How to get God to listen to your prayers

How to get God to listen to your prayers


How to get God to listen to your prayers

How to get God to listen to your prayers – 

We pray to God often but we are not sure if He listens to our prayers. The question is that are we praying in the right manner and is there something wrong that we are doing that prevents our prayers from being heard?

The answer is that it is very important that we know how to offer our prayers correctly to the Lord since only then we will get an answer to our prayers.

Praying is a good and effective thing to do and the Lord himself encourages prayer. The Lord says to us “Don’t worry about anything. Instead say what you want to the Lord with request, prayer and thanks. It is only then that the peace that is the Lord (and that is difficult for us to understand), will be preserved in the bosom of the Lord.”

The One who is the master of all the worlds has made a loving arrangement for us. We should be grateful for this helpful arrangement and we should not be casual with our prayers. Another reason for praying to the Lord daily and constantly is that this is the way to strengthen the bond that exists between us. True friends talk to each other even when there is no work between them. Instead in true relationships, friends talk to each other for hours. They share their feelings and concerns. They openly talk about those things that are important to them. They care about each other. This is how a healthy relationship is maintained. Our relationship with the Lord needs to be like this.

The Lord is not just a powerful entity that can do things for you but He is actually your father mother, friend, guide etc. Therefore you should share your feelings and problems openly and completely and not keep an emotional divide with the Lord. This way your concerns and prayers will be heard and answered.