How to enter the spiritually oriented life ?


kalki maha avatar
kalki maha avatar

I address all those who believe in the primacy of the creator.  The one who makes oneness with the lord his aim of life, always finds peace The one  whose heart is filled with love for the lord finds liberation in this life itself. The one who is dependent on the lord finds nothing major going wrong since he is protected by the lord himself.  Nothing-not even the wind can harm such a person whose all difficulties, disease and unquenched and troublesome desires fade away.

It is not difficult to enter the spiritually oriented life but there are certain things that one should keep in mind if one wants to find success.  One’s lifestyle and thought process are critical in ensuring progress on the spiritual life.  The following guidelines should be kept in mind.

  1. It is better to trust God than to trust man. (The holy Bible Psalms 118:8)
  2. The one who trusts man is cursed and is liable to be betrayed ( Jeremiah 17:5)
  3. Do not depend on your thought process alone but keep faith in God (Proverbs 3:4)
  4. Do not have faith in the elders of society or any mortal since they do not have the power to grant you liberation (Psalms 146:3)
  5. By a seeker of the lord and try to find all the ways that lead to him and constantly desire his vision. (Psalms 105:4)
  6. The lord is not like man and therefore never lies or deceives and neither does he change his objectives or desires. Is there anything that he has promised and not done? (numbers 23:19)
  7. The person who walks on the path given by the lord, only he should be associated with and he only can be your friend, relative, brother or mother father. (Mark 3:35)
  8. Thrice a day-morning, noon and evening spend an hour in remembrance of the lord. That will keep you on the track and prevent you from committing wrong acts that take you away from the path. This will protect you as well (Shrimadbhagwat secrets)
  9. The lord said that spend three hours a day thinking of me and I will protect you for the remaining 21 hours (Shrimad Bhagwat secrets)
  10. The one who seeks the lord in his old age-his next life is an improvement over his last life but the one who gives his youth to the worship of the lord; he finds liberation in this life itself. (Shrimad Bhagwat secrets)
  11. By offering service to the lord by making physical efforts the attribute of tamas (inertia, sloth) go down. By offering service to the lord through money, the attribute of Rajas (desire driven actions) goes down and by offering one’s mind (attention) to the lord the attribute of sattva goes down.  Since the lord stands apart from all the three attributes hence if one wants to find the lord then one should offer service to the lord through all the three means mentioned above. (Shrimad Bhagwat secrets)

These then are the ways to enter the spiritual pathways that lead to the lord.  The reader has to take a decision about when he wants to actually start walking on this path rather than just thinking or reading about  it.