Glorification and its conditions


Glorification and its conditions

Aadishri Arun

Glorification and its conditions

Nature of Glorification:

Glorification is that process by which our essential self, that is trapped in cycles of Sansaar, by its karmic obligations, attains release from the layers of ignorance that have been imposed upon it, birth upon birth. The result of glorification is that this essential self that is covered under layers of illusions, finds freedom.



So great is the burden and so mystifying the illusion that no individual soul can get rid of it on his or her own.  Thus glorification can be provided only by the will and grace of God.



Since glorification can happen when the individual, by his own strivings, gets rid of all illusion, ignorance and sin, it needs a fundamental transformation in the nature of the individual, who has to make life God-centric, instead of world focused. Only then is the soul pure enough to be glorified.


Is Glorification conditional?

Glorification is conditional but not in the way we think.  The moment the word ‘conditional’ comes in, we think of a transaction.  We think that if we pay the costs then we will be able to purchase the desired goal-Glorification in this case.

You cannot purchase Glorification and you cannot treat glorification like a transaction with God. Yet Glorification is conditional on us being worthy of it.  We need to change our nature in a way that we become worthy of Glorification and yet the changes in us must be genuine and not for any ulterior motive.  We cannot be like a child who behaves well simply because he wants a toy.

What happens when there is no fundamental change in our nature? The answer is simple-We cannot be glorified.

People must not ignore these warnings and promises. You cannot live like the devil and expect to meet God. This is not because God demands a set number of holiness points before you can enter heaven. It is simply that you have to fit the place where you want to go to.  Just as a key has to fit the lock that it wants to go into and not the other way around, we have to fit in to the place where we want to reach.

Change is never easy.  It is far easier to live a worldly self indulgent life since that is easy and pleasurable to do in the short term.  It is only later we realize that the pursuit of worldly pleasure is not ultimately satisfying and it is only on that realization that we look for something more.  That is the moment we try to change and become someone worthy of glorification. Our initial efforts are not easy and the path to self change seems difficult. We feel blind walking on a path that is made of principles that are hard to relate to in the beginning.  This is why perseverance is important. Even when the way is not clear we must persist with the teachings. Glorification is the end result of a person who perseveres.

Perseverance means the engagement of our persons in the most intense and concentrated devotion to those means which God has ordained for the achievement of his saving purpose.

7 Conditions for Glorification:

  • Be pure and Holiness should come into you
  • Free from the patterns of willful sin and disobedience
  • To continue in the faith in Lord and not moved away from the hope of the gospel
  • Saving faith loves God and delights in God
  • Trusts in God and hopes in God
  • To save faith of trembles at the thought even in worst time
  • To save themselves fall into sin and backslide