Life Phase of Lord Kalki

Life Phase of Lord Kalki

Ishwar Putra Arun



 Arrival of Lord Kalki was the divine secret. Thus a divine house was built beside the PEEPAL TREE (Aswatha Tree) near Yamuna river at Bengali-ghat in Vrindavanam (closer to Mathura). An ordinary boy had not to take birth but Lord had to appear at that place. Thus Vishnu yasha and his wife Sumati was placed in that house before the arrival of Lord Kalki by Swami Jagdishwaranand ji from his Ashram. If in Ashram Vishnu Yasa lives, Lord’s appearance in Kalki Avatar form was not possible because many people were there to live and it was the common place for the arrival of the people. There in Ashram secrecy of Avatar cannot be maintained by Jagdishweranand ji and by his people for appointed time. Lord wanted to keep Himself secret and He wanted to live by hiding Himself (Shrimad Bhagawatam Maha Puran 7;9:38), thus Ashram was not suitable living-place for Him. Peepal tree was a divine tree (it being divine tree) He likes His staying place under the tree. It had two reasons (i) Peepal tree breathes out oxygen at night and other trees breathes out carbon-di-oxide at night. Thus for good health, rich oxygen is essential to breathe in. (ii) Peepal tree is full of satvagun but other trees is full of Tamo gun and Lord’s presence is possible among the Satvagun only. Lord did not born like a human being but He appeared in four arms with bearing conch, discus, mace and lotus.


Brahmaji soon realizing (knowing) that Lord Vishnu is incarnate on the earth, told his fast moving votary wind: Go to the delivery room and there (awaken Lord Vishnu and) say to Him – this your form of four arms is rare to be seen even by gods, ‘O Lord! Knowing this, kindly assume the form of a common man with two arms. Having heard these words of Brahma, the fragrant, cool and pleasing wind soon went there and told Him (Vishnu) what Brahma had instructed. After listening to the message of Brahma, the Lotus eyed (four armed Vishnu) at once became infant with two arms. (Kalki Puran 1;2:18-21) His garland, conch, discus, mace and lotus etc disappeared but His red-colour clothes did not disappear. Kalki Puran 1;2:16 says – “Goddess Ambika cut the umbilical cord (naval cord)” but Prashuramji said – Since He did not take birth but appeared thus He had no navel-cord (umbilical cord) like human being to cut. As Vaman Avatar appeared, Kashyapa had given Him initiated in the pious sacrament of wearing of sacred thread, similarly as Lord Kalki arrived he grew up in short time as the moon increases in bright fortnight. (Kalki Puran 1;2:32)

He did not take to grow five years of time to go to Guru-Ashram like an ordinary man. Later Vishnuyasa told his lotus-eyed son Kalki who was the abode of all virtues, sober, solemn and interested in studies – I shall get you initiated in the pious sacrament of wearing of sacred thread, called Brahma Sanskara and to the recitation of sacred hymn Gayatri and then you will be entitled to study the Vedas. (Kalki Puran 1;2:34-35) Lord Kalki did not take time of five years to be a student for studying like a human being but immediately He grew up to study. Since, He arrived in 12th day of bright fortnight (Sukla Paksh) in the month of Vaishakha, (Kalki Puran 1;2:15). Prashuram, Kripacharya, Vyasa, Asvatthama came to see Hari who was born an infant by assuming the form of mendicants. (Kalki Puran 1;2:25) Both two witnesses also saw His Baal-Rupam. Secondly, Kalki name was heard through Puranas and forefather.

Kalki ji removed off His hair, all of sudden, Maharshi Diptiman arrived there through sky-ways. He consecrated Him with Vedic hymns (mantras) with sacred thread. (Kalki Puran 1;2:48) He (Maharshi Diptiman) initiated in the pious sacrament of wearing of sacred thread, called Brahma Sanskara and to the recitation of sacred hymn Gayatri. He gave teaching – “Satyam vada, dharma chara. Swadhayayanma pramada”. Vishnuyasa was thinking that Diptiman will give Him teaching but he did not do. He told your kulguru Prashuramji will give Him teaching. He will come and he will take Him to Ashram to study. Thus wait for his arrival. Kalki does not need of the teaching of Vedas, He remembered the text of shruti. He has arrived on this earth for certain purpose for that He requires that type of teaching. It is only possible by Prashuram. In the mean time, Prashuram arrived and both of them went to Mahendra hill through sky-ways. Lord kalkiused eight divine power in the child-hood. This activity did not show in the period of any Avatar in child-hood. Prashuram did not tell to Vishnuyasa about the period of completing the teaching of Kalkiji.

Student Life Of Lord Kalki

 The student life of Lord Kalki had started very soon,after taking Avatar.Because He did not take time to grow 5 years of time to go to Guru-Ashram like an ordinary man. Lord did not born like a human being but He appeared in four arms with bearing conch, discus, mace & lotus.

His garland,conch,discus,mace & lotus etc disappeared but His red-colour clothes did not disappear. Kalki Puran 1;2:16 says–Goddess Ambika cut the umbilical cord (naval cord) but Prashuramji said – Since He did not take birth but arrived thus He had no navel-cord (umbilical cord) like human being to cut. As Vaman Avatar appeard,Kashyapa had given Him initiated in the pious sacrament of wearing of sacred thread, similarly as Lord Kalki arrived and he grew up in short time as the moon increases in bright fortnight. (Kalki Puran 1;2:32)

By using eight divine powers, Lord Kalki went to Mahendra hill with Prasuram through Air-ways after completing the upanayan sanskaram. The returning time of Lord Kalki had not been fixed from the Ashram of Prasuram ji. Dipteeman narrated to Vishnuyasa the purpose of the arrival of the child Kalki on this earth. Kalki ji had used eight divine powers in His childhood. Lord did not use eight divine powers in childhood in other yugas. First time in Kali yuga only, He (Avatar form of Lord) used eight divine powers in His childhood. Being a child, He cannot travel the certain very long distance on foot (that was between the Sambhalgram & Mahender hill) without using divine power. First of all Prashuram ji gave Him duty to serve the kamdhenu cow. He again narrated to Kalki ji – you have to do much destruction work. I had destroyed 21st times of Kshatrya on this earth and you must do greater destruction work than me. Thus he told Him to drink milk of Kamdhenu cow because He drank not sufficient mother’s milk.

In the end of Dwapara yuga, Prashuram ji had given chance to Lord Krishna & Balaram ji to drink milk of Kamdhenu cow. In this kaliyga too, Prashuram ji ordered to Lord Kalki to drink the milk of Kamdhenu cow daily. He taught Him gently– Kamdhenu cow-milk will give you everlasting strength for physical body and at the same time it would provide you un-destructed power. While you start your work you will not get time to take even food also. Thus you must drink kamdhenu cow-milk every day. Your work is to serve kamdhenu cow and its milk will give you good physical strength. Lord Kalki started to serve the kamdhenu cow carefully to follow His guru’s advice. He used to sleep beside the kamdhenu cow at night by lighting the earthen-candle of Ghee. He used to get up before sun rise. By getting up, He used to do pranam to kamdhenu cow and then He used to take permission to do His daily work. He used to worship her by taking bath by offering water and flowers then he begin to clean the shed. Prashuram ji drank milk some times (not always) at the request of Kalki ji. Calf was also with kamdhenu cow. Kamdhenu cow was not bound with the help of roap. She went to graze grass herself in the morning and Lord Kalki had to follow her only. Lord used to take care and keep off flies from her body. He did not asked from His guru when His teaching will start? He was serving the Kamdhenu cow with great interest. One day kamdhenu cow spoke suddenly, “I am satisfied with you. Thus I shall give you blessing. What is your desire?” Lord kalki requested her gently by doing pranam – “I want to have your love only, I need not anything else.” She replied in the affirmative and said your all (Lord) desires will fulfill.” Then Prasuramji planned to teach Him in suitable time successfully.

Before giving teaching, Prasuram ji took test of Lord Kalki. In the test he gave Him his tron to bear. If He does not bear it, Prasuram was not ready to teach Him. After bearing tron, Prasuram ji decided to give Him education. In Treta yuga too, Prasuram took test of Lord Rama to bear the Tron. The same test was taken in Kali yuga also for Lord Kalki. Kalki was the first student who had no weapon with Him. So Prasuramji had to arrange weapon for Lord Kalki. For arranging weapon, Prashuram ji went to heaven. He arranged weapons for Him personally. Lord Kalki ji was a brilliant student of Prashuram ji. Indication was enough to learn for Lord Kalki. He never did practice for aim at certain point for attaining the goal for using the arrow

In first time, He took aim successfully and used arrow to achieve the goal for moving – non moving, big-small and smallest, direct, indirect, visible, invisible objects. In this way, He got success in taking aim into the position of running, sitting, laying, walking etc. Prashuram ji gave Him divine weapon without any hesitation and taught Him in what condition He should use the divine weapon. He got training in detail how to use weapon and how to return it back? Prashuram ji taught to Lord Kalki how to fight in battle field and said – In the battle field, consontration is one of the most important thing to win the battle. Physical strength does not play a big role. In battle field, Physical strength has very less role to win the battle. Corrage and to keep the body safe are the two main elements of fighting the battle to win. Those who are mean fellow, you must give chance to attack first but not to give forgiveness to evil or weacked fellow (Atatai) because it is a sin to give them forgiveness. Karna was also a mean fellow because he was fighting battle with Kaurava for winning (others) kingdom & wealth of Pandava. Thus in dwapara yuga also, Lord Kirshna ordered to Arjuna to kill the Karna with divine weapon because he was a mean fellow (Atatai) and advised him not to forgive him whether he is weaponless. If you forgive him it will be a great sin. Prasuram ji again said – “I have given you the following weapons to use these are as below: Agniastra, Varunastra, Vamvyastra’ Parvatastra, Bajrastra, Brahmastra etc and taught Him how to take it back.

He taught Him how to break the chakrabyuha by one person? How to attack and how to save Himself while entangled among the enemies he taught to Lord Kalkiji? Lastly Prashuram ji said now I shall give you training mouth to mouth only and he followed accordingly. Prashuram ji said – Presently, on this earth wicked fellow have no divine transportation thus no one will come before you as an obstructer. Only Asuras will come to fight against you. If Asuras come to fight against you then use the divine weapons without fail to kill them and for this not allow the any hesitation in your mind.

In the last Prashuram ji asked to give fee-offer (gurudakskina). Lord Kalki asked him what objects He must offer to do satisfy him. Prashuram ji replied Him and again said – “You having received lore and learning from me, divine weapons and Suka (Parrot) well-versed in knowledge from Lord Shiva and Your beloved Padma from Sinhala countr, will establish righteousness (Dharma) and virtue on the earth. Then You, on the mission of the conquest of all directions, will capture and crush all kings, devoid of virtue, loved by kali or lovers of kali and Bodhas and will enthrone and establish Devapi and Maru as kings on the earth. We will then be satisfied by Your righteous heroic deeds and these valorous executions of Yours will be proper fee-offering for us from You because thereafter, we will freely and appropriately perform sacrifices, charity, penances and other good acts. According to the advice of Prashuram ji, He started worshiping to Lord Shiva. He satisfied him. (Kalki Puran 1;3:12) Lord Shiva told Him –“O! Kalkiji, You receive as being given to You by me this Garuda-horse (of speed of Garuda), capable of assuming various form and able to go where it wishes and also this parrot, who knows every thing. You will henceforth be praised by people as proficient in all scriptures, efficient in the use of weapons, fully conversant with all the Vedas along with their meanings and the subdue of all beings. Please receive this mighty Ratnasaru sword whose handle is studded with jewels, bright and radient, which will relieve earth from the weight of burden of sin.”(Kalki Puran 1;3:25-27)Prashuram ji asked to Lord Kalki – “ I want to give You Your desired-weapon thus tell me what kind of weapon will You like ?” Lord Kalki raised karwal of wood in His hand. But wood – karwal was for His teaching. Karwal weapon was not with Prashuram ji. Karwal is the weapon of eight-armed Devi Drga. Thus Prashuramji taught Him how to please eight-armed Devi Durga? “ Lord Kalki followed accordingly.

He started prayer on Mahendra hill to please eight-armed Devi Drga. At the mid-night of Kartika Krishna chturdashi tithi, while He was alone She appeared before Him in the form of Bhadra Kali chamunda. Lord Kalki bowed His head before her. She gave Him divine Karwal (it was brighting as light). According to her advice Lord Kalki kept it in right side of back (beside navel). Now gradually it began to morning and darkness were disappearing. Prashuram ji called Him to offer the water to lord Sun in Brahma-muhurt. Lord Kalki followed accordingly. After completing His teachings He warned the whole world and Tsonami appeared. Then He came to meet with His parents first. Again He went to Sinhala country (Shri Lanka) for receiving His wife. He was married with Padmawati of Singhal Desham near karumati city situated on the bank of Arni-river. His marriage was completed on 4th Nov and the same day both of them came in Gujarat. Both of them got blessing of Her mother and went to perform other work to complete for fulfilling the demand of fee-offering by His Guru Prashuram ji. He is completing His work on this earth for giving gurudakshina (fee-offering) by hiding Himself. After that He will appear before the people. His work is very difficult. He has to hiding Himself and at the same time He will keep His promise to whom He had given to Prashuramji. Kamdhenu cow brings milk and fruits to eat for Him. Whole day the Lord does destruction work in the form of light and in evening He comes in GOCHAR-FORM (human-form) and takes rest. His difficult work is to destroy the wicked people or Malechha people completely. By cleaning the earth He has to establish Dharma and being fourth parth of Dharma, Satyayuga will start. Lord Kalki has to travel and He has to destroy completely the wicked or Malechha people from the whole world. Thus it is very – very difficult work for any one.

Youth Life (Yuva Roopam) Of Lord Kalki

Lord Kalki finished His education in the Ashram of Guru Prashuram at Mahendra Hill. After completing the education, Lord Kalki requested His Guru – O glorious one! Now tell Me your most cherished fee offering which I have to offer to you That may please and satisfy you and by giving it to you, I may achieve full all round success. (KalkiPuran 1:3:7) At His request guru Prashuram ji replied – ‘O Supreme One! You were praised and beseeched by god Brahma to capture and vanquish kali. You are incarnate Lord Vishnu, the refuge of all, complete in yourself and now are born as a man at Sambhala Gram. You having receive lore and learning from me, divine weapons and Suka (Parrot) well-versed in knowledge from Lord Shiva and your beloved Padma from Sinhala country, will establish righteousness and virtue on the earth. (Kalki Puran 1;3:8-9) Kalki, having listened to these words of his preceptor Parashurama, bowed before him reverentially, and thereafter propitiated Lord Shanker, who is worshipped with the leaves of Bilva tree and water. (Kalki Puran 1;3:12) Having heard His eulogy from the mouth of Kalki, the mighty, omniscient Shiva along with his consort Parvati addressed Him with smile. He happily touched Kalki’s all limbs with his hand and then told Him; ‘O dearest one! Ask and get from me Your desired boon. Those who recite on the earth this praise composed by you, all their wishes will be fulfilled here and hereafter (in this and the other world).

The student reciting and listening to this praise will become proficient in lore and learning, the one desirous of righteousness will achieve it and the one entertaining wishes will get them gratified. ‘O Kalki! You receive as being given to you by me this Garuda-horse (of speed of Garuda), capable of assuming various forms and able to go where it wishes and also this parrot, who knows everything. You will henceforth be praised by people as proficient in all scriptures, efficient in the use of weapons, fully conversant with all the Vedas along with their meanings and the subdue of all beings. Please receive this mighty Ratnasaru sword whose handle is studded with jewels, bright and radiant, which will relieve earth from the weight of burden of sin. Having listened to this word, Kalki bowed to the Lord of Lords, God Shiva. Then riding the horse, He speedily reached Shambhala Gram. He paid respect to His father, mother and brothers according to the tradition and then told them all that Prashurama, the son of Jamadagni, had said to Him. The most lustrous Kalki also told them about the boon He received from God Shiva and related other good happy tales to His kinsmen, rejoicing with them. His kinsmen, Gargya, Bhargya and Visala, etc., were very happy to hear the events narrated by Kalki. Later on the residents of Shambhala Gram also discussed and talked the events narrated by Kalki. This talk of the residents of Shambhala Gram reached the King Vishakhayupa also and listening to it, he realized that Hari is now incarnate and is on the earth to crush kali. He noticed that in his town, Mahismati, people of all castes – Brahmans, Kshatriyas, Vaishyas and Shudras were now changed, were engaged in performing sacrifices and other good deeds, charity, penances and fasts and all had become the devotees of Hari (or Hari loved all). In the mean time

Shri Kalki riding His victorious horse (given by Shiva) and holding in hands his lustrous sword and equipped with bow along with arrows, came out of the town. King Vishakhayupa, who was loved by virtuous person, went to see kalki, who was the part of Hari and was incarnated at Shambhala Gram. Then the king witnessed Kalki shining brightly surrounded by His kinsmen, named Gargya, Bhargya and Vishala, etc., and persons named Kavi, Prajana and Sumanta walking in His front. Kalki amidst them looked like a moon in the middle of the cluster of stars or like the god Indra sitting on his divine horse, Ucchaisravas surrounded by gods. (Kalki Puran 1;3:21-33 and 36-39)

On 4th April 2006 Lord Kalki got marry with


in Shri Lanka (Sinhala desham) Same day both of them came to Gujarat to meet His mother Sumati. Padma is the daughter of Briihadratha. She was born from the womb of Koumudi. (Kalki Puran 1;2:6). In future, after finishing the battle with evil-doers, He (Lord Kalki) will marry with Rama the daughter of Shashidhwaja, and Sushanta will be the mother of Rama. (Kalki rPuan 3;10:23-34)

Destroyer Form (Destroyer Roopam) Of Lord Kalki

After finishing His teachings, Lord Kalki warned the whole world and Tsonami appeared. First time He did the judgement of certain people through water. The water of sea came out on the earth and it carried away the body of people in the sea for judgement on mass level. After doing judgement He returned back their dead body to the world. The work of Youth-form (Yuva-Form) of LordKalki starts from the work of judgement.

First of all LORD KALKI came in NEW HEAVEN (Abhaya dham) in 29th Nov 2005. He was in light form. He stayed with us whole night. As He arrived sound of water, OM & conch appeared and it continued whole night. In the morning it disappeared. Then He came to meet with His parents first. Again He went to Sinhala country (Shri Lanka) for receiving His wife. He got marry with Padmawati of Singhal country near karumati city situated on the bank of Arni-river. His marriage was completed on 4th April 2006 and the same day both of them came to Gujarat. His mother opened her mouth to speak after 14 years. Till 14 years she did not speak even a little. People knew its reason she was on maun-vrat.

On 4th April’ 2006 she arranged a very big programme and invited all the people and saints. In that meeting she decleared the Lord Kalki but again she kept it secret because Lord’s had not completed the work of repaying the fee-offering (gurudakshina) to His Guru. Thus by hiding Himself Lord Kalki had to do finish this work on time. Thus the day of 4thApril 2006 was joyable day for the Lord’s devotees. Both of them got blessing of mother and went to perform the other next work to complete for fulfilling the demand of fee-offering as He promised to His Guru Prashuram ji. Lord Kalki is very short temper. The nature of Lord Kalki is not calm. Any time He may angry, any time He can use any Divine weapon (Divyastra). He does not learn to ignore the bad activities of the people, evil work of people, manner less people etc. This was the reason Prashuramji requested Him to keep Himself calm. At the time of weapon training, Lord Kalki did not show His interest for Chariot-war. He liked Karwal and got it. Thus this weapon is not suitable for Chariot-war. Only divine horse is suitable with this weapon. Secondly, by chariot it was not suitable to travel the whole world to destroy the wicked people or evil minded people. It will take much time and Lord Kalki has very less time to establish the Dharma. So to fulfill the mission of establishing Dharma, only divine horse was suitable. But Divine horse was of demi-god Indra.

Before providing Divine Horse to Lord Kalki a meeting of Devas was called in Amarawati. In that meeting Sukra (Venus), Varun dev, Guru of Devas Vrihaspati (Jupiter), chandrama (Moon), king Indra etc. were presented. The final decision of Guru Vrihaspati (Jupiter) was to give divine horse Uchchaishrva-Horse of Indra to Lord Kalki. It will be suitable for Him to establish Satyayuga on the earth. So divine horse of demi-god Indra presented by Lord Shiva. Its name is Garuda-Horse, but the people of Dev-loka is called Uchchaishrva-Horse. (Kalki Puran1;3:25) Since this Horse is given by devas thus it is called Devdatta -hourse or divine-Horse mentioned in Shrimad Bhagawatam Maha Puran (English Medium) 12;2:18-19. Uchchaishrva-Horse was not an ordinary horse. It was color in white, its ears are in black color. No one needs to bring it near Lord Kalki. The order of the king Indra was sufficient for it to go anywhere. It can go alone at certain required place at the order of king Indra. Thus at the order of king Indra the divine horse Uchchaishrva-Horse came near Lord Kalki to use according to His will. It was very tall. It was taller than Lord Kalki. The mother of Lord Kalki gave to eat Gud (sweet) prepared by sugarcane. Uchchaishrva –Horse does not feel hungry & thirsty or it does not feel tired. It has no hesitation to run on the earth. Now there is no problem at all to perform the destruction work.

Lord Kalki began to start His mission in easy way. Both of them do not take rest in day time. Only at night both of them stay for taking rest on the bank of stream River/Lake. Again early in the morning after taking bath both of them starts their work of full devotion to establish Satyayuga. Lord Kalki converts Himself in light form. Thus no one attacks on Him. He wore to destroy only by using His spirit. He is not destroying by His sword but the people’s mind attract by His spirit to destroy each other. He uses MOHINI-WEAPON (SAMMOHAN-WEAPON) to destroy the people. In Treta yuga too, Lord Rama used MOHINI-WEAPON to destroy Khar-Dushan and his armies. Lord Rama did not fight with Khar-Dushan and his armies but all of them began to see Lord Rama in each other and each of them killed each other by understanding his enemy Lord Rama. Some times Uchchaishrva-Horse runs on the earth and some times it flies in sky. At the time of sunset Lord Kalki stays near clean water or near a stream or near a lake. Divine horse and Lord Kalki takes bath in the certain stream. Every day Kamdhenu cow brings fruits and milk to eat for Lord. Lord Kalki sleeps on the open ground at night. Uchchaishrva-Horse began to graze grass itself. Divine horse does not sit even a little. It seems it does not know how to sit. While the day breaks, Uchchaishrva-Horse brings Lord Kalki at certain desired town or village. Every day the same works starts without break and stays at any stream bank. Lord Kalki accepted to clean the land of India Himself. Ashwathama and Kripacharya both of them started their journey to do destruction work in other place than India. The anger of Ashwathama is increasing day by day. He tells I shall clean the earth from evil minded people and mlechcha people or evil-doers completely. Seeing the dying people, Kripacharya became unhappy thus he tried to control over the destruction work of Ashwathama but invain. Day by day, the anger of Ashwathama is increasing not decreasing. Ashwathama uses mostly Fire missile (Agnaiyastra) to destroy the people. He does not understand the language of other countries. But by walking all around the countries, he is engaged in destroying like fire.

The main work of the Lord Kalki is to kill the wicked people and evil minded people and malechcha people. Lord Himself managing every thing to fulfill the mission. Ashwathama said – “Lord Kalki will not think to clean the western country. I am sufficient for it.” After the Mahabharata war Ashwathama had raised his weapon to destroy the people. But Kripacharya is with him because Ashwathama is the son of his own sister. Ashwathama needs a person to control over his anger and he does not listen even a little of any one. He follows only the advice of Kripacharya. Ashwathama told to Lord Kalki – my heart is full anger like burning fire to take revenge. Because Arjuna had taken Mani and he kept off me out from the ashram by abusing me at the time of Dwapara yuga. I opposed of this behavior but Lord Krishna made me fail to take revenge and at the same time He cursed me for 5000 years. I am wandering alone forest to forest thus I hate people on this earth. I shall destroy each and every people. Ashwathama cannot die because the god Shiva offered him a gift of EVERLASTING LIFE (he cannot die) at the worshipping (at the TAPA) of his father Dronacharya. After knowing the activities of Ashwatthama Lord Kalki selected him in His (Lord) armies to fight the battle. The reason is obvious. After using Brahmastra by Ashwathama and Arjuna at each other, Ved Vyasa ji ordered them to take this weapon back. Arjuna took it back but Ashwathama did not take it back because he had no knowledge how to take it back? He can change its direction. Doing so, it destroyed the pregnancy of Uttra, the last vansa of Pandava. But Lord Krishna gave the child’s life again to keep His promise. At this wonderful deeds of Lord Krishna he promised to Lord Krishna “ Now in human being I shall live with you only.”

Ashwathama has no ability to live with Lord Kalki but still he is with Lord Kalki and he is in His armies.” (Mahabharat, Sauptik Parv, Chapter Use of Brahmastra by Ashwatthama and Arjuna at each other…….) Ashwatthama had not felt guilty at his deeds in Dwapara time yet he committed many mistake to whom was not forgiven. He has a lot of divine weapons, a lot of missiles to destroy the whole world. Any time he can bring any destruction on this earth. Thus to control over him Kripacharya is doing his duty honestly. He promised to Lord Kalki – “I will not destroy the India but both of us (Kripacharya & Ashwatthama) will clean the earth from malechcha people, evil-doers and evil minded people. We have no need of any transportation thing like horse or chariot or any modern means of transportation but we shall travel by sky-ways.

The Highest Reality

The Highest Reality



The Highest Reality

The Highest Reality – According to AADISHRI ARUN, the highest God or Supreme Being is Sat Purush – AADISHRI ARUN. He is the highest reality, higher than Brahman, Allah and the God of Christianity and Judaism. There is no scripture or religion that describes him adequately. He belongs to the highest region while the scriptures, religions, incarnations and gods mentioned above come from lower regions. He is the highest reality. All the worlds are manifested by Him through a gradual succession of planes which are called Grand Regions. His state prior to creation is the supreme state of ‘Shunya’-which is soundless self. Upon waking up from this state He produced a divine current (Shabd), from which emerged different regions, gods, beings and objects.

These can be classified in four categories called Four Grand Regions. The Highest or fourth grand region is called Chaitanya Desh/Avinashi Lok or the Peaceful Region. In it located Aadishripad, Agamlok, Alakhlok and Satlok. These are pure spiritual worlds of light, love, bliss and peace. They are not subject to dissolution.

This is from where Kaal is a manifest by this Supreme Being. Kaal has both mind and matter. His spiritual energy is known as Adya. Kaal creates both the third and the second grand regions. The third region is a combination of spirit and subtle matter where the spirit is predominating while the second is a combination of matter and spirit where matter is predominating. Using his spiritual energy, Kaal transforms himself into Niranjan and Jyoti and created the third Grand Region known as And-Desh. It has three sub-regions of Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh. Then he created the second Grand Region known as Brahmand, using his Adya and Akshar Purush (latent spiritual energy). This region is a combination of spirit, mind and pure matter (Maya). It has three sub-regions, Sunya, Trikuti and Sahasdal Kanwal.It is pervaded by the Universal Mind and is qualified by the Five tattvas (principles) and three gunas (qualities). Finally Kaal creates Pind-Desh or the First Grand Region. It is the material and physical world with a nerve centre and nine apertures in which is encased the Surat (the Soul or the spirit entity). In this world the soul is deeply enmeshed in matter and the only way it can escape from there is through the help of Guru and by finding the flow of shabd or divine current.

In 20th Century,  Aadishri Arun brought Spiritual Movement


In 20th Century,  Aadishri Arun brought Spiritual Movement


In 20th Century, Aadishri Arun brought Spiritual Movement

In 20th Century,  Aadishri Arun brought Spiritual Movement– In 20th century, place Pooth Khurd, Delhi – 110039, India, AADISHRI ARUN appeared in the form of spiritual movement. His teaching brought a revolution in the field of God realization and is considered by adherents as a true way for attaining the God.

The Philosophy and teachings of Aadishri Arun are based on the Anaami-the formless nature of God who creates the universe through his first born – Aadishri. It also can be interpreted to mean the Master Soul who guides the disciple to higher states of consciousness.

Man must know where he is going; Light and Sound are both a necessity to know where you are going, and the Sound will be dragging you like anything. You do not know where you are going, so both things should be developed. Sound Principle is the guiding principle. Those who take up only Light, they may be enveloped by Light, but do not know where to go further. The Sound Principle guides there. Both things go hand in hand.

 You should listen closely whether any higher Sound is coming, and while listening closely, repetition of the five names should not be done. You will have more Sounds than one, but you have to stick to that of a big bell, a conch, a shell, thunder, drum-beat, a violin (Saarangi) and the flute, which are the higher types of Sounds and leave all the rest.

As regards the Sound of Veena, it somewhat resembles the sound of the instrument which the snake-charmers use to play to catch the snakes. Its tune resembles that of a flute – the difference is that the sound of the flute is shrill compared with that of the Veena – just as the sound of a violin is shrill when compared with that of the flute – and the Sound grows more in volume and thicker and continuous as the soul traverses higher. It is a continuous Sound resembling that of a bagpipe. When you listen to the Sound you are not to follow it to trace out its source of emanation, as in that way it fades out. You should simply keep on listening at your eye-focus with rapt attention. It will draw closer, grow stronger, and ultimately come from above. As for hearing the Sound Current, you will please put in equal time for that soon after your sitting for withdrawal. If, however, this is not possible, you may devote time separately for each practice.