Maha Upadesh of Aadishri, Part – 13

Maha Upadesh of Aadishri; Part – 13

(Aadishri Arun)

Maha Updesh Of Aadishri, Part – 13

Maha Updesh – When tough times come, people’s courage fails and they feel that their troubled times will never end.  The fact is that both good and bad times come in life in different proportions. Like the seasons; like day and night; like heat and cold etc.  We make the common mistake of thinking that when good times or bad times come, both will become permanent in our life. The Gita says in chapter 2 verse 14 that good times and bad times come in our life like the seasons, like the heat and cold and like night and day.

So I advice you to be patient in times of trouble and not be too excited in times of happiness. That way you will never be negatively effected. Another important advice is to not be reactive to life’s situations.  You should neither be disspointed by the criticism of others nor excited by their praise.  Most people get affected by these things and let their sense of happiness and self worth be dictated by the opinions of others. Please don’t do so. Be unaffected by life and take its vagaries with stoicism.

If you follow these two advises, your life will be happy.