who is thinking of God at the time of his death, that person’s soul is sure to reach God’s soul. The reason is that all materials-which are transitory in nature, that make up this universe are all based in the being of God, who is himself eternal. Those people who desire material objects will end up in the cycle of birth & death chasing those objects but if a soul desires the divine, then that noble soul would end up at the root cause of all creation and thus escape the cycle of birth and death.

Lord Krishna states that He is the source point of all journeys and the first seed of all creation, Lord Krishna states that He is the wisdom of the wise; and the effulgence of the effulgent souls. That He, is the source of the strength of the attachment-free strong person and He is the basis of the righteous desire that creates the world.

He explains that the significance of the time of death is that, at that time, all pretensions of the dying person that he has gathered in his life are stripped away and what are left are that person’s truthful desires. And at the moment of death, the concentration of these desires is so strong that it determines the path that the soul will take after death into his next birth. There is a famous Hindi saying – “Jo mati, So gati” which means that what the heart desires, so is the direction of travel”

Many people think that they can lead a worldly, indulgent life and yet switch to God remembrance in their old age or at the time of death. But it is not easy to do this. The habits of a lifetime cannot be overwritten in a short period, when the body is fading away. Only if we spend most of our life in the remembrance of God, through the practice of Yoga and meditation and by leading a pious life, only then can we hope to stay in remembrance of God, at the time of death. Such a worthy soul-who can do this- will make God speed towards God.

Lord Krishna advises Arjuna that He-Arjuna should focus his mind and heart completely on God, while carrying out his duty on the battlefield. This would ensure that he-Arjuna, would reach the final goal.

Arjuna asked the Lord the following questions -What is Brahma? What is Spirit? What is Right Action? What is Adhibhuta (matter) – that makes the universe, what is Adhideva (divine consciousness) and what is Adhiyagya-the supreme spirit that resides in all? Arjuna also asks about how these entities are placed in our body. Arjuna also asked Lord Krishna to explain the actual process on how, at the time of death, does the noble soul experience God.

Lord Krishna replies that the eternal, indestructible state of God is called Brahma. The individual soul is called Adhyatma. The primal resolve of God to create is called Karma. In the body, the Lord resides as Adhiyagya. All the objects that are created in the material universe are Adhibhuta. And finally the first being is known as Adhideva.

The person who worships that supreme, self effulgent being (Adhideva)- who is the smallest of the small and the largest of the large and who nourishes all and who is the supreme state of Truth consciousness bliss, that person is assured of reaching and becoming one with that being.

Lord Krishna explained to Arjuna that the power and significance of the moment of death is amazing. It is a golden opportunity. It is a wormhole into another dimension and the person who remains in state of remembrance of God at that time, assuredly reaches God-head even if that person has made no efforts during his life in being in the remembrance of God.

Lord Krishna explains that the best way to practice remembrance is as follows:
“Stop paying attention to your senses and take your attention within to between the eyebrows and pronounce the word ‘AUM’.” The person who is able to do focus his attention on the formless aspect of God, such a person is transported to the right path that reaches the final destination. The syllable ‘AUM’ is itself that sound that transports the devotee to the final destination-the abode of God.

It must also be remembered that all the people who travel up to BrahmaLoka have not escaped the cycle of birth and death because Brahm Loka is not above the level of dissolution at the time of the great night of Brahma. But those people who take the right path to God-as enumerated above, that person escapes the cycle of birth and death.

Lord Krishna explains that at the time of death, there are two paths that are available to the soul. One is the path of light and one is the path of darkness. The first one is the path that leads to God and the other is the path that leads to the souls of the forefathers. The one who takes the path of God does not return while the one who takes the path to the forefathers (the path of darkness) has to come back.

The person, who is able to understand this secret and this distinction, is the one who is able to walk the right path and reach the final destination. The person who understands this distinction, that person does not need to practice and obtain the boons that are obtained by the pursuance of the Vedas, sacrifices, donations and penances.