Faith and Imagination

Faith and Imagination

Aadishri Arun

Faith and Imagination

Before we ask for anything from the Lord, we must have full faith in his ability to provide us with the object of our desire. It is important to place your wish with full faith, love and thanks (in advance) for it to work. After that we should look to the Lord for the fulfilment of our wish. But looking to the Lord and expecting from Him is not the same as thinking or worrying or doubting that whether our wish will be fulfilled or not. Thinking means doubt and our very doubt prevents us from getting the object that we seek.

The question that arises is that most of us have not seen the Lord with our own eyes.  In a south Indian temple, the Lord looks like a south Indian, In West Bengal, the Lord looks like a Bengali. Whether Bengali, Assamese, Bihari or any other – people of different regions depict the Lord to look like them, but most people know that the Lord does not look like the statues that have been made to depict Him.  Therefore it is always the wish of pious people that they see the Lord with their own eyes. The Son of God has come to answer this very desire of the people.

But before I discuss that, I want to ask all of you a question.  You desire to see the true form of the Lord but have you ever seen your own true form?

The answer is that your true form is like a drop of light.  The Gita says in chapter 15:7 that the soul in this body is an essential and eternal part of the oversoul of God Himself. So if we are a drop of light, then the Lord must be that vast ocean of light.

Then the next question arises. How can we see Him? To understand this, I made two groups. To the first group I asked that they sing the bhajan ‘O palanhaarey…” on the guitar. To the other group I asked that they sing the same bhajan but this time not on a real guitar but on an imaginary guitar. I asked them to close their eyes and sing the bhajan and strum the strings of the imaginary guitar with a feeling that it was a real guitar.

This exercise was done for 7 days and the EEG-brain wave pattern of both the groups was checked.  The results were surprising.  The resulting brain wave patterns of both the groups were similar even though one group was playing a real guitar while the other group was playing an imaginary guitar.


What can we conclude from this? – That the same experience can be had whether we are doing something physically or if we are doing it in imagination only. The only condition is that the imaginary act must be done with full faith and belief.


Therefore if we imagine the Lord as a sea of light and imagine this with full faith, then we will have the same results as having actually seen the Lord as a sea of Light. Since you imagine that you are a drop of light in side the sea of Light, you will experience this very fact as a reality when you imagine it faithfully. This is called ‘Dharaana’ in Hindi and this is the way to experience the Lord and see Him. At the same time we should imagine that the Lord is providing us with those things that we have asked for and that will turn to reality.


To check the efficacy of this, and to obtain what you desire from the Lord, please do this exercise for 15 days at the rate of three times a day specially before sleeping and also early morning before sunrise.

Arrival of Aadishri

Arrival of Aadishri

Arrival of Aadishri

All incarnation used to come on this earth from the 1/4 Soul of Anami Lok  but Aadshri the own image of Purn-Brahm has come down on this earth with  remaing ¾ soul of Anami in the Lords plan.

Aadishri Arun is the Super Soul or the image of Purn-Brahm. He is ocean of LIGHT and a drop of LIGHT is called soul. All life in the material realm comes into existence by the combination of souls and matter. By itself, matter is insentient; the soul needs a carrier in the form of the body. By the conjugation of these two energies –Inferior Energy(Maha Vishnu / Jad Prakrti) and Superior Energy (Garvodakasayi Vishnu / Chetan Prakrti), living beings manifest.







Purn Brahm is the origin of all three – two energies and Aadishri; the entire creation manifests from him. When the cycle of creation reaches a completion at the end of 100 years of Brahma, the Lord dissolves the manifestation. The five gross elements merge into the five subtle elements, the five subtle elements merge into ahankār; ahankār merges into mahān; mahān merge into prakṛiti; prakṛiti  goes and sits in the body of MahaVishnu (a form of the Supreme Lord).  The souls who didnot get liberated in the cycle of creation also reside in God in an unmanifest form, awaiting the next cycle of creation. Once again,when he wishes to create, the cycle and the world comes into existence. Hence, Aadishri is the source, support, and final resting ground for all existence. This is the reason he said – I am the source of the entire creation.

Aadishri Arun is  a manifestation of Purn-Brahm  Himself and the founder of the New Tradition. He has bestowed upon humanity the practices to evolve human consciousness, in particular, the divine alchemy of Surat – Shabd Yog, which is a double edged sword for spiritual enlightenment. (It expands the self-consciousness and burns away past evil karma).

Aadishri Arun has  a deathless body of lightless light may take any form through which he can express and show himself to the faithful from age to age. He took the form of Vardayak rup himself, since  the Ancient days.


He came on this earth inhuman form on 1st Jan 1961 as Arun by manifesting himself through his divine power.  Although he is unborn, the soul of all living entities,has an imperishable nature, yet he appears in the world by virtue of his divine power.


Arun will download Brahm-Gyan on his disciples consciousness. Having thus bestowed  Brahm-Gyan, his disciples will become Brahm-rishi. Hisdisciples will be the devotee of only Supreme Formless Light (Purn-Brahm) and they will go ascend and turn into light to through Sushmna nadi. Shrimad Bhagawatam Maha Puran 10;87:18 prophesied– “अरुण वंश के ऋषि समस्त नाड़ियों के निकलने के स्थान ह्रदय में आपके परम  स्वरुप दहर ब्रह्म की उपासना करते हैं । प्रभो ! ह्रदय से ही आपकोप्राप्त करने का श्रेष्ट मार्ग सुषुम्ना नाड़ीब्रह्मरंध्र तक गयी हुई है। जो पुरुष उस  ज्योतिर्मय मार्ग को प्राप्त कर लेता है और उससे ऊपर की ओर बढ़ता है,वह फिर जन्म-मृत्यु के चक्र में नहीं पड़ता।”

Glorification and its conditions


Glorification and its conditions

Aadishri Arun

Glorification and its conditions

Nature of Glorification:

Glorification is that process by which our essential self, that is trapped in cycles of Sansaar, by its karmic obligations, attains release from the layers of ignorance that have been imposed upon it, birth upon birth. The result of glorification is that this essential self that is covered under layers of illusions, finds freedom.



So great is the burden and so mystifying the illusion that no individual soul can get rid of it on his or her own.  Thus glorification can be provided only by the will and grace of God.



Since glorification can happen when the individual, by his own strivings, gets rid of all illusion, ignorance and sin, it needs a fundamental transformation in the nature of the individual, who has to make life God-centric, instead of world focused. Only then is the soul pure enough to be glorified.


Is Glorification conditional?

Glorification is conditional but not in the way we think.  The moment the word ‘conditional’ comes in, we think of a transaction.  We think that if we pay the costs then we will be able to purchase the desired goal-Glorification in this case.

You cannot purchase Glorification and you cannot treat glorification like a transaction with God. Yet Glorification is conditional on us being worthy of it.  We need to change our nature in a way that we become worthy of Glorification and yet the changes in us must be genuine and not for any ulterior motive.  We cannot be like a child who behaves well simply because he wants a toy.

What happens when there is no fundamental change in our nature? The answer is simple-We cannot be glorified.

People must not ignore these warnings and promises. You cannot live like the devil and expect to meet God. This is not because God demands a set number of holiness points before you can enter heaven. It is simply that you have to fit the place where you want to go to.  Just as a key has to fit the lock that it wants to go into and not the other way around, we have to fit in to the place where we want to reach.

Change is never easy.  It is far easier to live a worldly self indulgent life since that is easy and pleasurable to do in the short term.  It is only later we realize that the pursuit of worldly pleasure is not ultimately satisfying and it is only on that realization that we look for something more.  That is the moment we try to change and become someone worthy of glorification. Our initial efforts are not easy and the path to self change seems difficult. We feel blind walking on a path that is made of principles that are hard to relate to in the beginning.  This is why perseverance is important. Even when the way is not clear we must persist with the teachings. Glorification is the end result of a person who perseveres.

Perseverance means the engagement of our persons in the most intense and concentrated devotion to those means which God has ordained for the achievement of his saving purpose.

7 Conditions for Glorification:

  • Be pure and Holiness should come into you
  • Free from the patterns of willful sin and disobedience
  • To continue in the faith in Lord and not moved away from the hope of the gospel
  • Saving faith loves God and delights in God
  • Trusts in God and hopes in God
  • To save faith of trembles at the thought even in worst time
  • To save themselves fall into sin and backslide


Kalki’s Mission

Kalki’s mission

Aadishri Arun

Kalki's Mission

Lord Kalki is going to fulfil His mission in very short time. He is Lord of lords, God of gods. He has not arrived for only Hindus or only for Christians or only for Muslims or only for Sikh but He has arrived for the whole world and for whole communities, riding on white horse, having with the name of Lord Kalki.
He has manifested Himself and arrived on this earth in 1985 of 2nd May. (Kalki Comes in 1985, 3rd Chapter and Kalki Puran, part – 1, chapter 2 and verse 15)

Right now, He will appear before the people to glorify His such devotees who are following the main 7 conditions i.e. –

(1) Be pure so that Holiness might come into you.
(2) Make free from the patterns of willful sin and disobedience.
(3) To continue in the faith in Lord and not moved away from the hope of the gospel.
(4) Saving faith loves God and delights in God.
(5) Trusts in God and hopes in God.
(6) To save faith of trembling at the thought even in the worst time.
(7) To save themselves falling into sin and backslide.

The Lord Kalki, “Lord of lords, God of gods” is coming very soon to be glorified in His saints. He is the only hope of glory for His devotees. He has not come alone but He has with all His belivers. He is doing His work silently by hiding Himself. He is preparing His devotees to grow the quality of glory for glorificaton by hiding Himself. One day He will unveiled before all men. Others do not know what is going on, and even you as believers do not really understand what is happening but all the genuine children of God will glorified in Lord’s plan by transfiguring their body.
Today you live in a mortal body which is frail, full of sickness, tiredness, weakness and eventually death. But Lord kalki wants to transfigure the body of your humiliation into the body of His glory, a glrious resurrected body like His own.

Bible, Revelation 19:11–16 has prophesied – I saw heaven standing open and there before me was a white horse, whose rider is called Faithful and True. With justice He judges and wages war. His eyes are like blazing fire, and on His head are many crowns. He has a name written on Him that no one knows but He Himself. He is dressed in a robe dipped in blood, and His name is the Word of God. The armies of heaven were following him, riding on white horses and dressed in fine linen, white and clean. Coming out of Mis mouth is a sharp sword with which to strike down the nations. “He will rule them with an iron scepter.” He treads the winepress of the fury of the wrath of God Almighty. On His robe and on His thigh He has this name written.
Scriptures have prophesied that t

he Lord kalki is coming for the following six mission:
(1)to give the protection of Devotees. (Gita 4:8)
(2)to destroy the Evil, Malechchha, Yavanas, Demoniac nature people and Adharma people. (Gita 4:8)
(3) to reestablish the principles of religion. (Gita 4:8)
(4)Lord Kalki is coming to be glorified in His saints and to be marveled at in all those who have believed in that day. (Bible, II Thessalonians 1:10)
(5)He is coming to bring you into glory (Bible, Hebrews 2:10)
(6)Lord Kalki is the Lord of Glory.(Bible, I Corinthians 2:8) At His coming back, on the one hand He will come from the heavens with Glory (Bible, Mathew 25:31), and on the other hand He will be glorifed in His saints. That is His glory will be manifested from within His people, causing their body of humiliation to be transfigured into His glory, conforming it to the body of His glory. (Bible, Philippians 3:21) So that unbeliver might marvel at Him, admire Him, wonder at Him. (Bible, II Thessalonians 1:10)
28th Kali yuga has passed on 26 July 2014 at 03:11 P.M. as the moon, sun and jupiter arrived in pushya nakashtra (pushya constellation), in one rashi (in one zodiacal) in the ascendant. (Shrimad Bhagawatam Maha Puran 12;2:24; Vishnu Puran, Part – 4th, Chapter 24, Verse 102; Maha bharat, Van Parv “kali Dharm and Kalki Avatar” Page No – 311)

Today you live in the end age of the 7th Manvantar, which is the age of grace and the age of the mystery. He will estaablsh His own Dharma “Swadharma” on this earth. He will take a sword on the horseback, just like a king, He will simply go on killing all these non-believers, Godless creatures, malechchhaa and adharma people because He has to bring His devotees, rishi and saptrishi in another yuga “ Satya-yuga”, the golden age of righteousness, i.e. is in 8th Manvantar.
You believe into One to whom you have not seen, heard, touched, or met physically, and yet you love Him, enjoy Him, love to spend time with Him, and believe into Him with all of your heart. This is indeed a mystery.



Aadishri Arun



What is glorification? Glorification is that process by which our essential self, that is trapped in cycles of Sansaar, by its karmic obligations, attains release from the layers of ignorance that have been imposed upon it, birth upon birth. The result of glorification is that this essential self that is covered under layers of illusions, finds freedom.

So great is the burden and so mystifying the illusion that no individual soul can get rid of it on his or her own. Thus Glory can be provided only by the will and grace of God.

Since glorification can happen when the individual, by his own strivings, gets rid of all illusion, ignorance and sin, it needs a fundamental transformation in the nature of the individual, who has to make life God-centric, instead of world focussed. Only then is the soul pure enough to be glorified.

Once an individual is glorified, he becomes the same as Lord Kalki, who is the provider of the Glory. Only Lord Kalki can provide Glory. Glorification is the work that God is doing on all sentient beings and the aim is to take all the chosen people into Glory. By being glorified, we, the individual souls, drop our dependence on our mortal bodies and attain a state of existence where we are eternal.

Glorification is God’s final removal of sin from the life of the saints (i.e., everyone who has to be saved). At Lord’s coming, the Glory of God — His honour, praise, majesty, and holiness—will be realised in us. Instead of being mortals burdened with sinful nature, we will be changed into holy immortals with direct and unhindered access to God’s presence, and we will enjoy Holy Communion with Him throughout eternity. In considering Glory, we should focus on Lord Kalki, for He is ever there for those obedient devotees who have unconditional love for God. The goal of believing in the Lord is not merely the receiving of forgiveness of sins, but even more it is the obtaining of eternal life. The forgiveness of sins is only a procedure; it is not the goal. But it is only by the forgiveness of sins that God can give His eternal life to us. When this eternal life is put into us, we have an organic union with Lord Kalki.

Final Glorification must await the manifestation of the glory of our great God and Saviour Lord Kalki. Until He destroys Adharma-unrighteousness, we are all burdened with sin, and our spiritual vision is distorted because of this curse.

How and when will we be finally glorified? At the last trumpet, when Lord Kalki appeared, all saints will undergo a fundamental, instant transformation. We shall all be changed, in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye. Lest anyone imagine that this beholding and transformation (as part of sanctification) is the work of especially saintly people, the Scriptures add the following bit of information: “For this comes from the Lord who is the Spirit.” In other words, it is a blessing bestowed on every believer.