How to find the Lord easily ?

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The person who is constantly in the remembrance of the Lord, to such a person, the realization of the Lord is very easy. The Geeta in chapter 8 verse 14 mentions this specifically.

The Geeta talks about the two forms of the Lord-formless and formed in chapter 8 verse 8-13. To achieve both these forms, Pranayama, breathing techniques- are important but they are not easy to do.  The Geeta talks about focusing one’s attention and ones’ prana between the eyebrows at the time of one’s passing.  As it can imagined, it would not be an easy thing to do at that time.  The Geeta chapter 8 verse 6-10 & 12-13 mentions this.  Why this is difficult to do is because the fear of dying and of the unknown is extreme at the time of death.  Many complications are taking place at that time and it is almost impossible to establish one’s concentration between the eyebrows. But it is not very difficult to stay in remembrance of the lord at that time. By remembering the lord, no other tool is required whether it is the body, the mind, wisdom, the life force or the senses.  Just as, if an object is insured, then one does not worry about its loss or damage similarly when one surrenders one’s body, mind, senses and wisdom to the Lord then where will one go after death is not a subject of worry.  The reason is that this way is not related to one’s effort or practice. It is only a matter of relating to the Lord with one’s heart and soul.  Therefore it is completely easy.  The Lord has said that this way is the easiest way to find him.

In this way the person’s sole attention is focused on the Lord and he will not divert his attention even by chance to someone else.  That makes the person single focused.  Only one thing is to be done and only one thing is to be achieved.  Action means doing something to achieve something while what happens on its own is remembrance.  Remembrance of the Lord is not an act but a way to establish a relationship with the Lord.  When one feels one with the Lord then affection and love develop for Him and it is easy to constantly remember Him since we love Him. When one loves someone then one constantly remembers that person and then it is easy to find Him.

When the nature of the person becomes such that his work and his object of work are both the Lord; his refuge is the Lord; his thoughts are of the Lord; his worship is the Lord and his only desire is the Lord-when such is one’s focus and attention, then no-one else can impinge on this attention and that is good since everything else is going to end one day while the Lord is eternal.  In that state, no desire will arise in the person for anything else not even for how to live his life.  All the acts of such a person will become holy since they are dedicated to the Lord.  Eating; sleeping; walking; his interactions with others; all will be dedicated to the Lord since they would be done only to please the Lord.

Those people who become single focused on the Lord, who work only to please the Lord and who are detached from the world- those who achieve the above three mentioned qualities, they are the ultimate devotees of the Lord.

The true devotees of the Lord do not worship the 33 Crore god’s and goddesses, since those who worship the gods do so out of a desire for something that is of this world and they get the results which are limited and temporary and of this world, while the true devotees of the Lord get those things that are eternal and limitless.  The ones who worship the gods are like laborers while those who worship the Lord are like members of His family.  The labour gets what is owed to him due to the work he does while the family members own everything.  Of such devotees the Lord says that He provides them with everything that they need.

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