How to pray to the Kalki AVATAR

How to pray to the Kalki AVATAR

 Aadishri Arun

How to pray to the Kalki AVATAR

Beloved Lord Kalki is greatly concerned about all of us. He is concerned about our personal and family lives as well. He cares for our present life and future too.

Lord Kalki not only cares for us, but hears our prayers and also answers them. That is why Aadishri  Arun advise you to cast  your burden on Lord Kalki.

Lord Kalki Himself cares for us and takes away our burden and sorrows. How blessed we are to have a such a wonderful God!

He will never ignore our prayers and petitions that we offer unto him because Lord Kalki has promised , that he will not cast out those who come to Him.

So, let us offer our petitions unto Him in faith. Give your attention to my word – you may not pay heed to us. Even close relatives or friends may not show interest in listening to what we say; our desires may be ignored but, the Lord keenly listens to our prayers. He will never turn His face from us.

There is a special secretive prayer to be offered to Lord Kalki, which brings in immediate Miraculous effect, but can’t be discussed in a public forum.

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