How God Fulfills His Promise Part – III


We are living in a time when wickedness is dominant.  These times can be called the era of wicked people.  In the Hindu religion it is called as Kaliyuga and as per the Holy Bible and the Holy Quran, these are called the end of days.  This is a time of great strife and difficulty and a time that is full of grave dangers, natural disasters and of man betraying man for the sake of petty gain.  As we look around us we see ample evidence of this.  This century has been full of major natural disasters, climate change, ecological disasters, strange and new diseases and wars.  Even as I write this, the conflict in Syria is on and going from bad to worse.  We have just experienced the worst forms of brutality and the world’s most powerful body-The United Nations is helpless in preventing the slaughter, rape and destruction of innocent people.  Man has failed to protect the weak and the helpless and the decent and good people of the world can only turn to the Lord for help.  The question is that the Lord has promised us many things in the scriptures but will He fulfil these Promises? And if He does fulfill these promises then how will He do so?  The question we are all asking is-What form will the fulfilling of the promises take? The answer is that the fulfillment of these promises will be done through the appearance of a great surprise or will be done as miracles.

Today most people don’t believe that the Lord will actually do those things that the Lord says that He will do. The reason is that we doubt the Lord and have no confidence in what is written in the scriptures even though it sounds good and we want to believe it.  What we see today is that evil seems to be prospering and all decent people are suffering.  Seeing this with our own eyes, it is difficult to believe what is written in a book, however holy the book may be.  Yet this fear hides an eternal truth.  That truth is that want you want to have in your life, the Lord is easily able to provide. The question then is.  What is preventing you from receiving these blessings that the Lord gives to all His devotees?  That missing thing is simple.  Have it and no-one can prevent you from receiving the blessings of your Father-the Lord.  That thing is simply FAITH.  How can you receive anything from anyone if you don’t believe in that person?  Since very few people have full faith in the Lord and instead have faith in their own efforts or in the world, therefore they don’t receive God’s blessings and help.  Yet there have been people who have had full faith in the Lord. A famous example is Moses.  He had so much faith in the Lord that the Lord would come and speak to him face to face.

What we have is a contract with God.  That contract states that our heavenly father will always be there for us and look after us when we ask Him for His help. And we promise to be His loving children, who love, respect and cherish Him.  As His loving children we promise to honour Him and obey Him and follow His wishes.

The promise of God is a statement which is eternal and unchanging like a rock but our promise to God is shaky.  We change our promise and stance every day and we doubt God also.  The contract that we have with God is thus incomplete.  God does what he is supposed to do but we are unfit vessels for His blessings.  Just as no matter how much water is poured into a broken vessel, it will always flow out, similarly all of God’s blessings flow out of our lives.  Like a letter that has a wrong address put on it can never reach its destination, similarly God’s blessings that are ever flowing out of His heart, never reach those devotees that are broken vessels-that denotes those of us who don’t keep their promises to God or who doubt Him.

In 1999, I was deputy manager in print media. A little boy came in my office. He gave a few coins to the Manager in the Advertisement Department and said: “Sir, I want you to publish an advertisement in your newspaper.” The manager was much surprised seeing the age of the boy. He asked the boy, “What is the advertisement about?” The boy replied, “WANTED – a mother for a little boy.” On hearing this, the manager was very much moved. The boy, with tears flooding his eyes, pleaded, “Sir I have no mother. There is none in this world who loves me. Please publish this advertisement. I want someone to come forward, someone to accept me the way I am and to comfort me as if she were my own mother.” The readers can only imagine how pitiful would the situation be for the boy!

O! Friends, you may languish in bitter loneliness and lament saying, “No one cares for me,” but do not despair. The Lord Himself has come down with the new name of Kalki in India. He says to everyone, “I will lift up those who are languishing in loneliness and misery and bless them.” So friends, do not doubt the Lord. He will surely lift you up and bless you. Your father and mother may forsake you, but the Lord will receive you as stated in the Bible, Psalm 27:10- “Be of good cheer! He will turn all your sorrows into joy.”

There are three reasons not to doubt the words of the Lord. They are as follows:-

(1) God does not lie because He is not a man. The Bible, Numbers 23:19 prophesies – “God is not a man that He should lie.”

(2)God does not lie because He is not the devil. The Bible, John 8:44 says, “The Devil was a murderer from the beginning and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar and the father of it.”

(3) God does not lie because He is the Lord and He cannot change. The Bible, Malachi 3:6 has prophesied -“For I am the Lord, I cannot change.”

The Bible, James 1:17 has prophesied – Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above and cometh down from the father of lights, with whom is no variableness, neither shadow of turning.”

Therefore friends, do not despair and do not doubt the words of the Lord since it is that doubt and your wrong conduct that prevents those eternal blessings from reaching you.