How World War Three could start tomorrow ?

World War Three

World War Three


How might a third world war / World War Three unfold? Undoubtedly differently from the “small wars” of today.

“The world war is a form of war that the whole world should face up to”

We’d see the kind of battles for control of the air and sea we haven’t experiences for over 70 years.

The development and use of nuclear weapons near the end of World War II and their subsequent acquisition and deployment by many countries, the potential risk of a nuclear devastation of Earth’s civilization and life is a common theme in speculations of a Third World War(World War Three). Another major concern is that biological warfare could cause a very large number of casualties, either intentionally or inadvertently by an accidental release of a biological agent, the unexpected mutation of an agent, or its adaptation to other species after use. High-scale apocalyptic events like these, caused by advanced technology used for destruction, could potentially make Earth’s surface uninhabitable.