In the end days why does the Lord want to fill your being with His own essence ?


th (17)

The Lord said that in the end days He would fill His devotees with His own essence.  The reason is that in that time, the stock of mankind would plunge so low that there would be no other way to liberate the people.

The people of the end days would be without wisdom and would be disobedient to the Lord.  They would always be under illusion and always be desirous of pleasures and physical comforts as a first priority of life.  They would be quarrelsome and always try to cause loss of reputation of others.  They will always be involved in futile conversations, futile quarrels and waste time in that way.  Not only that, the words of the lord would be mocked and disregarded.  Such would be the level of the people of the end times that the Lord said that he would have to come and give every person his own essence so that that person may be liberated. The Lord said-“Your sons and daughters will speak of My  prophesies and the young will see My miracles and your old will see My dreams.  When the essence of the Lord enters you then you will come into your own soul rather than live in your body.”  The important thing is that if a person does not have the Lord’s essence in him then he is not from the flock of the Lord.  Those who are of the Lord and those who love the Lord, everything that happens to them  leads only to ultimate blessings and positive things for them for the one who knows the Lord, he is stable in the Lord and they will be the ones to be called by the Lord.  They are the ones who are called god oriented and they will be the ones that will experience the presence of the Lord in terms of realization.  That great blessing cannot be obtained by the individual by his own efforts but it can be obtained only by the blessings of the Lord.  The Lord will dazzle you with His blessings therefore become worthy of that blessing by constantly being in remembrance of the Lord who has come to the earth in physical form under a new name.  He is the only one who can give you that blessing and His name in today’s age is Kalki Maha Avatar.  But that is not the actual name of the Lord.  Just as in the time of the vaman avatar the avatar was called vaman but the lord’s name wasn’t vaman. He was called vaman because he was of short height, his actual name was Upendra.  In the same way the name of the Lord is not Kalki. Today it is the age of Kali. Kali means the devil and Kalki means the one who destroys the devil called kali.  The actual name of the Lord in this avatar is something else.  Know that name of Lord Kalki and stay in remembrance of that name and in that remembrance you shall find freedom or salvation.