A brief  summary of Surat Shabd Yoga


AADISHRI ARUN : Man must know where he is going; Light and Sound are both a necessity to know where you are going, and the Sound will be dragging you like anything. You do not know where you are going, so both things should be developed. Sound Principle is the guiding principle. Those who take up only Light, they may be enveloped by Light, but do not know where to go further. The Sound Principle guides there. Both things go hand in hand.

 You should listen closely whether any higher Sound is coming, and while listening closely, repetition of the five names should not be done. You will have more Sounds than one, but you have to stick to that of a big bell, a conch, a shell, thunder, drum-beat, a violin (Saarangi) and the flute, which are the higher types of Sounds and leave all the rest.

As regards the Sound of Veena, it somewhat resembles the sound of the instrument which the snake-charmers use to play to catch the snakes. Its tune resembles that of a flute – the difference is that the sound of the flute is shrill compared with that of the Veena – just as the sound of a violin is shrill when compared with that of the flute – and the Sound grows more in volume and thicker and continuous as the soul traverses higher. It is a continuous Sound resembling that of a bagpipe. When you listen to the Sound you are not to follow it to trace out its source of emanation, as in that way it fades out. You should simply keep on listening at your eye-focus with rapt attention. It will draw closer, grow stronger, and ultimately come from above. As for hearing the Sound Current, you will please put in equal time for that soon after your sitting for withdrawal. If, however, this is not possible, you may devote time separately for each practice.

Kalki Maha Avatar cannot be confined in any particular religion

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Kalki Avatar  has not come for one particular religion. He is for Hindu, He is for Islamic people, He is for Christian and at the same time He is for Shikh also. There is no god except Him. One is He, no partner hath He. Exalted is He alone, and praise be to Lord Kalki only, and there is no deity except Lord Kalki, and Lord Kalki is the Greatest. And there is no might nor power except in Lord Kalki, the Most High, the Most Great. He gives life and causes death, and He is Living, who will not die, never. He of Majesty and Munificence. Within His Hand is (all) good. And He is, upon everything, Able (to exert His Will).



What is the meaning of  AADISHRI ARUN?

The term Aadishri means the following-‘An exalted dignitary  or someone who is famous and distinguished.  Aadishri also means the first born and that indicates the ‘Son of God’.

Arun on the other hand means ‘Light’ or the ‘Sun’

Thus the combination means that an exalted dignitary full of light and the Son of God.

Length of name (AADISHRI) – 8 letters

Birth Star – Sun

Rashi – Mesh

Zodiac Sign – Aries

Nakshtra – Krithika

AADISHRI -the first born-took the shape and  form of Light in Arun. The Philosophy and teachings of Arun are based on the Anaami-the formless nature of God who creates the universe through his first born-Aadishri. This philosophy does not differentiate between any embodied being  and considers all beings to be having the same soul irrespective of caste, creed, religion or sex or species.


Surrendering to God is the wise step


AADISHRI: When you think about, “surrendering to God,” you usually think in terms of letting God do what He wants with a situation that you may be undergoing at the present moment. This is certainly good – for most often God does use situations to bring you to surrender. However, if you limit surrender to your situation, you are liable to miss the point.
God wants you to surrender to a situation. But more than this, God wants you to surrender yourselves. Yet it is important for you to grasp the meaning of surrendering yourselves. For again, you often think that this means, “Well, I will die to myself and put aside what I want in this thing, and allow God to do as He pleases.” Again – this is good. But it still is not the real issue.
To surrender myself to God means this: I will let God do in me whatever is necessary to get Himself glory, and whatever is necessary to make me into the person He is after. I hope you see that this is much different that surrendering a situation to God. What I am talking about here is more than surrendering THINGS to God, and then standing back and letting Him work. No. I am talking about surrendering MYSELF to God. There is no standing back. And there is no simple, so-called “cooperation with God.” Rather, the whole issue is my relationship with God. I – my whole self – am falling into His hands so that He can make ME BE what He wants through the current situation.
All of you are passing through rough times. And there are times when everything around you is so bad that it seems impossible for your life to go back the way it was. But even during those times, if you put your trust in the Lord God Kalki, He will rescue you in a miraculous way and grant you peace.
Lord Kalki is a promise keeping God and His words will never fail. He Himself expresses the unfailing nature of His promises in His own words saying, “Heaven and earth shall pass way but My words shall never pass away” So, God will remove the spirit of fear and the spirit of weaknesses from you and fill you with the spirit of strength and boldness. With this strength you will arise with new power and rebuild the broken pieces of your own life, your family, your business, your relationships and all your endeavors.
In all your ways submit to Him and not just in specific situations, and He will make your paths straight. If you completely surrender yourself to Him, no matter how bad the situation is, He will come to your aid and turn everything upside down.

The essence of the Gita


AADISHRI ARUN: The Bhagwat Gita is a direct conversation between God and man.  This is why we can trust what the Gita says because it is the word of God.  This book guides us on not only how to live an ideal life but it also acquaints us with the form and nature of God and how to reach Godhead.  Most people of the world are attached to particular objects and specific relationships and all they can do is to indulge in lust, anger, attachment, greed and ego with respect to these objects.  This is how they are trapped constantly in cycles of birth and death and the only way to escape is true guidance. This guidance can only be provided by God and Guru.  The Bhagwat Gita is the word of God as spoken to Arjuna and its advice is relevant to all those who want to escape the cycle of birth and death.

The reality is that whatever can be seen through the senses, or imagined in the brain, is fated to perish.  The reality of these objects is no more real than a dream that mind sees when asleep. This fact when realized is the key that unlocks the hidden inner journey to liberation.

The Teachings of Bhagavat Gita are an invaluable resource in this regard and are timeless.  Society may change but the Gita is applicable, even 5118 years after it was written. These teachings are considered to be ultimate guide on how to live a life as per Dharma and also how to reach towards Moksha-liberation.

The Bhagwat Gita shows the right path to the one who is lost; gives answer to the confused and it provides wisdom to all. It is considered to be one of the greatest spiritual books ever written. The primary purpose of the Bhagwat- Gita is to illuminate for all of humanity the realization of the true nature of divinity.

The essence of the Gita is listed below in simple language.

  1. We have power only to take action and no power over what form the result takes:

The Gita says that we must take action without being unduly concerned by the result. Many people confuse this statement.  They feel that if they can’t expect results then why they should take any actions!  This is a wrong understanding.  What the statement means that once we resolve to achieve any result that we desire, we must fix our mind onto it, gather all resources, gain all knowledge to do the job and then do it to the best of our ability.  Once we have done our efforts, we must not be anxious about the reward we get, whether it is expected or unexpected. The result is bound to come but there are many factors that are not in our control and the result may take a form that is different than what we expected.  Therefore the fruit of our action being different from our expectation should not disturb us or dishearten us.  This is the meaning of working without attachment to the results:

  1. Soul is not perishable but our body is perishable i.e. our soul never dies:

The physical world has been created from the spirit of God and it is also the spirit of God-as the individual soul that comes to reside in it. This spirit is what is real and unchangeable and the physical creation-our body for instance is time bound.  This limited body is used by the eternal soul to live and experience this creation for a short while.  Once a particular experience is over, the body that is designed to provide that experience dies.  The spirit recedes from it and after some time takes another body for a different experience. Thus the soul changes bodies as we change cloths.

  1. World is perishable and whoever comes to this world they would go one day:

The physical world has been created from the spirit of God to create the play of existence.  Therefore this play of existence is always moving, shifting and changing.  Creation and destruction are happening all the time.  Prakriti or nature is in charge of this ever shifting field of creation and it uses the three modes-Sattva, Rajas and Tamas to create various versions of creation.  The eternal spirit of God comes into this play of existence and since the body it takes is time-bound and limited therefore that eternal spirit can only stay for so long in the body it takes.  Therefore no individual soul can stay in one body for long and even this creation will end one day and a new creation will take its place.

  1. Progress and development are the rules of this Universe:

Since Creation is ever changing progress, development, decay destruction are forever happening.  One should not be disturbed when one sees this happening in one’s life.  The expectation that all things around us must always be the same is unreasonable and creates conflict and stress in us.

  1. Every action and deed of ours should be dedicated to God and we should offer everything to God:

Since the only reality is God therefore all that we do should be dedicated to God.  Anything else is futile and temporary. This will always result in giving us peace, satisfaction and stability. Thus one should consider remembering the Lord and dedicating all actions only to him. This is the best way to be free of the effect of karma and to break free from the cycle of birth and death.

  1. One should devote himself or herself to Lord:

Since only God is real and only he is uni-polar we should be devoted only to him.  The rest is the play of light and shade and there is always untruth in Creation.  In fact Creation cannot be constructed without ignorance and untruth being part of it.  We can never find peace and everlasting happiness in any aspect of creation, however high end it may be. Any support that we look for in the world is conditional and we may not believe it but all relationships we form in life are conditional and temporary. The only unchanging truth is the Lord and we should be devoted to first him and only after that live our life in this world. The person who knows this truth is never really troubled by sadness or grief.

  1. Purna Brahm is the supreme:

Purna Brahm is the supreme personality of Godhead.  He is the original cause of all causes. He starts everything and ends everything too. He is there everywhere. He is omnipresent and omnipotent. We are just puppets whom He controls. He is divine and transcendental.  Since he is the highest form of Himself, we must strive to be one only with Him, and not with his intermediately forms.

  1. Desire:

Desire is the causes of re-birth. Rajo gun of Prakriti gives birth to desire. The desire is ultimately anger. (Gita3:37) While a man comes with the attachment of object, lust develops and anger arises from lust. From anger, complete delusion arises and from delusion bewilderment of memory. When memory is bewildered, intelligence is lost one falls down again into the material pool.

  1. Depend upon God:

People confuse the statement of depend on God as a passive behavior.  This is not what it means.  It simply means that God has a divine plan and all of us have a role to play in it.  We have forgotten our divine purpose and we are leading our lives on the basis of our limited intelligence and on our desires for the objects of the world.  That is why we get upset when we take an action and when we don’t get the results that we desired.  The fact is that in our ignorance we may desire things that may be against God’s divine plan for us.  So our duty is to make the effort and then depend on God to do what is right for our ultimate good.

  1. Give your mind and intelligence to God:

Our mind and intelligence are limited entities that become desire driven.  Our individual birth is desire driven.  To fulfill that desire we are given a mind and that mind goes about trying to help us fulfill the objects of our desire.  In this way we go careening from birth to birth. This is a never ending cycle and the only way to get out of this cycle is to realize that the mind can never take us to salvation or Moksha till it rests in the soul and not the senses.  Thus giving our mind and intelligence to God means that we remove its interests from our senses and fix it on God.  Then the very same mind will help us achieve Liberation very soon.

  1. Surrender to God alone:

Surrender to God does not mean passive behavior.  It simply means that we should believe in God and trust his stewardship of his divine plan.  This is like trusting the pilot of an aircraft without understanding how he flies the plane.  We must believe that we are God’s children and that whatever he does for us is done out of love for us and for our ultimate good.  We may not be able to make sense out of it but He can.  We must do the action we feel is right and after that surrender to Him to do the right thing for us.