How to do meditation

  How to do meditation
(Need to Know About Meditation)
Aadishri Arun

How to do meditation

Kalki Maha Avatar Dhyan Yog And Manav Utthan Samiti

Selection of Meditation?

According to Aadishri,  Kalki – Surat – Shabd – Yog is the best meditation.  Surat Shabd Yoga means the “Union of the Soul with the Essence of the Absolute Supreme Being”. Surat Shabda Yoga is also known as Sehaj Yoga – the path leading to Sehaj or equipoise, The Path of Light and Sound, The Path of the Sants or ‘Saints’, The Journey of Soul, and The Yoga of the Sound Current.

What is Meditation ?

Meditation is one of the most effective forms of meditation to help replenish mental and emotional energy enabling individuals to create new attitudes and responses to life. It empowers individuals with a clear spiritual understanding of self and connection with the Supreme Soul.

Meditation Technique:

1. Choose your mantra 2. Select a comfortable place to sit 3. Gently close your eyes 4. Begin repeating your mantra silently to yourself without moving your tongue or lips 5. Stop your thoughts

Six Tips for Finding Comfort in Meditation:

  1. Wear comfortable clothes 2. Meditate on an empty stomach 3. Sit up straight 4. Get comfortable 5. Find the right head position 6. Stay warm – If you run cold, use a shawl to cover your body.

How to sit on Meditation ?

First point to follow to sit on Meditation:

For doing meditation it is not necessary to sit in a only one fixed position. People can sit in different position also for doing the meditation but their spinal cord should be in straight. When you practise meditation you need to have a comfortable seat and a good posture. The most important feature of the posture is to keep your back straight.

For those of us who are accustomed to sit in a chair, you might be a bit intimidated by the notion of sitting on the ground in a cross-legged fashion. This is a good time to give it a try. If you find that it is difficult, you can assume one of the simpler cross-legged postures mentioned below.

There are a few variations on sitting cross-legged on the ground, but all of them are best supported by having a formal meditation cushion. I advice to people to sit at Samadhi Cushions or  Reliquary Cushions (समाधि कुशन) so that their seats are well-made and firm. You can use pillows also but if you are going to use pillows from your trainer or bed that’s okay, but it takes a lot of adjustment to get you sitting high enough so that it’s not painful. That said, if you want to grab some sturdy cushions (मजबूत कुशन) and sit on those to get going, go for it.

Following  are the Seven Ways to Sit on Meditation to whom Aadishri has recomended:


1.The Quarter Lotus :

1 position - meditation

You can sit on your meditation seat with your legs loosely crossed and both feet resting below the opposite thigh or knee.


2. The Half Lotus:


Your legs are crossed with one foot resting on the opposite thigh. The other foot can fold underneath the top leg and rest below the knee or thigh.

 3.The Full Lotus :


Your legs are crossed with both feet resting on top of your opposite thighs in Padmasana (Lotus Position)

4. The Burmese Position :


If you cannot sit with your legs crossed, in that situation just sit with both feet laying on the floor in this relaxed position, Sukhasana (Easy Pose )

5. Seiza :


Instead of sitting with your legs crossed you can also kneel and place a cushion between your legs. This position is called Virasana or Vajrasana (Thunderbolt Pose)


6. Chair :


You can use a chair if you need to sit or you are unable to sit on ground. No shame in it. Just be sure to sit away from the back of the chair and place your feet firmly on the floor, aligned with your hips and knees.

7. Followings  are the another Ways also to Sit on Meditation to whom Aadishri has recomended:

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Second Point to follow to sit for doing Meditation:

Spinal cord is a like of tube and  Bio-electric Energy or Pranaa or fluid of life flows in side the spinal cord to maintain the human life.  If your  spinal cord will be in a position of an arrow, the tube of spinal Cord (मेरुदण्ड) will block in mid and bio – electrical energy will not flow properly in the whole tube of spinal Cord (मेरुदण्ड). This is the reason for doing meditation one’s  spinal Cord (मेरुदण्ड) must be in straight so that Bio-electric Energy or Pranaa or fluid of life could flow properly in whole tube – spinal cord . Thus keep your Spinal Cord Straight  i.e. Your spinal Cord (मेरुदण्ड) must be in straight position because it is in a position of an arrow in the body of human beings.

Third Point to follow to sit for doing Meditation:

Resting your hands – The simplest thing to do with your hands is to rest them on your lap. You can drop your hands at your sides and pick them up at the elbow then drop them palms down on your thighs. This is a natural axis point on which to rest them, providing better support for your upright spine.

Opening  Meditation:

Before doing Meditation, First of all one should do Pranayamaa:

P 1     pranayam 2

Before doing Meditation, do anulom – bilom pranayama for 20 minutes two times a day. Why pranayamaa ? Because pranamaya generates Bio – electrical Energy and it stores in 7 Chakras of body. What is Bio – electrical ? Bio – electrical Energy is Pranaa, The fuel of Life ; through it, your body organs work properly and people are alive. As Bio – electrical Energy  reduced, the function of body organs does not work properly and people become sick. They go for medical check up and doctor advices to take artificial element in the form of medicines. But medicines are not permanent remedy and its effect is for certain time. Due to the lack of Bio – electrical energy, aging starts and one day people die.

When people do pranayaamaa it generates Bio – electrical energy. As the body’s organs receive the praanaa – energy (Bio – electrical energy) in rich quantities, body’s organ starts functioning as usual. This is the reason people become free from a lot of diseases through doing pranayamaa.

Aadishri Arun saysPrana is not merely a philosophical concept; it is in every sense a physical substance. Just as radioactive or electromagnetic waves exist even though you can’t see them, in the same way, in this physical body, there are pranic waves and a pranic field. Now, each of you has a certain quantity of prana in your physical body and you utilize this in the course of your day to day activities throughout life. When your prana diminishes, sickness sets in, and when you have plenty of prana, every part of the body is in perfect health.

He again saidBioelectrogenesis is the generation of electricity  by living organisms, a phenomenon that belongs to the science of electrophysiology. The nerve impulse is a bioelectric event.

Bio – electrical Energy is not oxiygen but it is the Pranaa energy, the fuel of life to keep yourself alive and throught it, your body organs work properly. It can not purchse in the medical shop by paying money. It is the Pranayamaa throught it you can generate the Bio – electrical Energy by doing your own efforts.

How pranaamaa generates Bio – Electrical Energy ?

There are 72000 nadis in your body. It works as a turbine. As you inhale air through one nostril and exhale through another nostril, air rotate in the turbine of 72000 nadis and generates Bio – electrical Energy and it stores in 7 chakra of your body.

How to do Meditation?

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