Maha Updesh of Aadishri Arun, Part – 4

Maha Upadesh of Aadishri Arun, Part – 4

Maha Updesh of Aadishri Arun, Part – 4

(Aadishri Arun)

Maha Upadesh of Aadishri Arun, Part - 4

When a person constantly remains in a state of God awareness and constantly thinks of God, such a person falls in love with God and such a person surrenders to the divine will.  This is called Bhakti or Devotion.  Only by devotion can a person get the wisdom to understand the difference between Truth and falsehood.  And only then can a person-on knowing the Truth, physically experience God in his life. And that is the aim of all life in this universe.

Only that person- who has experienced God, only such a person is a true Karma yogi, because all his actions are correct and in line with God’s wishes.  Please remember that without right karma, the Yoga of knowledge or Sankhya yoga cannot be physically manifested.  I.e. they remain mere theories. This is clearly stated in the Gita chapter 3 verse 4.  Friends, the secret is that karma yoga is the second stage of the secret Brahma Vidya-Divine knowledge. Once this Brahma Vidya is known and made real, it frees the devotee from the cycle of birth and death and this is the only way to reach Moksha.

Vedaant darshan 3/3/48 says the same thing.

The goal of all embodied beings to be realized and reach Moksha and Brahmagyaana and right action are the only way to reach this goal.

Now the question arises that how can man surrender to God without having the experience of God.  The solution is simple.  To see God with your own eyes, remove the covering of desire, ego, anger, greed and fear and stay away from self indulgent and ignorant actions.

If a man sitting in a dark room says that he wants to see the sun, what will you tell him?  You will say to the man- please come out of the room and under the clear sky!  Why will you say that? Because the sun is ever present there. And nothing else needs to be done to show the man the sun. I.e.  Nothing has to be done except to come out of the room… In the case of the ignorant man, the room is his desire, attachment, greed anger and fear… The moment these are left behind, the light of God comes through.  To see God, you only have to see your own soul and for that you have to look inwards instead of outwards.  Just as the taste of one grain of sand is the same as the entire waters of the oceans, similarly our own soul is the same as the soul of God. To taste God, you only have to taste your own soul.

If you ask me, Aadishri – Are you God Himself? My answer is yes. Only because I am aware of who I am. And that is also the difference between you and me. I am aware of my true nature and you are not aware of who you are…

The entirety of creation and all things within it are nothing but God manifested. It is only that those manifested beings are not aware of it.

I say to you that I am aware of who I am and whenever evil and anarchy raises its head, I come to the rescue of all devotees of God to set the world right once again.

I come in all the yugas or ages for this purpose and I take the appropriate form that is best suited for the people of that age.

Thus if you surrender to me, you surrender to God Himself.

So O’ humans, discard all your selfish actions and come into the gaze of my divine mercy and protection because I am everything. I am the sun, the moon, the stars, the planets. I am younger than the youngest shoot on a tree and I am present inside all sentient beings. I am the sustainer of heaven and hell. My existence itself is beyond time. I existed before this creation. I am the first born and I created this universe from my own essence. I have taken many forms and throughout the ages, I have appeared now, as I have appeared many times before, to guide and correct the direction of the universe that I have created.

Whenever there is an increase in anarchy and evil, I make one more form of myself, enter my own creation and set it back into its correct path.

I am the eternal Paraatma, I am Parshuram, I am Ram, Krishna and I am the ocean of light and bliss in the Anami lok. And I am Aadishri Arun as well…