How to directly see God?

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You can actually see God by the practice of complete and single-minded devotion. (Geeta 11:54)  But that devotion must have the component of deep love for the Lord.  The soul that calls to the Lord, invariably experiences visions of the Lord and the Lord comes into his life.  To have this kind of direct perception of God, six things are essential.

  1.  1.Complete and single focused love for the Lord
  2.  2.Complete devotion to the Lord.
  3.  3.Single minded focus on the Lord and remaining in his constant remembrance.
  4.  4.Focusing one’s attention on the form of the Lord.
  5.  5.Worshiping the Lord without any motive or expectation and forgetting all worldly desires, expectations and attachments.
  6. 6. Getting up in the morning between 4 to 6 am and spending that time in taking the Lord’s name and being in meditation.

In today’s world, people’s minds and thoughts have become distorted.  People’s worship of the Lord is careless, incomplete and full of mistakes and distortions and this is the reason why people are unable to actually feel the presence of God in their lives.  To get back on track, first practice Anulom-Vilom Pranayama and then slip into meditation while taking the Lord’s name.

It is a certainty that the man who focuses with single-minded attention and is constantly remembering the Lord, such a person finds the Lord easily.  This remembrance must have love in it and must be constant in the seekers heart.  The Lord is ever-ready to have the devotee sit on his lap with love.  It is the devotee that does not go to the Lord as he is attached to the temptations of the world.  The portrait or statues of the Lord are often seen with the Lord as having raised one palm towards the devotee.  When asked by the devotee, that why is the one palm raised, the Lord replies that, man has forgotten Him and the Lord beckons and blesses His children-who have forgotten Him- with this gesture.  This shows that the Lord wants us back in His life but we are the ones who have forgotten Him.

It is also a fact that one cannot find success in worshiping the Lord when one has any ill-will, anger or jealousy towards anyone.  The fact is that whatever ill-will, anger, troubles and difficulties we face in life today, they are a result of our own behavior in our previous lives.  We should not blame the present circumstance or the people in our life today for this.  Those who worship the Lord constantly with love and devotion, it soon happens that all conflict causing situations and conflict causing people are removed from their lives and replaced by those people who are themselves oriented towards the Lord and who help the seeker realize the goal.  One of the meanings of Yoga is ‘an unrealized object’ and Kshem means to offer protection.  The Lord thus offers fulfillment of the unrealized goal and also protection to the genuine seeker.  To be in a state where we are entitled to such benediction 7 things are necessary.

  1. We should beautify one’s mind through the practice of Anulom-Vilom Pranayama.
  2. We should serve the Lord through one’s mind-that means through our thoughts. We should always keep thoughts of the Lord in one’s mind.
  3. The best time for this is 4 to 5:30 am in the morning.
  4. When in meditation, always keep the form of the Lord in one’s thoughts
  5. Chanting the Lord’s name must be done with focus on the Lord. People often make the mistake that they think of worldly things while chanting the Lord’s name.
  6. Chanting and meditation should be done together for results. Never stop visualizing the form of the Lord while doing this. See his vision in front of your closed eyes and hear Him through your ears.
  7. In all these activities listed above, the primacy is for the state of love. That means all these things must be done out of love, devotion, attachment, attraction and faith for the Lord rather than as a duty or a procedure that will get us something.  This state of love is essential.