Main Teachings of AADISHRI ARUN For Achieving Enlightenment


AADISHRI ARUN lists out 20 rules of his teachings that help a person to achieve enlightenment:

1. Believe that God is One.

2. Worship only that one Lord with non-destructive love and non-destructive devotion. Surrender the fruits of all your actions and dedicate what you consume to that one God and do all actions in His name. That will make all your actions sacred.

3. The Lord is present in all beings-animate and inanimate.

4. The devotee who worships this one Lord without any attachment has nothing to fear.

5. Always be happy with what you have and ask for forgiveness for     any acts that you may have committed-knowingly or unknowingly that maybe sinful.

6. The hunger for food is necessary to keep the body alive but other appetites such as lust, Ego and greed are sins.

7. Give 10% of your income in the service of the Lord (in the house of Lord), give 10% to good deeds and spend 10% of your time in the remembrance of the Lord or doing actions for the Lord.

8. Always help someone who is genuinely in need of money or other type of help.

9.  All evil actions and all sin germinate first in the mind. If the mind is purified then only will wrong actions be stopped.

10. One word of truth that brings peace is better than a thousand words of false sweet sounding explanations.

11. Focus on the Present and not on the past or future since we have  the power only to construct the present moment.

12. Never think that anything is impossible for the soul. If there is any greatest sin in the world, it is this thought -“I am disabled (weak) or     the other is disabled (weak).”

13. The one who reaches enlightenment never craves for any  worldly object. Check yourself on this yardstick.
14. The one who desire to be free must be ready to do the work of a thousand life-times in this one life.

15. Those great souls that after getting enlightenment, help others achieve the same goal are superior to those who remain quiet and simply live a pure life.

16. Tough times are the ones that make us introspect.  Worldly shocks are the ones that wake us up from a sensuous sleep. Failure/ betrayal in worldly life is what propels the individual to find his true self.

17. So friends wake up to the reality of these words. Stop the idol worship or praying to deities and stone statutes worshiping since the true Lord lies within you as your imperishable soul. Material nature has no power in front of your soul. The three worlds lie beneath your feet. Don’t fear, nothing can destroy your immortal spirit, so awaken to it. The way to cross the world of illusion is Surat-Shabd Yoga. Practice Surat-Shabd Yoga to awaken to your real self. This way you will make real progress. The ones who hesitate will fall behind and the ones who don’t lose courage will find success.

18. Develop your wisdom and tame your mind. Once that is done you have an immensely powerful tool at your command. You will quickly achieve results after that.

19. There is no-one in this world who is immortal, whether a great man or an ordinary man. A great man will also die and an ordinary man will also die.  Time is limited. Spend it first in finding the truth and in discovering your true self,. Only after that spend it on other pursuits.

20. Be faithful to God and follow all the rules of God only then you will be alive. Once you developed your spiritual strength then you can spend part of your life in this materialistic world.