Why does the Lord take Avatar ?

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The Lord  said in Geeta 4:6 that inspite of being unborn, ever-present and never ending and in spite of being the Lord of all creatures, He comes in the physical form by controlling and using the capabilities of Maya.

The question is-Why does the Lord take avatar?  There are many reasons for doing so.

  1. Whenever Dharma-righteousness-is in danger of being overturned by unrighteousness, then the Lord takes birth in physical form and comes in front of the people.(Geeta 4:7)
  2. To liberate the sages and saints and to destroy the evil-doers and to re-establish righteousness (dharma) in society. (Geeta 4:7)
  3. When the ethical and spiritual level of the people have fallen so low that there is no hope for them to reach the elevated level of the Lord, then the Lord comes down to the earth in the physical form so that the people may be helped.
  4. To help the people towards realization is the basic reason why the Lord does this and this help is so great that it cannot be ever accounted for or paid back. When a person comes to know and believe that the Lord has taken avatar his faith increases by leaps and bounds and he starts progressing towards God realization.
  5. By knowing the divinity of the actions of the Lord and by seeing the example in front of his eyes, the devotee also starts acting like his Lord and divinity starts creeping into his actions as well. That means that the devotee instead of indulging in self focused, selfish acts that bind him to the cycle of rebirth, he starts taking those actions that help others and free his soul from the cycles of rebirth.
  6. In Srimadbhagwatam Maha Puraan section 10 subsection 33 verse 39 Ved Vyas says that the Lord does an immense favor to all souls by taking birth in the physical form and performing actions upon viewing or hearing of which the individual soul turns his attention towards the Lord. The Lord does this not for Himself but for us since there is nothing that He needs to do or that He desires to achieve (Geeta 3:22)  Depending on what is required in a particular age, the Lord takes periodic avatar.  The attributes and capabilities of the different avatars varies depending on the requirements of the people of that age but the Lord Himself never varies and nor does His essential message change.  There are millions of people who sing praises of the Lord but there is no end to His glory and the songs of the Lord can never be completed, so vast is His nature.  The Lord constantly gives to His children. The receiver may tire ofreceiving but the Lord is never tired of giving.  The Lord gives boons that last for ages upon ages.  The best thing we can do with our limited life is to stay in constant remembrance of the Lord.  That is better than any action that we can take.
  7. Presently Lord has taken avatar with His new name “Lord Kalki.” He came down on Indian soil, village Shambhal Gram on baisakh month shukla paksh dwadashi tithi. Thus the best thing we can do with our limited life is to stay in constant remembrance of the Lord Kalki.

In the end days why does the Lord want to fill your being with His own essence ?


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The Lord said that in the end days He would fill His devotees with His own essence.  The reason is that in that time, the stock of mankind would plunge so low that there would be no other way to liberate the people.

The people of the end days would be without wisdom and would be disobedient to the Lord.  They would always be under illusion and always be desirous of pleasures and physical comforts as a first priority of life.  They would be quarrelsome and always try to cause loss of reputation of others.  They will always be involved in futile conversations, futile quarrels and waste time in that way.  Not only that, the words of the lord would be mocked and disregarded.  Such would be the level of the people of the end times that the Lord said that he would have to come and give every person his own essence so that that person may be liberated. The Lord said-“Your sons and daughters will speak of My  prophesies and the young will see My miracles and your old will see My dreams.  When the essence of the Lord enters you then you will come into your own soul rather than live in your body.”  The important thing is that if a person does not have the Lord’s essence in him then he is not from the flock of the Lord.  Those who are of the Lord and those who love the Lord, everything that happens to them  leads only to ultimate blessings and positive things for them for the one who knows the Lord, he is stable in the Lord and they will be the ones to be called by the Lord.  They are the ones who are called god oriented and they will be the ones that will experience the presence of the Lord in terms of realization.  That great blessing cannot be obtained by the individual by his own efforts but it can be obtained only by the blessings of the Lord.  The Lord will dazzle you with His blessings therefore become worthy of that blessing by constantly being in remembrance of the Lord who has come to the earth in physical form under a new name.  He is the only one who can give you that blessing and His name in today’s age is Kalki Maha Avatar.  But that is not the actual name of the Lord.  Just as in the time of the vaman avatar the avatar was called vaman but the lord’s name wasn’t vaman. He was called vaman because he was of short height, his actual name was Upendra.  In the same way the name of the Lord is not Kalki. Today it is the age of Kali. Kali means the devil and Kalki means the one who destroys the devil called kali.  The actual name of the Lord in this avatar is something else.  Know that name of Lord Kalki and stay in remembrance of that name and in that remembrance you shall find freedom or salvation.

Make your decision right now

downloadAs the man became disobedient and he did not follow the God’s commandments, sorrow, problems and fear entered into his life. Due to fear, he could not eat the fruit of life. Thus death came into his life. He began to die and got rebirth again and again. It was a question for him ” how will he manage all these problems? because death is very painful for all.” He became helpless. He became worried and his life became stressful. He lost his peace and found no solution for it. Seeing him nervous and joyless, Lord came down on this earth in the village Shambhal Gram on Baishakh Month Shukla Paksh Dwadashi tithi with new name Kalki. He wants to make contact with the man to give him consolation. He wants to tell – he need not to eat the fruit of life in this present life. He (God) has come down on this earth to destroy his death. He (God) will give him life. Thus you must sought the Lord and He will hear you from all your fears. He will surely save you out of all your troubles. Now question is  how you should keep everything at the feet of the Lord. You offer your prayer without lamenting saying, “Oh, I’ve this problem; this much of sufferings” and so on. Have faith in your God Lord Kalki and  be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God. When you make your requests known to God with prayer and supplication, with a firm heart and hold onto the Lord Kalki in all situations, every problem will leave you.

The Lord gives us, faith, as the shield in order to overcome the enemy when he sends his fiery darts against our lives. We are delivered not only from the evil but also from the various sufferings in the family life. Look at the life of David! Though he held on to the Lord firmly, he encountered many sufferings in his life. King Saul was trying to kill him and put an end to his life, out of jealousy and resentment.

Lord Kalki has decided to give now a father and a mother together to comfort you. The Lord Kalki says, “As one whom his mother comforts, so I will comfort you.” Lord said again  “Can a woman forget her nursing child, and not have compassion on the son of her womb? Surely they may forget. Yet I will not forget you.” (Bible, Isaiah 49:15).

God’s love is far greater than a mother’s love. For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son that whosoever believeth in Him might have everlasting life. When the Son of God looks at His hands, he does not his see an unbroken palm, he sees you. He has engraved you on the palm of His hands. You belong to Him. He will not forget you and cannot forget you. Draw closer to Him and He will comfort you in His loving arms for He loves you very much. Remember, He will never leave you nor forsake you.

Son of God Arun said: “I am the light of the world. He who follows Me shall not walk in darkness.” If you faithfully follow Him and walk in the way of righteousness, His life and light shines through you to others.

He delivers and saves the people, who stumble in darkness. By changing  your old wicked ways, He will give you a new and bright life leading to eternity. He will give you the privilege to live as new creations (Bible, 2 Corinthians 5:17) and  the devil will be put to shame.

This is the reason, commit yourself to walk in the ways of righteousness. Follow the good ways, pleasing to the Lord Kalki, without giving room for the devil. When you thus receive a new life and walk in the ways of righteousness, God will be with you. He will fill you with grace and truth and prosper your life. Yes, the Lord Kalki wants to bless the lives of such people, hearing the prayers of the righteous. He wants to exalt them in front of others. Not only that, He dwells in the houses of such people and prospers whatever they do. He honours them and exalts them.

Who is Kalki Maha Avatar


 (A)Tth (13)he Supreme Lord Narayana has taken avatar in India with His new name Kalki.  He has taken avatar in the village of Sambhala on the 12th day of the ascending moon cycle in the month of Baisakh.  He has been called by many different names and in the holy scripture August Samhita, the sage August Rishi has crecited his thousand names, Varah Puran, Chapter 48, Page No 94 called with 7 (seven) different names, Mahabharat, Van Parv called Him with the name of Kalki Vishnu Yasha and Shrimad Bhagawatam Maha Puran has also called Him with different name which is known but is not being revealed here.

(B) Lord Kalki is the avatar of the supreme Lord Narayana therefore He doesnot belong to any certain religion or any particular sect.  He belongs to the people of all religions whether Hindu, Muslim, Christian, Sikh or any other religion. There is no god except Him. One is He, no partner hath He. Exalted is He alone, and praise be to Lord Kalki only, and there is no deity except Lord Kalki, and Lord Kalki is the Greatest. And there is no might nor power except in Lord Kalki, the Most High, the Most Great. He gives life and causes death, and He is Living, who will not die, never. He of Majesty and Munificence. Within His Hand is (all) good. And He is, upon everything, Able (to exert His Will).

(C) The arrival of Lord Kalki has been predicted by most religions in their holy books. In today’s world many people claim to be Lord kalki but to be truly the Lord kalki the prophecies about the Lord must be fulfilled. Those who do not fulfill these prophecies cannot take the position of Kalki Maha Avatar.

(D) The prophecy is that Kalki Maha Avataar would be born on the 12th day of the bright fortnight (Shukla Paksh) in the month of Vaisakha. (Kalki Puran 1;2:15) Kalki Comes in 1985, 3rd chapter prophesied – Kalki will be born in a Brahmin family in Mathura city in Uttar Pradesh of North India in the first half of 1985 i.e. on Vaisakh Shukla Dwadashi tithi and in Bengali tithi 1392. Bhavishya Puran, Pratisarg Parv, Part 4th , Chapter – 5, Page No – 331 has prophesied that “Lord will take Avatar with the name of Lord Kalki in Divya Vrindavan (in the secret Rasmandal place i.e. on the border of Mathura – Vrindavan location) for the welfare of  Devas and to destroy the evil-doers. In the end of Kaliyuga Lord will appear in the form of Kalki Avatar at the request of Radha ji.”

(E) The holy.Quran prophesies – “ A great person will come after him whose name would mean PRAISED ONE”


(F) Kalki Puran 1;2:6 has prophesied – Lord Kalki will marry with Padma. Padma will be the incarnation of Goddess Lakshmi and she will be born from the womb of Koumudi, the wife of king Brihadratha, in Sinhala Desh (Sri Lanka).
People are clever and they will try to confuse the people with their cleverly – God knew the people’s attitude. Thus He cleared in Kalki Puran 1;2:6 so that the false people might be caught. Truth is – The mother’s name of Padma will be Koumudi and father’s name will be Brihadratha, and all of three will be born in Sinhala Desh (Sri Lanka) and at the same time all of three will live in Sinhala Desh (Sri Lanka).

(G) Shrimad Bhagawatam Maha Puran 11;5:39-39 has prophesied – In the kali age only, here and there men will be devoted to Lord Narayana but their number will be large in the Dravida territory, wherein flow the rivers – Tamraparni, Kritmala, Payaswini, the most sacred Kaveri, Mahanadi and Pratichi. It is prophesied clearly that a large number of devotees of Lord Narayana will live in Dreavid Desh (Tamil Nadu) wherein Tamraparni, Kritmala, Payaswini, the most sacred Kaveri, Mahanadi and Pratichi flow. It has not prophesied that Lord Kalki will be born in Dravis Desh (Tamil Nadu) or His abode will be in Dravis Desh (Tamil Nadu). Thus people must not confuse at the above description.

(H) Kalki Puran 1;2:8 has prophesied that Lord Kalki will bring Satya Yuga (Krit Yuga), then He will establish Dharma as before and then He will kill the Kali and then He will finally return to His abode. It is clear cut prophesy that once Lord Kalki took incarnation He must perform three duties first – (1) to bring Satya yuga (Krit yuga) (2) to establish Dharma (3) to destroy the Kali or evil people. Then He will plan to return to His abode. When Lord Kalki will bring Satya Yuga (Krit yuga) as the Moon, Sun and Jupiter will arrive in Pshya Nakshtra (pushy constellation), in one rashi (in one zodiacal) is in the ascendant. (Shrimad Bhagawatam Maha Puran 12;2:24 ; Shri Vishnu Puran, Part – 4th Chapter 24, Ashlokas – 102, Page No – 302 ; Mahabharata, Van Parv, title “Kali Dharm and Kalki Avatar” Page No – 311 ). According to Astrology, on 21st July 2014, at 3:11:00 P.M. the above incident took place and thus from that time Satya yuga (Krit yuga) has started.

(I) In the region of Lord Kalki only, it has been preaching the one Vedas from different religions and it has been doing clear the real meaning of Vedas. It is not possible in the absent of Lord Kalki. One day will come that false people and selfish people will not allow to teach their false wisdom.

(J)Thus collect information of the personal name of Lord Kalki and chant His name with pure devotion. Maharshi Ved Vysa ji wrote in Shrimad Bhagwatam Maha Puran 12;3:52 – “ What is attend in the Satyayuga by one contemplating on Lord Vishnu, in Treta by one who propitiates Him through sacrifices, and in Dwapara through worship of the Lord, is attend in the Kali age merely by chanting the name and singing the praises of Shri Hari.” It means the things to whom a people receive by doing meditation in Satyayuga, by doing big Yagya in treta and doing pooja (worship) properly in Dwapara, the same thing people will get easily by chanting the name of Lord in Kaliyuga. Shri Narsing Puran, Chapter – 54, Ashlokas – 50-55 Paqge No – 239 prophesied the same above things clearly. In Padma Puran, Chapter Patal Khand, Title “Mahima of Naam kirtan…..” Page No – 565, Devi Parvati ji asked to Lord Shiva – “Kripanidhi! People will be in trouble due to son, wife, wealth etc by appearing the kaliyuga. Then what will be the solution of getting their Mukti?” Lord Shiva replied her – “Devi! In Kaliyuga, only the name of Hari will be a boat of crossing the ocean of Birth and Death. It means the name of Hari will be the only solution of getting Mukti / Salvation.” Ram Charit Manas, Baal kand, Doha – 20/1, Page No – 27 prophesied – As the servant walks after his master, similarly, Lord moves after His name. This is the reason, after knowing the name of Lord Kalki, people must chant and sing His name with full faith and pure devotion.

(K)At the Time of prayer you should speak:

There is no God except Lord Kalki. One is He, no partner hath He. Exalted is He alone, and praise be to Lord Kalki only, and there is no deity except Lord Kalki, and Lord Kalki is the Greatest. And there is no might nor power except in Lord Kalki, the Most High, the Most Great. He gives life and causes death, and He is Living, who will not die, never. He of Majesty and Munificence. Within His Hand is (all) good. And He is, upon everything, Able (to exert His Will). His is the Dominion, and His is the Praise. He gives life and causes death, and He is Living, who will not die, never. He of Majesty and Munificence. Within His Hand is (all) good. And He is, upon everything, Able (to exert His Will). I seek forgiveness from Yoy, my Lord, from every sin I committed knowingly or unknowingly, secretly or openly, and I turn towards Him from the sin that I know and from the sin that I do not know. Certainly You, You (are) the knower of the hidden things and the Concealer (of) the mistakes and the Forgiver (of) the sins. And (there is) no power and no strength except from Allah, the Most High, the Most Great”. O Lord Kalki ! I seek protection in You from that I should not join any partner with You and I have knowledge of it. I seek Your forgiveness from that which I do not know. I repent from it (ignorance) and I reject disbelief and joining partners with You and of falsehood and sarendering and innovation in religion and tell-tales and evil deeds and the blame and the disobedience, all of them. I submit to Your will and I believe and I declare: There is none worthy of worship except Lord Kalki.

What does God want to give you today


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The Lord saw that the heart of man was very weak and always full of worry, sorrow and tension.  Therefore the Lord decided that He would assuage man’s heart by giving him twice of what he had lost.  To fulfill this objective the Lord used Maya-who he controls-to create a human form for Himself and came to the earth in the form of Lord Kalki.  On hearing the prayers of Radha, He took birth in the village of Sambhala that is on the border of Mathura-Vrindavan in the state of Uttarpradesh in India.  Another purpose of His incarnation was to give protection to the pious people of the world and destroy the evil-seekers and evil-doers. On the 2nd day of  Baisakh month, rising moon cycle, He took birth on the earth.

The Lord wants to give you those things that have everlasting value and He also wants to remove the burden of sin that lies heavy on your soul.  He wants to provide you security as well and he wants to bless you with abundance of all material objects but for this to happen, we have to have faith in the Lord and we must be worthy of the blessings that the Lord wants to bestow on us. The reason is that the person who is true and sincere is always blessed but the one who seeks wealth in a hurry always takes shortcuts that lead to sin. The one who bases his beliefs and actions on his unshakeable faith for the Lord, to such a person, the Lord offers peaceful protection therefore always have faith on the lord since the lord is an unshakeable rock.

The Lord bends to their knees those who hold high office and those cities that stand on high ground are brought low.  To such a Lord have unshakeable faith and you will receive strength and peace.  The Lord only wants that we-His children give their minds and hearts to Him, that they give their wisdom to Him and single focused remember and worship only Him.  When a man does that then God’s promise that He will give double of what is lost is fulfilled.