Call out to the Lord

Call out to the Lord


Call out to the Lord

Call out to the Lord – The Lord and Creator of the universe is the Father and the Mother of all things. We are His children and He is greatly concerned about our welfare. He is loving and kind and always there to help us in times of need. He understands the cry of our hearts and comes to our aid with love and compassion. The Lord is intimately involved in the world He has created and the world is always under His careful watch. To do this He always sends his Son, or His avatar, or His messenger. He also sends other highly evolved souls and without their presence, this world would not survive. Today the representative of the Lord, His avatar, is Lord Kalki.

Call out to the Lord

Lord Kalki is there to help all those who have faith in Him. Lord Kalki will also carry out miracles to Help his true devotees in time of need.

Are you awaiting a miracle in your life? The way to experience God’s divine help is to call upon the name of Lord today. He will come to your aid and perform great and unsearchable things you do not know. Lord said: “What is impossible with men is possible with God” (Bible, Luke 18:27). Yes, He is the God of impossibilities. He is able to do everything for you. Hold onto Him, never doubt. He will surely hear your prayer and bless you in every area of your life.

To call upon the Lord is to enjoy the rich presence of His divine Person. Both our initial contact, as well as our continuing with Him depend in large part on this simple opening and calling. Each time we call upon the Lord’s name, He comes to us and we receive Him in a fresh, new way. Our experience of His presence is renewed and enhanced when we audibly call His name.

Some people may consider calling on the Lord equivalent to the same as praying to Him. It is true that calling is a type of prayer, but calling is not merely praying. For example, Bible, Jeremiah 29:12 clearly differentiates the two: “Then you will call upon Me and come and pray to Me, and I will listen to you.”

Both the Hebrew and Greek words for “call” denote “to call, cry, to utter a loud sound, call out, call upon, call upon someone for aid, or to invoke.” In other words, it is to call a person by saying his name aloud. Although prayer may be silent, calling must be audible.

Isaiah also tells us that our calling on the Lord is our crying to Him. “Lord Kalki is now my salvation; I will trust and not dread; God is my strength and song, and He has become my salvation. Therefore you will draw water with rejoicing from the springs of salvation, and you will say in that day, Give thanks to Lord Kalki; call upon His name! …Sing prayers to Him…

In these verses Isaiah tells us to give thanks, sing, cry out, and shout. All of these parallel and further describe the calling mentioned in verse four. In verse two he proclaims that God is our salvation and our strength. God is everything to us! Therefore, on our part, we simply need to draw water out of the springs of God’s salvation. How can we draw water out of the springs of God’s salvation with rejoicing? This passage gives us a number of ways. One is to call on His name; another is to praise the Lord. We can also enjoy His salvation by psalming or crying out and shouting to Him. It is quite meaningful that Isaiah pairs giving thanks and calling in verse four and pairs crying and shouting in verse six. This positional structure strongly implies that to call on the Lord is to cry and shout to Him.

These verses point to two actions which produce two distinct results. Believing is a function of the heart resulting in righteousness. Confessing, however, is a function of the mouth resulting in salvation. Such a confession with one’s mouth is obviously vocal and not silent.