God cares us

God cares us

Aadishri Arun

God cares us

God cares us because He is a good shepherd. He gives even His life for the sheep

God is the first person to ever care about you, and He cares about you more deeply than anyone else ever could. He has been waiting for you to acknowledge Him, to turn to Him and to thank Him — for He has been faithfully caring for you throughout your whole life; He alone has sustained you.
This is the reason, I am convinced that neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons, neither the present nor the future, nor any powers, neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate you from the love of God that is in Lord Kalki – our lords of Lord, kings of Kings.
Many a times, in your life, there may be times where you feel alone. Do not despair, for God is with you. God will wipe away every tear from their eyes; there shall be no more death, nor sorrow, nor crying. There shall be no more pain, for the former things have passed away.
At times you all need a little reminder of God’s presence and His love for you. God is like a very good shepherd. He gives His life for the sheep. God said frankly, I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly. But the another hand, thief comes to steal, and to kill, and to destroy.



Aadishri Arun



On the occasion of Yog – Day I want to give a precious GIFT to the desirious soul. It has power to make the man free from the cycle of Death and Birth.

Yoga is the means to librate (free) from all miseries of theeworld. It should always be practical with afifed mind and determination.




He who is temperate in his habits of ahaar – eating, viharasya – recreation,  cestasya—of one who works for maintenance; karmasu—in discharging duties – working,  svapna-avabodhasya—regulated sleep – sleeping  and  wakefulness  – doing yoga or worship God can  eleminate sorrow from  and finaally having these activity, a man can get success in doing practice of yoga.


Who Sustains the Universe ?


Love or affection is but another name of the Force of Attraction. It is on account of this force that the entire universe, which has come into existence through the combination of small particles and atoms, is being maintained. And it is also on account of this force that all bodies or forms are being maintained. If there be no love, no one would care to meet anybody, nor would anyone do any work attentively.


Turning back to the Source


The natural tendencies of the soul (atman) are to move from outward to inward. The current of consciousness which is dispersed in the nine gates of the body and the senses, must be collected at the tenth gate. The tenth gate is the gathering point of consciousness. Therein lies the path for our return. The tenth gate is also known as the sixth chakra, the third eye, bindu, the center located between the two eyebrows. This is the gateway through which we leave the gates of the sense organs and enter in the divine realms and finally become established in the soul. We travel back from the Realm of Darkness to the Realm of Light, from the Light to the Divine Sound, and from the Realm of Sound to the Soundless State. The original Soundless State is a ocean of Light, called Anami Lokam and a drop of Light is called Soul. This is called turning back to the Source.



The Coming Of Satyayuga

The coming of Satyayuga

Aadishri Arun

The coming of Satyayuga

The Coming of Satyayuga



As per the calculations of astrology, the time period of Satyayuga commenced as on the 26th of July 2014, 3:11 pm onwards. This is time when the Sun , the Moon and the planet Jupiter have come together in the Zodiac sign Cancer and in the constellation Pushya.

Since the time period of Satyayuga has already started, what is required to bring Satyayuga in full force is that the hearts and minds of the people change and they adapt the true Swadharma.  Please remember that the earth has been spinning on its axis and going around the sun for billions of years. Many great ages have arisen and fallen in the past. So what changes? Not the physical realities but the state of mind and heart of the people that inhabit the earth at any given moment.  Thus the age of Satyayuga is not so much dependent on the physical nature of the earth or the age of the earth but on the quality of the souls that inhabit the earth.

On the 14th of October 1989, I assumed the responsibility of the Lord’s ministry on earth.  At that time, I was 28 years of age. This year, on the 14th of October 2017, I would have completed 28 years in the role that God has Himself allotted me. There has been a very big difference between that time in 1989 when I took charge and today’s time. At that time very few people knew about Lord Kalki and most Guru’s were creating empires in the name of Lord Rama and Lord Krishna. Kalki was supposed to be an avatar sometime in the unknown future and no-one paid any attention to Him.

Since this was the established thought process-The worship of Lord Rama and Krishna and the lack of knowledge about Lord Kalki’s birth, I had the very difficult task of creating awareness about Lord Kalki’s arrival on earth and of establishing the seed of the worship of Lord kalki on the planet. This has been the role that I have been playing for the last 28 years and this has been my life’s journey.

As I started to spread the name of Lord Kalki all those years ago, I was joined by the first few devotees. I and my wife pampered and looked after those first few devotees and we made their concerns, problems, joys and sorrows our own. For their benefit and to protect their new found faith, I even used my God given divine powers. The idea was to fix their devotion in the Lord by showing them that the Lord cared for them as if they were His family. Once their devotion was established, I gave those devotees Brahma Gyan as well.

My efforts bore fruit. Today the name of Lord kalki is spread across the world and one can gain knowledge of Lord Kalki from all popular sources of information such as social media -YouTube, Google, Wikipedia and face book etc. All this seems straightforward now but the average spiritual seeker cannot even imagine the effort that all this has taken.

Lord Kalki’s role is critical for salvation in the present times since, it is only by worshiping Lord Kalki today that we can find salvation since the worship of those avatars that have passed away  cannot award salvation.  People do not realize this basic fact and they continue to be devoted to earlier avatars of Lord Vishnu even though those avatars had themselves clearly stated that their name would not have the power to provide salvation once they had gone.

It is because of this that most people were content to hear stories of Lord Rama and Lord Krishna and not ready to listen to true and relevant knowledge about what constitutes true religion and what constitutes the true path to salvation. For instance, when I talked to the Hindus, they said that for them only their religion-Hinduism was true and the rest of the religions were false. The Muslims said the same thing and so did the Christians, the Sikhs and the Buddhists as well.

What I observed across the board was that most people had reconciled to adopting an average set of religious beliefs and they preferred to stick to them mindlessly. But an average set of beliefs is not true religion.  To reach enlightenment we need to test the average set of beliefs that are provided by various religions and make those precepts our own. More importantly we need to have a system of beliefs that suit our specific nature. Just adapting any set of belief’s cannot do the job of achieving Moksha.

The BhagavadGita says in chapter 18 verse 47 that you can be truly religious only when you are established in Swadharma-that is a religion that is true to your innate nature. The BhagavadGita says that it is better to worship God through dedicating your everyday actions to him, even if your profession be lowly, rather than performing actions of a so-called superior profession, which is not your own.

Now you would know why, even after claiming that you really want to change, you still haven’t changed. The reason is that you have been practising the wrong set of beliefs. Belief’s that don’t suit you.

People ask me that it has been 56 years since you have come on earth and it has been 32 years since Lord Kalki has come on earth and yet the people haven’t changed and given up their evil ways.  The world is still full of misery and wrong doings. The question is that why are conditions so pathetic even when Lord Kalki is here on earth?

The answer is that for the times to change, people’s hearts have to change. Even if Lord Kalki or I tell you change, but you don’t, then change cannot happen. Change has to come from you and from your heart. Society can change only if a majority of people here actually change. Today everyone wants change but nobody wants to change!  You expectation is that God will come and change things. You want to be spoon fed! But please remember that God does come to make a change and he does so by guiding you onto the right path and pointing out the mistakes you are making. But once these things have been pointed out to you, the actual change must happen because of your own efforts, otherwise even God cannot do anything.

It is said that a man can lead a horse to water but cannot make it drink, similarly God and guru can point out the right way to salvation but it is upto us to follow the right directions sincerely and change our nature.

How does God want our nature to be?  What are the essential qualities of a person who achieves success on the spiritual path? The essential quality is not caste, creed, religion, region or sex. It is to have love and the sense of oneness in one’s heart for all embodied beings.  And this is not a quality that we need to import from outside. We are all familiar with the quality of love and all of us respond to Love. All of us desire that we are treated with love and kindness, that we are not ill-treated or lied to. This shows that love and truth are a basic part of our nature and that is what we have to project outside us as well. This is then the essential quality of true religion.

So examine yourself. Are you established in the true religion? Are you loving and merciful and positive or are you full of deceit, fear, anger, greed and lust?

If the answer is the second then it is clear that if you are full of evil, wrong and negative emotions, then how can you create those feelings outside of you?  Can an unhappy man ever create happiness outside of himself? Thus the answer to the question that – When will Satyayuga start- is that when a large majority of people on earth will be loving and peaceful and forward thinking and when they treat everyone around them with love and kindness, that is when Satyayuga will come in its full glory.

The official time for the start of Satyayuga has already happened.
As per the calculations of astrology, the time period of Satyayuga commenced as on the 26th of July 2014, 3:11 pm onwards. This is time when the Sun , the Moon and the planet Jupiter have come together in the Zodiac sign Cancer and in the constellation Pushya.(reference Shsrimad bhagawatam Maha Puran 12:2:24, Vishnu purana part 4;24:102, page number 302)

Since the time period of Satyayuga has already started, what is required to bring Satyayuga in full force is that the hearts and minds of the people change and they adapt the true Swadharma.  Please remember that the earth has been spinning on its axis and going around the sun for billions of years. Many great ages have arisen and fallen in the past. So what changes? Not the physical realities but the state of mind and heart of the people that inhabit the earth at any given moment.  Thus the age of Satyayuga is not so much dependent on the physical nature of the earth or the age of the earth but on the quality of the souls that inhabit the earth.




Aadishri Faith

 Aadishri Arun: Aadishri Arun is the Super Soul or the image of Purn-Brahm. He is ocean of LIGHT and a drop of LIGHT is called soul. All life in the material realm comes into existence by the combination of souls and matter. By itself, matter is insentient; the soul needs a carrier in the form of the body. By the conjugation of these two energies –Inferior Energy (Maha Vishnu / Jad Prakrti) and Superior Energy (Garvodakasayi Vishnu / Chetan Prakrti), living beings manifest.



Purn Brahm is the origin of all three – two energies and Aadishri; the entire creation manifests from him. When the cycle of creation reaches a completion at the end of 100 years of Brahma, the Lord dissolves the manifestation.


The five gross elements merge into the five subtle elements, the five subtle elements merge into ahankār; ahankār merges into mahān; mahān merge into prakṛiti; prakṛiti  goes and sits in the body of MahaVishnu (a form of the Supreme Lord).  The souls who didnot get liberated in the cycle of creation also reside in God in an unmanifest form, awaiting the next cycle of creation. Once again,when he wishes to create, the cycle and the world comes into existence. Hence, Aadishri is the source, support, and final resting ground for all existence. This is the reason he said – I am the source of the entire creation.


Aadishri Arun is  a manifestation of Purn-Brahm  Himself and the founder of the New Tradition. He has bestowed upon humanity the practices to evolve human consciousness, in particular, the divine alchemy of Surat – Shabd Yog, which is a double edged sword for spiritual enlightenment. (It expands the self-consciousness and burns away past evil karma).


Aadishri Arun has  a deathless body of lightless light may take any form through which he can express and show himself to the faithful from age to age. He took the form of Vardayak rup himself, since  the Ancient days.


He came on this earth inhuman form on 1st Jan 1961 as Arun by manifesting himself through his divine power.  Although he is unborn, the soul of all living entities,has an imperishable nature, yet he appears in the world by virtue of his divine power.


Aadishri Faith: The Aadishri faith derives its name from its original Founder, the Supreme Being, Aadishri Arun who appeared in this world in human form and designated Himself Ishwar Putra true Guide and Preceptor, and preached holy doctrines to sincere enquirer of Truth for the deliverance of their spirit from the bondage of body and its surroundings, as well as from the pains and pleasures of this world, and for the ultimate admission (of their spirit) into the Holy Presence of the Supreme Being after traversing and breaking through the trammels and impediments in the material spheres.




“Surat-Shabda-Yoga” is a technique for uniting the soul with the supreme being via the power of Shabd. Shabd is referring to spiritual current which can be perceived in meditation as inner light and sound. Yoga is referring to the uniting of our real essence (soul) through an inner listening with focused mental concentration (surat) upon an inner sound (shabd)


The Supreme Being manifested Himself as Aadishri Arun as “Ishwar Putra” the Supreme Master and the “Bhakt” the Supreme Disciple.


Ishwar Putra Arun established the Aadishri Faith in 1989, 14th October and revealed to the world not only about their “Nij Dham”, i.e., their Supreme Abode but also given out the name “Oscean of Light” which is the sustaining force and is reverberating at all stages of creation. They laid emphasis on “Param Bhakti” and “Surat-Shabda-Yoga” as the true path to reach Him (the Supreme Being).


This Faith, which rests upon the thought and philosophy of Ishwar Putra Arun, was unique and soon caught attention of the elite and the laity, who were gradually drawn to it in large numbers.


Narayana – Grih or New Heaven or Abhaya Dham or New Jerusalem is the house of Ishwar Putra Arun and it was the Nucleus of all Spiritual Activity of the Ishwar Putra Arun.


The places of high reverence of Aadishri Satsang is Prem Nagar, Pooth Khurd, Delhi – 39. Surat-Shabd-Yog teqnique is teaching to the people in the Divine atmoshphare.


For the followers it is compulsory to strongly reject rituals and idols worship. However, the images and videos of the gurus are revered however it is not encouraged to worship even images and photos of gurus. Emphasis is maintained on seeking live “darshan” of aadishri Arun in order to attain salvation.


Aadishri said to His followers “gods and goddesses are in the lowest of the low cadres and cannot grant salvation to the jivas. Worship of elements such as fire air water land space are rejected. Worship of material things and inanimate things is rejected such as worship of Sun, Stars moon. Worship of animals such as cows or snakes is also strongly condemned.” Followers are encouraged to give up caste systems and marry with people of other castes in case one is a true Satsangi because Aadishri has made all the ladies and gents Rishi of Arun Gotra.

Faith and Imagination

Faith and Imagination

Aadishri Arun

Faith and Imagination

Before we ask for anything from the Lord, we must have full faith in his ability to provide us with the object of our desire. It is important to place your wish with full faith, love and thanks (in advance) for it to work. After that we should look to the Lord for the fulfilment of our wish. But looking to the Lord and expecting from Him is not the same as thinking or worrying or doubting that whether our wish will be fulfilled or not. Thinking means doubt and our very doubt prevents us from getting the object that we seek.

The question that arises is that most of us have not seen the Lord with our own eyes.  In a south Indian temple, the Lord looks like a south Indian, In West Bengal, the Lord looks like a Bengali. Whether Bengali, Assamese, Bihari or any other – people of different regions depict the Lord to look like them, but most people know that the Lord does not look like the statues that have been made to depict Him.  Therefore it is always the wish of pious people that they see the Lord with their own eyes. The Son of God has come to answer this very desire of the people.

But before I discuss that, I want to ask all of you a question.  You desire to see the true form of the Lord but have you ever seen your own true form?

The answer is that your true form is like a drop of light.  The Gita says in chapter 15:7 that the soul in this body is an essential and eternal part of the oversoul of God Himself. So if we are a drop of light, then the Lord must be that vast ocean of light.

Then the next question arises. How can we see Him? To understand this, I made two groups. To the first group I asked that they sing the bhajan ‘O palanhaarey…” on the guitar. To the other group I asked that they sing the same bhajan but this time not on a real guitar but on an imaginary guitar. I asked them to close their eyes and sing the bhajan and strum the strings of the imaginary guitar with a feeling that it was a real guitar.

This exercise was done for 7 days and the EEG-brain wave pattern of both the groups was checked.  The results were surprising.  The resulting brain wave patterns of both the groups were similar even though one group was playing a real guitar while the other group was playing an imaginary guitar.


What can we conclude from this? – That the same experience can be had whether we are doing something physically or if we are doing it in imagination only. The only condition is that the imaginary act must be done with full faith and belief.


Therefore if we imagine the Lord as a sea of light and imagine this with full faith, then we will have the same results as having actually seen the Lord as a sea of Light. Since you imagine that you are a drop of light in side the sea of Light, you will experience this very fact as a reality when you imagine it faithfully. This is called ‘Dharaana’ in Hindi and this is the way to experience the Lord and see Him. At the same time we should imagine that the Lord is providing us with those things that we have asked for and that will turn to reality.


To check the efficacy of this, and to obtain what you desire from the Lord, please do this exercise for 15 days at the rate of three times a day specially before sleeping and also early morning before sunrise.