Be Pure because God is Pure; Part – 4

Be Pure because God is Pure; Part – 4

Be Pure because God is Pure; Part – 4

(Aadishri Arun)

Be Pure because God is Pure; Part - 4

To reset righteousness in the world, to prevent the world from sliding into anarchy and for the protection of the sincere devotee of the Lord, He periodically sends His chosen ones to come into the world so that the world may be redeemed. The reason God sends His son is because it is only through that son, who comes from time to time as different persons, can the sincere seeker be redeemed.

In the present time, the Lord has manifested Himself as Lord Kalki.  Kalki’s mission is to re-establish Dharma and for that He has to purge the world of sin.  Where does sin exist?  Not in any specific place or country, but sin lives in the hearts of the corrupt and the self indulgent.  And for those of us who desire to know God, we must strive to be sinless since the Lord and all his avatars are themselves sinless.



The Bible is essentially a story of how many prophets and seers tried to steer the people of the world towards sinlessness… Jesus Christ, the son of God who came around 2000 years ago approx, in fact sacrificed Himself on the cross so that he could extract and remove some of the sin from the world and show the world the path of love and compassion.

The prophesy of Holy Bible, Leviticus 11:45 tells us that God is holy, Deuteronomy 32:4 tells us that God is perfect, and 1 John 3:3 tells us that God is pure. God is truth and he comes to us through his son from time to time to tell us that that God is pure, perfect and holy, and that He has created all things pure. Bible, Genesis 1:31 tells of when God created the heavens and the earth, and all that is in them, including man. God saw all He had created and called it “very good”. No allergies, no need for organic produce or grass fed beef…everything was pure because God created it pure. This even included man. Adam and Eve were pure, not because of anything they had done, but because God created them pure. When we look around our world today, impurity is easy to spot, but it wasn’t always like this. So what has happened since the origins is that the purity that existed has gradually been contaminated with impurity. Thus to see God, like Adam and Eve used to do, before they ate the apple, we have to become pure.

This is the key to redemption.  We must understand the meaning of the word ‘Pure’ since that is the key to what we want.

What is this purity about which Lord speaks?

Purity is not cleanliness or outward piety. It is not even having the right intentions or motives towards the objects of the world. The purity has to be from inside and it must stem from a basic belief that all is God and that every aspect of this creation is God manifested. It is the realization that since everything is God, therefore only a relationship with God is worth having.

If this is the attitude, then the devotee of God becomes pure of heart.

When this realization happens the sins that stain our heart is washed away by genuine tears of repentance.

Thus being pure of heart does not mean that you have to be perfect, however mean that we have come to that point where God is firmly established in our life and He is the rock that is the foundation of our life.

How to see God? Simple. Be pure of heart. If you are, you will experience Him in a way that is unequivocal.