5 proven techniques to achieve liberation from the cycle of birth and death

5 proven techniques to achieve liberation from the cycle of birth and death


5 proven techniques to achieve liberation from the cycle of birth and death


5 proven techniques to achieve liberation from the cycle of birth and death

Following are 5  proven techniques to achieve liberation from the cycle of birth and death:



 1. Bhakti yoga


Bhakti Yoga is also known as the path of devotion to God. Bhakti yoga is considered the finest and easiest path to liberation – Moksha. The path of devotion is a path of love towards the Creator and all things in the universe. This path is followed by those who come to realize through any means that there is nothing in the world that has not been created from the essence of God. Thus, if there is no reality but God and God is the cause and consequence of creation, then it stands to reason that we are also nothing but God himself – in body mind and spirit. When that realization truly and practically dawns on the individual, all he can feel is love for the Lord and the person is said to be in Bhakti Yoga. Thus Bhakti yoga is a state of being in love with God.

  1. Gyaan Yoga


Gyaan Yoga, or the Yoga of knowledge, is not a state of being like Bhakti Yoga. Instead it is a guide map that helps us walk on the true path to liberation and not get lost on the way.  The Yoga of knowledge is essential since if we don’t correctly know the nature of God; the nature of the world and the path to Godhead, we cannot walk the true path. Gyaan yoga is preparatory to liberation and is an integral part of achieving realization. When ‘Gyaan’ or knowledge is realized, it leads to the spontaneous generation of love for the Lord and devotion to the lord. The danger in the path of knowledge is that till the knowledge remains theoretical, it tends to strengthen the Ego and such a person has a tendency to fall from the lord’s grace.



  1. Raja yoga

Raja yoga is a system that integrates various aspects of yoga that are required to find liberation. The embodied soul’s attention, is naturally tuned to flow outwards into the world and the attention of most beings is towards the indulgences of the world. This is the exact opposite of the state of liberation or Moksha. Raja yoga through various means such as knowledge , practice, discipline , austerities and sacrifice,  tries to guide the outward flow of desire and turns it inwards towards the path that leads to realization. Yam-acts, Niyam-rules, Dhyan-meditation, Dharna-visualization, Samadhi-thoughtlessness etc are some of the stages that Raja yoga helps the seeker to take on the way to liberation. If Gyaan yoga is the gaining of knowledge then Raja yoga is like a university that has various levels of study that ultimately lead to graduation that is Moksha.


  1. Karma yoga

Karma yoga is actually walking the path to liberation. It is the implementation of all that has been learnt in Gyaan Yoga and through Raja Yoga. In essence Karma yoga is the path of non-selfish action. Action is inevitable in this world and no being can live without taking action. It is the action and its fruit that binds us through the law of karma to the cycle of birth and death.  But karma yoga, while keeping us in the action mode, also provides us with an opportunity to escape from the cycle of birth and death. If we take actions that are not for our personal purpose but are done as a sense of duty and without any personal gratification, then that action is no longer karma but takes the stature of Dharma and we are free of the consequences of our action. A good example is that of a soldier and a murderer. Both these individuals take lives but the soldier does it as a duty while the murderer takes a life for some personal gratification. The consequences are very different. In the case of the soldier, his action does not bind him and instead becomes a tool for liberation while the acts of a murderer bind him more firmly to the wheel of rebirth.  Karma yoga is necessary to all other Yoga’s and systems mentioned above since for the seeker of liberation , all knowledge gained has to be put in practice and without that liberation cannot be achieved.


(5) Surat Shabd Yoga

No discussion on the paths and techniques of liberation will be complete without mentioning Surat Shabd yoga. This is the actual path that the soul takes when it gains the capacity to leave the body consciously and fly. This path is known as the path of Surat-Shabd yoga. When all other previous yoga’s have been mastered and the being is in a state of devotion (Bhakti) to the Lord, then the soul of such a devotee naturally rises like a hydrogen balloon and is ready to actually walk the path to liberation. Such a soul is guided on the path by divine sights and sounds. ‘Surat’ means Soul and ‘Shabd’ means the divine sound that can be followed as a guide by the ascending soul till the soul reaches those regions that are indestructible and with that the soul has achieved liberation. From the region of creation, the soul enters the region of the Creator, where it realizes it’s true nature and is thus liberated.


Devotion or Bhakti arises when the being falls in love with the Lord. The nature of love is such that the person in love can do nothing else but constantly think and obsess about the thing he loves. He can do nothing else. A being who is in love with the Lord, employs the following means to always be in remembrance of the Lord.

  1. Satsang Bhakti

Satsang Bhakti happens when the devotee seeks the company of those people who also love the Lord just like him. In such a company the being finds peace since all people in that company can do nothing but talk about the Lord.

  1. Shravan Bhakti

The act of hearing the tales and deeds of the Lord is called Shravan Bhakti. This is another means of being in the remembrance of the Lord – by hearing more about him through various means such as stories, kathas, experiences of others, bhajans, hymns etc.

  1. Kirtan Bhakti

This is the act of singing the praises of the Lord through bhajans, hymns, songs in praise etc. The being who sings the praises of the Lord, loses his sense of self by the act of singing and thus that person achieves a feeling a oneness and bliss since he has for a temporary time lost his sense of self and has merged with the Lord.

  1. Sumiran Bhakti

Sumiran is the act of constantly thinking and being in remembrance of the Lord. When one’s  mind is constantly engaged in thinking about the Lord or in taking his name, then such a person is said to be in Sumiran. It is said that as one thinks, so one becomes and the person who thinks about the Lord constantly , cannot but reach and be merged with the Lord.

  1. Archana Bhakti

This is the act of worship that one offers to God. The Lord loves the being who loves him and who offers him the act of devotion through simple means but some people like to offer their devotion through special means or prayers or worships or sacrifices. All conscious acts of offerings to the Lord, simple or special, are called Archana and are a form of devotion. The Geeta says in chapter 9 verse 26 that “Whoever offers Me with love a leaf, a flower, a fruit or water, I, appear before that selfless devotee of sinless mind and delightfully partake of that article offered by him with Love.”  This act of offering all that one uses for oneself first to the Lord, is called Archana Bhakti.

What is 4 Laws Of God’s Blessing ?

What is 4 Laws Of God’s Blessing ?


What is 4 Laws Of God's Blessing ?

Laws Of God’s Blessing

We no longer need to be dictated to by Law, as children of God we have the divine nature of our heavenly Father living within. We do what pleases God by desire and intuition.
God’s original intent and plan, as demonstrated in the promise to Abraham, was for man to be in relationship with God by faith, not by the works of the Law.




The Law, which came 430 years after the Promise, did not replace nor change God’s plan. The Law was a temporary measure to:

a. teach man about sin
b. constrain sin by legislation
c. lead man to Lord by demonstrating his need for a Savior

Four Laws Of God’s Blessing


1. Our blessings should flow to others: Some people have the mindset that God has blessed them just so they can be happy and comfortable. But that’s not so. Holy Scripture teaches us that we are blessed so that we may bless others as well. God’s promise to Abraham in Bible, Genesis 12:2 was: “I will make of you a great nation; I will bless you and make your name great, so that you will be a blessing.” Therefore blessings must flow outwardly.

2. When we bless others, God takes care of our needs: There’s almost nothing God won’t do for the person who really wants to help other people. In fact, God guarantees a particular blessing for the one who is willing to share what he’s been given instead of hoarding his wealth. In Bible, Luke 18:29-30 Lord said, “Truly, I tell you, there is no man who has left his home or parents or brothers or wife or children, for the sake of the kingdom of God, who shall not receive many times more in this age and, in the age to come, eternal life.” When you care about helping other people, God assumes responsibility for your problems. And that’s a real blessing, for he’s much better at handling your difficulties than you are.

3. Our blessings to others will come back on us: Bible, Luke 6:38 tells us, ” Give, and it will be given to you: Good measure, pressed down, shaken together, and running over will men give unto you. For with the measure you use, it will be measured unto you” The more you try to bless other people in the world around you, the more God says, “I’m going to pour blessings out on you. We’ll play a little game here. Let’s see who will win. Let’s see who can give the most. The more you bless others, the more I’m going to bless you in return.” You cannot out-give God.

4. More is expected of those who have more: Lord said it this way in Bible, Luke 12:48: “For to whom much is given, of him much shall be required. And from him to whom much was entrusted, much will be asked.” Would you agree that, based on the blessings of your life, you probably have a greater responsibility than other people in the world? It’s obvious we’ve been given freedom and opportunities that many people don’t have. We’ve been given material and physical and spiritual abundance that a lot of people around the world simply do not have.

From Where and How the Soul Came into Body ?

From Where and How the Soul Came into Body ?


From Where and How the Soul Came into Body

From Where and How the Soul Came into Body – In the biginning, for material creation, Purn Brahm came into three Vishnu – (1) Maha Vishnu (2) Garvodakasayi Vishnu and (3) Kshirdakosayi Vishnu .
Maha Vishnu is called Inferior Energy. Maha Vishnu creates toatal material Energy, known as the mahat-tattava. The inferior energy is matter manifested in different elements, namely earth, water, fire, air, ether, mind, intelligence and false ego.

Garvodakasayi Vishnu is called Superior Energy. Garvodakasayi Vishnu enters into all the universes to create diversity in each of them. Due to this energythe entire material world functions.
Kshirdakosayi Vishnu is diffused as the all pervading Super Soul in all the universes and is known as Parmatma / First son of Prun Brahm or Ishwar Putra. He is present even within the atoms.
Kshirdakosayi Vishnu is the first son of Purn Brahm, we called him Ishwar Putra. At that certain place, he lives in the form of light is called Anami Lok. Anami Lok is the Light of Ocean and its drops of Light is calles Soul. From this place Ananmi, A Drop or Soul starts his journey to go to Earth by bearing the cloth is called body.

From Anami, he came at Agam Lok. From Agam Lok, he came at Alakh Lok. From Alakh Lok, he came at Sat-Lok. From Sat-Lok, he came at Soham Brahm (bhanwar Gupha). From Soham Brahm (bhanwar Gupha), he came at Maha Shnya. From Maha Shunya, he came at Shunya. From Shunya, he came at Mansarovar Lake. From mansarovar Lake, he came at Ra Ram Brahm (Dasam Dwar). From Ra Ram Brahm (Dasam Dwar), he came at Maya Brahm (Trikuti). From Maya Brahm (Trikuti), he came at ॐBrahm (AUM Brahm) it is calledJyoti Niranjan. From ॐBrahm or Jyoti Niranjan, he came at Third eye. From Third eye, he came at Aagya Chakra. From Aagya Chakra he came into both eyes of this body.

Now question is who is the 5 Brahm through them Soul came into body? The name of the 5 Brahm is as below:-

(1) Sat-Lok
(2) Soham Brahm (Bhanwar Gupha)
(3) Ra Ram Brahm (Dasam Dwar)
(4) Maya Brahm / ॐkaar (Trikuti)
(5) ॐBrahm (Jyoti Niranjan)

5 sound arose in five Brahm while the Super Soul came down into the body. This 5 sound is as below:-

Five sound arose in five Brahm while the Super Soul came down into the body

(1) Sat-Lok – VEENA / BAG PIPE
(2) Soham Brahm (Bhanwar Gupha) – FLUTE
(3) Ra Ram Brahm(Dasam Dwar) – SARANGI
(4) Maya Brahm Omkar (Trikuti) – TAAL
(5) Om Brahm / Jyoti Niranjan – BELL, CONCH

Five sound arose in five Brahm while the Super Soul came down into the body


ANAMI                           – AADI SAT – GODSELF
AGAM                             – KARYA BRAHM
ALAKH                            – VAIKUNTH
(2) SAT LOK (Sitting Place of Son of Purn Brahm) ————VEENA / BAG PIPE
(4) MAHA SUNN                —————————————–——   SILENCE
(5) SUNN                           —————————————–               SILENCE
(6) MANSAROVAR LAKE   ————————————–SILENCE

God the Provider

God the Provider


God the Provider

God the Provider –

Most of us think that it is our capability talent and training that helps us get into a profession, get a job and that is the way to provide for our families and take care for our responsibilities. We think that our business, our societies, and our professions are the ones that provide us with our livelihood and that helps us to live.  But this is not true. The reality is that society cannot provide for us until and unless that society is itself provided for and sustained by God.

The Lord is your Provider. He loves you and He has a good plan for your life. He wants to bless you so you can fulfill His plan and purpose. So you can really enjoy your life. And in His Word, He tells us who He is and how we can access everything we need through the son of God.

The problem is, sometimes we miss out on what God wants to do in our lives because we go to people, expecting them to give us what we need, instead of God. Now, God will have to work through the people He puts in our lives to help us, but we need to go to Him first and let Him determine the best way to meet our needs.

In the Bible, Philippians 4:19 says, “And my God will liberally supply (fill to the full) your every need according to His riches in glory in the name of His son.” This verse clearly tells us that God wants to meet our “every need in the name of his son.” But we can’t just take this one scripture and expect to have everything we need without reading it in the context of the whole Bible.

Further in the Bible, Matthew 6:33 says, “But seek (aim at and strive after) first of all His kingdom and His righteousness (His way of doing and being right), and then all these things taken together will be given you besides.”

When we seek worldly things instead of first seeking God, our focus is not in the right place. Our relationship with God needs to be our number one priority all the time, because everything we need is found in Him. When we seek God to know Him more and to learn the right way to live, then we can have confidence that He will take care of everything that concerns us and meet all of our needs.

I’ve found that when I spend more time seeking God’s face and not His hand – what He can give me and do for me – then my desires and thoughts line up more with His will. And when I spend more time praying for God to show me how to walk in love and treat people right, I’m more likely to want what God has for me –what’s best for me – because my mind and heart are set on the right things.

Hebrews 11:6 says, “Whoever would come near to God must [necessarily] believe that God exists and that He is the rewarder of those who earnestly and diligently seek Him [out].” And Romans 8:17 says that if we are children of God, we are “heirs of God and joint heirs with His son”. This means, we are born again and God has provided everything we need through the son of God. We just have to access it through a personal relationship with Him.

The Bible also teaches us to “love [our] enemies, do good, and lend, hoping for nothing in return; and [our] reward will be great…” and to “be merciful, just as [our] Father is merciful” (Luke 6:35-36). Verses 37-38 tell us not to judge others, to forgive, and to be generous with our giving, “for with the same measure that you use, it will be measured back to You.”

Obedience to God’s Word, giving and serving others is the ways we release the blessings of God in our lives. And if you haven’t learned to be a radical, generous giver, you are missing out on one of the best things in your life. I know from experience that you’ll never be happier than when you’re helping someone else…when you’re doing something to help make someone else’s life better. And anytime you do anything for anyone, always look at it as if you’re giving to God.

The best attitude we can have with giving is: “Lord, I’m doing this for you because I love you. You gave to me, now I want to give my life to you!” When this is the motive of your heart, then you can stand on Philippians 4:19, knowing He will meet your every need.

Trust God to meet every need in your life today. He wants to be your healer, comforter, wisdom, peace, joy – anything and everything you need. He wants you to live in His grace, forgiveness, mercy and strength. Rest in Him with confidence that He is the Lord your Provider!

If we have this attitude, that is when God becomes our unfailing protector and provider.

11 Things You Should Know About Lord Kalki

11 Things You Should Know About Lord Kalki

(Ishwar Putra Arun)

11 Things You Should Know About Lord Kalki

11 Things You Should Know About Lord Kalki

(1) Lord Kalki is the 24th Avatar of Lord Vishnu, arrived on Indian Soil on 2nd May 1985. Accoding to the Book “Kalki Comes n 1985” chapter 3 – it is said – “Kalki will be born in a Brahmin family in Mathura City in Utter Pradesh of North India in the first half of 1985, i.e. on Baishakh Shukla Dwadashi Tithi.” Kalki Puran 1;2;15 prophesied – “Lord Kalki will born in Baishakh Month Sukla Paksha Dwadashi tithi.”
(2) Shambhal Garm in many states like – Muradabad of Uttar Pradesh, Orissa, China, South India, Mathura Vrindavan border of Uttar Pradesh etc. But Lord Kalki arrived at Shambhal Gram of Mathura Vrindavan border of Uttar Pradesh. Bhavishya Puran,Pratisarg Parv, Part 4th , Chapter – 5, Page No – 331 has prophesied that “Lord will take Avatar with the name of Lord Kalki in Divya Vrindavan (in the secret Rasmandal place i.e. in the border of Mathura – Vrindavan location) for the welfare of Devas and to destroy the evil-doers. In the end of Kaliyuga Lord will appear in the form of Kalki Avatar at the request of Radha ji.”
Meaning of word ‘Shambhal Gram’ :-
शम्भु Shambhu – Brahm (those who knows Brahm / Brahm knowing people) is called Brahman + ल or ले (of) + ग्राम Grama (Community/Village/Group of people living at a certain Place) = शम्भल ग्राम Shambhal Grama (Village / Place / City of Brahman / Group of Brahman ब्रह्मणों का समूह ) A place where group of Brahman is living / जहाँ ब्राह्मणों का समूह निवास करता है, उसे शम्भल ग्राम कहते हैं .
Muradabad Shambhal is not possible place of incarnation of Lord Kalki because 98% population of that village are Muslimand 2% people are of another caste. Brahaman population is negligible. Seeing the prophesy of Bhavishya Puran and Kalki Comes in 1985, real Shambhal is a place of Mathura – Vrindavan (Uttar Pradesh) location of the Avtara place of Lord Kalki.

(3) His mother’s name is Sumati and father’s name is Vishnu Yasha. (Kalki Puran 1;2:4)
(4) Kalki Puran 1;2:6 has prophesied – Lord Kalki will marry with Padma. Padma will be the incarnation of Goddess Lakshmi and she will be born from the womb of Koumudi, the wife of king Brihadratha, in Sinhala Desh (Sri Lanka).
People are clever and they will try to confuse the people with their cleverly – God knew the people’s attitude. Thus He cleared in Kalki Puran 1;2:6 so that false people might be caught. Truth is – The mother’s name of Padma will be Koumudi and her father’s name will be Brihadratha, and all of three will be born in Sinhala Desh (Sri Lanka) and at the same time all of three will live in Sinhala Desh (Sri Lanka).
(5) The prediction that Lord Kalki will be born in the town of Shambala near the end of Kali-yuga from a brahmana who is actually an incarnation of Svayambhuva Manu. It is described that Svayambhuva Manu performed austerities at Naimisaranya on the bank of the Gomati River for acquiring the privilege of having Lord Vishnu as his son in three lifetimes. Lord Vishnu, being pleased with Svayambhuva Manu , granted the blessing that He would appear as Svayambhuva Manu ‘s son as Lord Rama, Krishna, and Kalki. Thus, Svayambhuva Manu would appear as Dasaratha, Vasudeva, and then Vishnuyasha. Padma Purana 1;40:46 also prophesied – Lord Vishnu admits that He will be born in Kali-yuga. (Sankshipta Padmapuran, Chapter – Utterkhand, Title – “Ramavatar Katha Description of Birth ” Page No 949)
(6) Lord Kalki has nine guru. Their name is as below:
(i) Parshuram (ii) Kripacharya (iii) Vashistha (iv) Vyasa (v) Dhoumya (vi) Akritavarana (vii) Ashvathama (viii) Madhucchanda and (ix) Mandapala.
(7) He is a silent Avatar like Lord Krishna and Lord Buddha. This is the reason people did not get any information about the arrival of Lord Kalki.
(8) He has come down at Shambhal Gram silently and destroying the evil people by hiding Himself. Marharshi Vedvyasa has foretold in Shrimadbhagawatm Maha Puran – Lord kalki will remain hidden in kaliyuga.
(9) At the time of battle He will be riding on white horse named Devdatta having Ratnasaru Sword.
(10) First battkle of Lord kalki is Kikat Pur. Although Kikatpur is undentified but people of Kikatpur will not worship God will not believe in after – life (rebirth), will not believe in Vedas, soul, race etc. He will fight with Barbarians, Mlechchhas, Sakas, Kambojas, Yavanas, Kiratas and Pulindas etc. In the last He will fight with the King Shashidhwaj of Vallat Nagar.
(11) Lord Kalki will marry with the daughter of Shashidhwaj of Vallat Nagar named Rama. Lord Kalki by His wife Padma, begot two sons – named Jaya and Vijaya and by His second wife Rama begot two sons, named – Meghamala and Balahaka (Kalki Puran2;6:36 and 3;17:44)