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Gita Saar

Chapter 9

(Ishwar Putra Arun)

Gita Saar

Gita Saar/Chapter 9

In Gita SaarGita chapter 9 – Lord Krishna gives that scientific (logical) knowledge to Arjuna that is otherwise kept a deep secret by its knower’s. This knowledge is such that the know-er of this knowledge is liberated from sorrow. This knowledge is a secret knowledge and it deserves to be kept the most secretive of all since it has the potential to transform and liberate the sincere devotee. This knowledge should be disseminated to worthy individuals only, as it is immensely powerful.

This knowledge is considered the king of knowledge’s; the secret of secrets; utmost holy and pious; utterly auspicious; capable of giving immediate results; as per the scriptures; easy to practice (master) and it is unchangeable/ indestructible. This knowledge can be perceived and valued only by those noble persons whose consciousness is at a higher plain and who are pure of heart and action. If these qualities are not present in a person, then that person will not be able to perceive the worth of this knowledge even if he comes face to face with this knowledge. That unfortunate person can neither see, nor hear, nor understand the import of this knowledge even when he is told it word for word.

Lord Krishna further says that the person, who has no respect for this knowledge, can never be liberated and instead such a person keeps circling in the cycle of birth and death through various species, as per his desires.

Lord Krishna further explains that the material universe is immersed in the Lord just as ice is made up of and is immersed in water. In such a manner, all materials and all creations find rest and basis for existence in the Lord but the nature of the Lord is not limited to this material creation. It is far beyond the nature of the material creation alone. Lord Krishna further explains that all material creation will dissolve back into Brahma after the life-span of this particular creation-Kalpa-is over and that the Lord would recompose that material when the new cycle of creation starts. Lord Krishna explains that the method and logic of composing materials was that the Lord took his own nature, added his desire-force to it and created the various aspects of creation based on the law of Karma. Nature is tasked by the Lord under His supervision to carry out the cycle of creation and this is how creation moves from cycle to cycle.

Lord Krishna says in first person that those people who are forbidden from knowing the supreme nature of God are those with unholy characteristics. These people have lost their wisdom and are foolish, even though they think they are wise. The nature of these people is that they consider their material existence and their body’s superior to the Creator even though it is the Creator who has created all physical entities. Such people are not able to look beyond physical appearances and characteristics and can never see the Lord who hides out of sight by the power of his yoga-Maya. Even when such people see the Lord standing in front of them in his human form, they don’t realize that it is him. They think of the Lord (in physical form) as just another ordinary human being.

The Lord, as Lord Krishna, clearly states, is the foundation and the source of all Brahma-Creation, of which the material universe is just a small part. That it is He-the Lord, who is the one who give the fruit of Karma, It is He who is the mother, the father, the One worth knowing, the pure and pious ॐkar, the source of the three Vedas-Rig, Sam and Yajur Vedas.
Lord Krishna further says that it is He who is the only one worth pursuing, the only one who nurtures and supports the entirety of creation, the one and only Lord of all creation, The manager of the auspicious and the inauspicious, the place of rest and refuge for all, The blesser (without expectations) of all and the indestructible basis for all.

The Lord-as Krishna further describes, is the one who is the all in all and the One in all. It is He who is The Vedic ritual, It is He who is the sacrifice, It is He who is the offering to the departed, It is He who is the herbage and the food-grain, It is He who is the sacred Mantra and the clarified butter that is offered into the sacred fire and it is He who is the sacred fire in which the clarified butter is offered And He is also the act offering the sacrifice into the sacred fire.

Lord Krishna further says that those pious devotees, who worship the gods with certain specific desires, get the fulfilment of those desires only through Him even if it may seem to them that the desires are fulfilled by the gods they worship.

Lord Krishna explains that – ‘Those who worship the Gods go to the gods, those who worship their forefathers go to the forefathers, those who worship the spirits go to the spirits while those who worship Me come to me and such devotees, who worship Me, find eternal rest in Me beyond the grasp of Kaal.’

The Lord then explained to Arjuna the seven most important principles.

That loving devotee, who offers to me just a flower, or a fruit, or a leaf, or some water, I appear before that devotee and I accept from that pious minded devotee, with affection and love, his guileless offering.
That devotee who loves me endlessly and without motivation, to those devotees, I provide the vision of God and the protection that is required to worship the Lord.
I provide realization and liberation to all those who seek it sincerely even if they may be the vilest of sinners, No-one is barred from it on the basis of sex or caste.
It is an unshakable truth that the Lord’s devotee can never be demeaned or destroyed.
To reach me give me your mind and devotion. Be my devotee, worship me alone, and salute only me. By doing all this and by having a single-minded devotion to me, rest assured-you will find your rest in Me.
All that you eat/ drink; all the sacrifices you make, all the charity you do and all the penances you undergo. Devote all of them only to me. This way, you will be free of all the karmic effects of the actions you commit and your soul then can come only to me.
I am the Lord of all sacrifices and the fruits of all sacrifices are consumed only by me. But most people do not know this and are therefore trapped in the cycle of birth and death.