Maha Upadesh of Aadishri; Part - 17

Maha Updesh Of Aadishri; part -17

Maha Updesh Of Aadishri; part -17

(Aadishri Arun)

Maha Upadesh Of Aadishri; Part - 18

 Maha Updesh Of Aadishri:

We have all heard the term surrender. But do we know its real meaning?

The difficulty in understanding of surrender the real meaning of this term comes from the nature of the mind since the nature of the mind is the opposite of surrender. You will find that your mind will always be an obstacle to your getting to true wisdom because it is in the nature of the mind to create jealousy, doubt and fear. All and any kind of situation, relationships and problems upset the equilibrium of the mind. The fact is that a turbulent mind can never find peace. Thus it is important that surrender be practiced since a turbulent mind can be settled only by surrender. And surrender is something that comes from beyond the mind.

Surrender is something that destroys the arrogance of Ego and the darkness of ignorance. Ambition, jealousy etc are quietened by surrender and it focuses the mind in the right direction. The fact is that in today’s world, neither the sanctity of knowledge nor neither the respect for the people with wisdom, been maintained.

The fact is that whatever be the kind of knowledge-spiritual, temporal or just academic, its gaining requires respecting the Guru and surrendering to his greater self. And what is the nature of this surrender? This surrender has four aspects. It is required that you surrender your mind, your devotion, your worship and your obedience to the Guru. Only when you do this sincerity, can you gain true knowledge from your guru. This is what the Gita says in chapter 18: verse 65.

The other issue of importance is the question of happiness. Can we be eternally and constantly happy? We find that all we can achieve is fleeting moments of happiness even though the goal of every soul is eternal happiness. Why is this so? The problem with the achievement of happiness is that most of us confuse the state of happiness with the objects that may give us temporary pleasure. Our lives are spent in gathering and collecting those things that we think will make us happy. Nothing could be further from the truth.

The fact is that all the things of this world are allusion, relative and temporary. Thus even if you gather all the things that you think are necessary for your happiness, you will soon realize that since the life of those objects is itself temporary, hence your sense of happiness, which is based on those objects, can also only be temporary.

The irony is that for those people who know this truth and who still pursue those objects of desire fervently, such people live in fear about the loss of those very same objects after they have gained those objects. And as far as those who only seek objects blindly, they are those who live in arrogance about what they have achieved and they don’t know the pitfalls.

In either situation, can there ever be happiness?

Some people live in unhappiness because they have nothing and some-who has everything also, live in unhappiness since now they do not know what to do-what further object to gain- to be happy and they fear the loss of what they have already gained.

The problem is that most of us try to create our own definitions of truth and we attach various material achievements to the gaining of truth. The fact is that the state of true happiness only comes from a state of detachment and desirelessness about the objects of the world. The person who is in this blessed state may on the surface appear to live a normal life, going about his business, but such a person truly does not attach his sense of happiness on any particular result of any particular activity.

Action in the field of the world is not a problem- all of us have to ceaselessly act. But what leads to the problem is that we have become attached to particular outcomes. This expectation and attachment takes away our peace of mind and joy. If we want to be truly happy, detachment is what we have to achieve since expectations destroys peace, happiness, wisdom and even mental balance. Attachment leads to desire, desire leads to anger if the object of desire does not materialize and anger leads to the destruction of wisdom, which is essential to taking the correct decisions in life.

Now that we have pinpointed the thing that makes us unhappy, we can think of ways to mitigate it. Detachment-which is the opposite of attachment, can give us happiness but it can only happen when we lose the sense of ownership over what we consider ours and instead expand our sense of ownership to the entire universe. When we lose the artificial distinction between what is mine and what is not mine, desire and fear are gone and happiness emerges.

When we are in such a state the mind our attention naturally go inwards and that is where the state of happiness actually exists.
So my advice to you is that leave the state of attachment and also leave desire since these are source of all unhappiness. Anybody who is attached will suffer. Even the gods suffer because they too are attached to certain things.

Therefore, if you are truly able to do this, you will start to live in your inner self and that is the start of the journey to liberation.