Gita Saar, Chapter 10

Gita Saar

Chapter 10

(Ishwar Putra Arun)


Gita Saar – In Gita chapter 7 Lord Krishna had enunciated the secrets of the most secret and fundamental of knowledge’s in the universe. Further in chapter 8, on being asked questions by Arjuna, the Lord had further elaborated on what he had been speaking of so that it could be better understood by Arjuna. Yet the Lord was not satisfied. He hankered to give the knowledge to Arjuna in more detail since Arjuna was a sincere devotee. The fact is that true seekers are few and far between and rarely does the Lord get the opportunity to enumerate this knowledge which is described as the King of all knowledge’s. The knowledge is also so potent and soul-stirring that both the speaker and listener are entranced by it. Thus Lord Krishna continues disseminating the same knowledge in more detail in chapter 10.

Chapter 10 starts with the Lord offering his appreciation to Arjuna for being a sincere, loyal and loving devotee and says to him that since Arjuna is such a sincere and genuine devotee , He – the Lord, will further elaborate that knowledge that is of utmost value and secrecy. The fact is that God is always eager to reveal the eternal truth to his sincere devotees. It is only that the sincere devotee is extremely rare. The Lord says to Arjuna-‘Hear me with full attention!’

Lord Krishna starts by saying that the person who has truly known Him as ‘Unborn’, ‘Without beginning or end’ and ‘The Lord of all worlds’; such a person is freed of all sin.

Lord Krishna says that He is the Lord and source of both the material and the spiritual worlds. All things are based and born out of Him. Even the power of discrimination and the power to take decisions rest in the Lord. Knowledge; forgiveness; truthfulness; control-of-senses; control-of-mind; happiness-sorrow; creation-destruction; fear-fearlessness; balance; non-violence; contentment; penance; charity; fame-infamy, all these varied things have their basis in the Lord.

The person that has realized that these attributes come from God, he is the one who is free of all bondage.

The Lord says to Arjuna that it is He who is the cause of creation and upon realizing this truth; the wise and discriminatory devotees worship only Him. These wise devotees who love the Lord, and who are constantly engaged in the remembrance of the Lord to the extent that they even offer their very life to the keeping of the Lord, such people spend their time and life with like-minded people, in the study and discussions about the nature of the Lord, His powers, effects and attributes. And they do so because they can’t but help loving God to the exclusion of everything else. They do it out of sheer love for the Lord. This is the only thing that satisfies them. It would not be wrong to say that these devotees are obsessed with the Lord and they can think of very little else.

Lord Krishna says to Arjuna that – to such people, I offer and provide, the one true knowledge that leads them straight to Me. To do them this benediction, what I do is that I enlighten within them, my own self that already exists and lies sleeping. When I light up my own self within them, the light that is produces, destroys the darkness that otherwise clouds the vision and wisdom of the average person.

Lord Krishna further says – “No-one, however advanced, not even the Gods, and neither the saints, know of my origin. The reason is that I am the creator and reason for existence of even the highest types of souls.” This is specifically mentioned in the 14th verse of chapter 10 which specifically says that-“Neither the Gods, nor the demons know Me.” The reason is that the gods are constantly engaged in pleasure seeking and the demons are engaged in demonic-self promoting activities. Even the great realized souls do not know the Lord in his entirety since, the qualities and attributes that they use to examine (look at) the Lord, are all derived from the Lord Himself. And how can the fruit ever know the tree fully? All attributes such as wisdom, energy, capability, position of excellence, influence etc are born out of the Lord Himself so using these attributes, the devotee can only know a limited aspect of God and never know the Lord in his true & complete nature. Just as a child can never know those things about his mother that happened before he was born, all that is created from the Lord can never know the Lord completely.

On hearing this Arjuna asks Lord Krishna that, if this is the case, then what is the way that he-Arjuna could come to know the Lord. He further asks- ‘What are those attributes, using which, I can come to know you?” He further asks the Lord to explain in full detail about the Yoga-Shakti of the Lord since He-Arjuna thirsts to hear the details of it since it is the only thing that is satisfying to him.
The Lord replies-“There is no end to my expansions and I will describe to you just a few of my main attributes.”

Then Lord Krishna describes in chapter 10, verses 20-40, His main divine attributes. The Lord concludes the description by saying that all things that are glorious, shining-bright, full of light, powerful etc derive their attributes from the Lord. There is no other source. The Lord further said that it was futile of the devotee to ask the Lord to describe Himself since it all that could be described was but a fraction of the yoga power of the Lord.

Gita Saar Chapter 9 | Kalki Avatar

Gita Saar

Chapter 9

(Ishwar Putra Arun)

Gita Saar

Gita Saar/Chapter 9

In Gita SaarGita chapter 9 – Lord Krishna gives that scientific (logical) knowledge to Arjuna that is otherwise kept a deep secret by its knower’s. This knowledge is such that the know-er of this knowledge is liberated from sorrow. This knowledge is a secret knowledge and it deserves to be kept the most secretive of all since it has the potential to transform and liberate the sincere devotee. This knowledge should be disseminated to worthy individuals only, as it is immensely powerful.

This knowledge is considered the king of knowledge’s; the secret of secrets; utmost holy and pious; utterly auspicious; capable of giving immediate results; as per the scriptures; easy to practice (master) and it is unchangeable/ indestructible. This knowledge can be perceived and valued only by those noble persons whose consciousness is at a higher plain and who are pure of heart and action. If these qualities are not present in a person, then that person will not be able to perceive the worth of this knowledge even if he comes face to face with this knowledge. That unfortunate person can neither see, nor hear, nor understand the import of this knowledge even when he is told it word for word.

Lord Krishna further says that the person, who has no respect for this knowledge, can never be liberated and instead such a person keeps circling in the cycle of birth and death through various species, as per his desires.

Lord Krishna further explains that the material universe is immersed in the Lord just as ice is made up of and is immersed in water. In such a manner, all materials and all creations find rest and basis for existence in the Lord but the nature of the Lord is not limited to this material creation. It is far beyond the nature of the material creation alone. Lord Krishna further explains that all material creation will dissolve back into Brahma after the life-span of this particular creation-Kalpa-is over and that the Lord would recompose that material when the new cycle of creation starts. Lord Krishna explains that the method and logic of composing materials was that the Lord took his own nature, added his desire-force to it and created the various aspects of creation based on the law of Karma. Nature is tasked by the Lord under His supervision to carry out the cycle of creation and this is how creation moves from cycle to cycle.

Lord Krishna says in first person that those people who are forbidden from knowing the supreme nature of God are those with unholy characteristics. These people have lost their wisdom and are foolish, even though they think they are wise. The nature of these people is that they consider their material existence and their body’s superior to the Creator even though it is the Creator who has created all physical entities. Such people are not able to look beyond physical appearances and characteristics and can never see the Lord who hides out of sight by the power of his yoga-Maya. Even when such people see the Lord standing in front of them in his human form, they don’t realize that it is him. They think of the Lord (in physical form) as just another ordinary human being.

The Lord, as Lord Krishna, clearly states, is the foundation and the source of all Brahma-Creation, of which the material universe is just a small part. That it is He-the Lord, who is the one who give the fruit of Karma, It is He who is the mother, the father, the One worth knowing, the pure and pious ॐkar, the source of the three Vedas-Rig, Sam and Yajur Vedas.
Lord Krishna further says that it is He who is the only one worth pursuing, the only one who nurtures and supports the entirety of creation, the one and only Lord of all creation, The manager of the auspicious and the inauspicious, the place of rest and refuge for all, The blesser (without expectations) of all and the indestructible basis for all.

The Lord-as Krishna further describes, is the one who is the all in all and the One in all. It is He who is The Vedic ritual, It is He who is the sacrifice, It is He who is the offering to the departed, It is He who is the herbage and the food-grain, It is He who is the sacred Mantra and the clarified butter that is offered into the sacred fire and it is He who is the sacred fire in which the clarified butter is offered And He is also the act offering the sacrifice into the sacred fire.

Lord Krishna further says that those pious devotees, who worship the gods with certain specific desires, get the fulfilment of those desires only through Him even if it may seem to them that the desires are fulfilled by the gods they worship.

Lord Krishna explains that – ‘Those who worship the Gods go to the gods, those who worship their forefathers go to the forefathers, those who worship the spirits go to the spirits while those who worship Me come to me and such devotees, who worship Me, find eternal rest in Me beyond the grasp of Kaal.’

The Lord then explained to Arjuna the seven most important principles.

That loving devotee, who offers to me just a flower, or a fruit, or a leaf, or some water, I appear before that devotee and I accept from that pious minded devotee, with affection and love, his guileless offering.
That devotee who loves me endlessly and without motivation, to those devotees, I provide the vision of God and the protection that is required to worship the Lord.
I provide realization and liberation to all those who seek it sincerely even if they may be the vilest of sinners, No-one is barred from it on the basis of sex or caste.
It is an unshakable truth that the Lord’s devotee can never be demeaned or destroyed.
To reach me give me your mind and devotion. Be my devotee, worship me alone, and salute only me. By doing all this and by having a single-minded devotion to me, rest assured-you will find your rest in Me.
All that you eat/ drink; all the sacrifices you make, all the charity you do and all the penances you undergo. Devote all of them only to me. This way, you will be free of all the karmic effects of the actions you commit and your soul then can come only to me.
I am the Lord of all sacrifices and the fruits of all sacrifices are consumed only by me. But most people do not know this and are therefore trapped in the cycle of birth and death.

Gita-Saar Chapter 8


Chapter 8

(Ishwar Putra Arun)



Gita-Saar/Chapter 8

In Gita-Saar, chapter 8 of the Gita, Lord Krishna talks about the indestructible Brahm and this chapter focuses on the intricacies of Brahma Yoga. Lord Krishna has also explains that the time of death of an individual, is a time of great spiritual opportunity and He advises Arjuna on how to take full advantage of this time instead of taking this as a time of great sorrow. Lord says to Arjuna that the person who is thinking of God at the time of his death, that person’s soul is sure to reach God’s soul. The reason is that all materials-which are transitory in nature, that make up this universe are all based in the being of God, who is himself eternal. Those people who desire material objects will end up in the cycle of birth & death chasing those objects but if a soul desires the divine, then that noble soul would end up at the root cause of all creation and thus escape the cycle of birth and death.

Lord Krishna states that He is the source point of all journeys and the first seed of all creation, Lord Krishna states that He is the wisdom of the wise; and the effulgence of the effulgent souls. That He, is the source of the strength of the attachment-free strong person and He is the basis of the righteous desire that creates the world.

He explains that the significance of the time of death is that, at that time, all pretensions of the dying person that he has gathered in his life are stripped away and what are left are that person’s truthful desires. And at the moment of death, the concentration of these desires is so strong that it determines the path that the soul will take after death into his next birth. There is a famous Hindi saying – “Jo mati, So gati” which means that what the heart desires, so is the direction of travel”

Many people think that they can lead a worldly, indulgent life and yet switch to God remembrance in their old age or at the time of death. But it is not easy to do this. The habits of a lifetime cannot be overwritten in a short period, when the body is fading away. Only if we spend most of our life in the remembrance of God, through the practice of Yoga and meditation and by leading a pious life, only then can we hope to stay in remembrance of God, at the time of death. Such a worthy soul-who can do this- will make God speed towards God.

Lord Krishna advises Arjuna that He-Arjuna should focus his mind and heart completely on God, while carrying out his duty on the battlefield. This would ensure that he-Arjuna, would reach the final goal.

Arjuna asked the Lord the following questions -What is Brahma? What is Spirit? What is Right Action? What is Adhibhuta (matter) – that makes the universe, what is Adhideva (divine consciousness) and what is Adhiyagya-the supreme spirit that resides in all? Arjuna also asks about how these entities are placed in our body. Arjuna also asked Lord Krishna to explain the actual process on how, at the time of death, does the noble soul experience God.

Lord Krishna replies that the eternal, indestructible state of God is called Brahma. The individual soul is called Adhyatma. The primal resolve of God to create is called Karma. In the body, the Lord resides as Adhiyagya. All the objects that are created in the material universe are Adhibhuta. And finally the first being is known as Adhideva.

The person who worships that supreme, self effulgent being (Adhideva)- who is the smallest of the small and the largest of the large and who nourishes all and who is the supreme state of Truth consciousness bliss, that person is assured of reaching and becoming one with that being.

Lord Krishna explained to Arjuna that the power and significance of the moment of death is amazing. It is a golden opportunity. It is a wormhole into another dimension and the person who remains in state of remembrance of God at that time, assuredly reaches God-head even if that person has made no efforts during his life in being in the remembrance of God.

Lord Krishna explains that the best way to practice remembrance is as follows:
“Stop paying attention to your senses and take your attention within to between the eyebrows and pronounce the word ‘AUM’.” The person who is able to do focus his attention on the formless aspect of God, such a person is transported to the right path that reaches the final destination. The syllable ‘AUM’ is itself that sound that transports the devotee to the final destination-the abode of God.

It must also be remembered that all the people who travel up to BrahmaLoka have not escaped the cycle of birth and death because Brahm Loka is not above the level of dissolution at the time of the great night of Brahma. But those people who take the right path to God-as enumerated above, that person escapes the cycle of birth and death.

Lord Krishna explains that at the time of death, there are two paths that are available to the soul. One is the path of light and one is the path of darkness. The first one is the path that leads to God and the other is the path that leads to the souls of the forefathers. The one who takes the path of God does not return while the one who takes the path to the forefathers (the path of darkness) has to come back.

The person, who is able to understand this secret and this distinction, is the one who is able to walk the right path and reach the final destination. The person who understands this distinction, that person does not need to practice and obtain the boons that are obtained by the pursuance of the Vedas, sacrifices, donations and penances.

Gita | Gita Saar – Chapter-7

Gita Saar

 Chapter 7

(Ishwar Putra Arun)


Gita Saar | Chapter-7

In chapter 7 of the Gita, Lord Krishna gives glimpses of the nature of the supreme father.  He also speaks of the Lord in First person, thereby clearly saying that he is the avatar of the supreme father. He starts  by   saying that that  the   devotee   who focusing his   mind  and stilling his heart, stays in the Lord’s-remembrance till a point that he can think   of   nothing   else,   such   a   person   finds   Him   with   ease   and   such   a  person is never reborn into this sorrow- filled world. Lord Krishna further says that the fact is that most people are not aware of the possibility of knowing the Lord; nor do they seek the Lord and they continue to struggle in life after life running after temporary objects.   Lord Krishna  says   further in chapter 7  that –  one among thousands   is interested   in   knowing   the   One   true   Lord,   and   out   of   a   group   of   the thousands who are interested in knowing Him, only one or two actually come to know Him till the fundamentals. Lord Krishna further says that I, the Lord of the universe, know everything-the past; the present and the future but only those who are filled with devotion for me can know Me in my true nature. Lord Krishna continues by saying that even as He comes face-to-face with the men of the world, they are unable to recognize Him since He comes wrapped   in   His  self-created  Yoga-Maya.  Lord  Krishna   further  says   that People see Him but they think of Him as an ordinary person-of flesh and blood and fated to die like everyone else around them. They are simply blind to the person who stands before them. Lord  Krishna   further said   to  Arjuna  that  since he – Arjuna,  was a   sincere seeker and completely devoted to Him (Lord Krishna), therefore He – Lord Krishna, would reveal to Arjuna, the divine knowledge that has the power to liberate the sincere devotee.   Lord Krishna said that he would reveal that knowledge to Arjuna even though Arjuna lacked the divine vision that was   necessary   to   gain   such   knowledge.   The   fact   was   that   Arjuna’s devotion   to   Lord   Krishna   overcame  that   handicap   and   qualified   him   to receive this divine and secret knowledge. This knowledge is considered so potent that after hearing it, nothing else remains   to   be   heard.   This   knowledge   is   the   most   fundamental   of knowledge. It is scientific and logically robust and does not require the listener   to   suspend   reason   while   listening   to   it.   This   fundamental knowledge  is   the  king of  all knowledge; it is  the   most secretive of  all secret knowledge; it is the most holy and pious of all knowledge; it is the best knowledge of all since it liberates; this knowledge is capable of giving quick results; it is as per Dharma; it is easy to practice and eternal and indestructible in nature.

Then after that in the Gita, Lord Krishna gave this supreme knowledge to Arjuna. Lord Krishna further explained to Arjuna about how creation was brought about by God and how the universe was brought into existence. Lord Krishna explained   that He, himself   is  the cause  of  creation of the universe and also the cause of the destruction of the universe. Lord Krishna said that All of the physical universe(s) have been created out of a combination of two parts of his (God’s) own nature. The two parts are-Higher energy and lower energy.   And these two energies have been extracted from the body and mind of the supreme Lord. The lower nature provides   the   physical   existence   of   the universe   and   the   higher   nature provides the consciousness that creates movement in the physical parts. Just as an electric toy consists of a physical structure and a  battery to provide the energy to run the toy, the two natures created from God’s own being, create the physical universe and all the laws of nature that keep the universe in operation. Once these are created, the Lord-who is the super-soul, Himself comes into the universe, in the form of the individual souls that inhabit each pore of the universe and make the universe come alive.  This is like switching the switch of the toy on so that the toy starts moving. It should be remembered that the toy, even though having the capability to  move, can only do  so when someone switches  it on. That someone, who switches on the body, whether of an individual or of the universe, is the soul. Thus the soul is that potent droplet of God’s soul, that has the power of God-to give life. When the soul leaves, the body drops lifeless. Lord Krishna explained that the person who comes to know of this secret knowledge and realizes it in his own life, is the person who finds liberation. Lord Krishna further said that there are four kinds of devotees.

  1. The first type of devotee is the one who worships God because he wants some worldly gain or benefit.
  2. The second type of devotee is the one who worships the Lord so that he may avoid some difficulty or tragedy in his life.
  3. The third type is one who is curious about the world and he wants to know about the creator. He wants to know God and the nature of God.
  4. The final type of devotee is the one who is knowledgeable about God and who seeks God with single minded devotion. He has no selfish motives in being   a   devotee.   The   only   reason   he   seeks   God   is because he loves God and realizes that God is the only reality and that everything in the universe is made out of God stuff only.  Lord Krishna further said that this fourth kind of devotee is the one who is intensely dear to Him. The person who loves God unselfishly-without any

motive and is single minded focused on Him is the one who is intensely loved back by God. Lord Krishna said in simple language – He Loves me and I love him. Lord Krishna explained the secret of liberation further.   He said that the people   who   worship   other   gods   and   demigods   are   the   ones   who   are seekers of worldly pleasures and/ or particular goals.   These people are only running after objects that have been created by their minds and in their essence they do not seek liberation. These people are only after their self – imagined objects of pleasure, fame and/ or acclaim and with this aim, these people do great prayers, sacrifices and penances. (Ravana being a good example of such a person)Lord Krishna clarifies that the person who seeks boons from any particular god   and   does   so   with   devotion   and   sincerity,   to   that   person,   He – Lord Krishna, rewards  by  giving  him  further  concentration  on  that  particular god. That person also gets what he seeks after due prayer from the god he seeks it from.  But the fact is that it is He-Lord Krishna, who provides that devotee with the object he seeks, through the god he seeks it from. Lord Krishna continued and said that it was good to receive the things a devotee wanted from his favorite god, but the problem was that all those objects that were demanded and prayed for, were things that were not of long   lasting   value.   All of them had a shelf life and were   fated  to end sooner or later. Unfortunately this is not known to these types of devotees who   have   a   limited   ambition   and   a   limited   brain   and   who   set   their happiness on the yardsticks that are temporary in nature. True happiness can never be the outcome of such false and erroneous attachment. Lord Krishna then said the following-“Those who worship the gods go to the   gods;   those   who   worship   their   forefathers   go   to   their   forefathers, those who worship the spirits go the spirits and those who worship me come to me and find liberation.”  Lord  Krishna  ends the 7th  chapter  by saying that the people  who don’t worship  the one  true   father, are  the ones   who  have been  seduced   by Maya through their desire to indulge in the world.  Such people are ready to do anything-even lowly acts, so that they may reach the objects of their desire. Such people have no conception about the real nature of God and nor do they seek him.

Gita Saar, Chapter 6

Gita Saar

Chapter 6

(Ishwar Putra Arun)



Gita Saar – Chapter 6

Lord Krishna continues on the theme of the yoga of action in chapter 6.

He further says that all beings are engaged in constant action. No-one can avoid action and remain alive. The only difference between Karma yoga-the yoga of action and ordinary worldly action is that in the case of the ordinary action, the being is tied to the action he does by his attachment and desire while those who do the required action while remaining in spirit with the supreme Father, they are the ones who are in state of Karma yoga. Such people are called karma yogis.

Lord Krishna further tells Arjuna that one should try to know that blessed state that is away from the sorrow filled world and that state is called Yoga which can be described as union with the divine. The mind of man is a potent force. It is strong, wayward and restless and it is determined to do as it pleases. In a nutshell, it is a fair statement that it is difficult to tame the mind. For those people, whose mind is not in their control, the attempt to do Yoga is a failure. For such people the advice is that to succeed in Yoga, they need to tame their mind first.

The person, who wants to actualize Yoga in his life, must live a life of balance. He must eat and drink in moderation, he must take actions as per dharma and he must sleep and wake up at the yogic prescribed times. By living like this, the person attempting to succeed in yoga will make quick progress.

A day has 24 hours which should be divided into various activities as follows.
2 hours are to be spent in eating and doing exercises for health.
8 hours are to be spent on doing work as per one’s profession
6 hours are to be spent in sleeping
8 hours are to be spent in prayer, meditation and recitation of the Lord’s name.
If this kind of routine is followed, then one’s journey towards the culmination of Yoga will happen quickly.

Lord Krishna further says in (gita saar) chapter 6 that the journey to liberation may look long and forbidding and a seeker may doubt his ability to complete the journey in their lifetime. But such people, Lord Krishna assures, need not fear failure since all sincere attempts made by man in their search for liberation, are never wasted. Those persons are specially protected in this life and even in the next. Even that person, whose yogic journey is not complete before he leaves his body, or who has for some reason has lost his way at the end of life, that noble person gets the benefit of the work he has done. He is given birth in a pious and wealthy family after he has spent time in the higher regions of heaven. On being born again, he is easily given back all the knowledge and insights he had gained in his earlier life. He doesn’t have to work too hard to gain that previously gained knowledge. The result is that such a person gets a head start and he quickly makes progress on the path to liberation in his new life and soon reaches his destination.