Finding God in this busy modern life

Finding GodFinding God in this busy modern life

AADISHRI ARUN: Modern life has its own realities and it creates its own dilemmas. If I have to use one phrase to describe the state of the world today I would describe the state of the world as- “Water water everywhere, not a drop to drink!”  What does this statement mean? It means that modern life, with all its technological advancements and its  promises of an abundant life is just a mirage.  Modern life may be able to provide us with the tools to live and prosper in the modern world but these tools cannot provide us happiness on their own. What is a tool?  It is simply an enabler.  A tool provides us with knowledge and resources about how to do something.  But it is only by doing that something can we hope to become happy.  Some examples will make this clear.  Example 1-Let’s say that We desire to reach a certain place in our search for happiness-maybe a pilgrimage to Badrinath. The modern world provides us with the tools-Google maps provides us with the route. The website of Volvo buses will provide us with a means to book the seats for travelling and the money in the bank will enable us to book those seats but only when we use those facilities and actually travel to Badrinath, that we will end up feeling happy. Example 2- We may desire to buy the latest I-phone and we may believe that that would make us happy but can that phone provide us lasting happiness if we have no good friends and have no-one to call? The phone may provide us with the means to call our loved ones but only by talking to them can we be happy.

When we examine our life from this perspective, we realize that most of our time is spend in gathering the resources for doing things but we have no time left to actually do those things!

The sad reality is that we end up working from morning to night to earn enough money to buy all the things that we think we need for ourselves and our families. Desire for the objects of the modern world and fear of the future drives us constantly. Inside we are completely lonely. Another aspect of the modern world is the complete uncertainty of life. Today It is just not enough to be good in our work. We could be very good in our work but we may get fired because the factory that we work in closes down due to overseas competition! Thus we can be affected by events and situations that we have nothing to do with or have no control over.  The reality of the modern world is that it is both global and local.  Not only are we affected by what is happening in the neighborhood but also what is happening globally.  The end result of all this is the increased uncertainty and complexity of our life and that makes us fear the future and worry constantly.

From early in the morning to late at night, our mind and emotions are constantly in turmoil about how to earn money so that we may be able to take care of our needs and prepare for a rainy day.  This constant cycle of desires and fears affects all aspects of our life whether we are young or old; whether we are students or professionals.  This is what creates the stress of living and this is now affecting most of the population of the world.  Even school students are being diagnosed with high blood pressure! Lifestyle diseases such as diabetes and hypertension are spreading like wildfire  and doctors are now prescribing yoga, meditation, counseling etc apart from medications.

As I said in the beginning of this article-“Water water everywhere, not a drop to drink!”  We may have a thousand friends on face book but we have no-one to share our real feelings. Our phone book may be full of contacts but we have no-one to depend on when we need real help. We may have all the comforts that life can provide but we lack of health to enjoy most of those things.  The best foods from across the world may be available to us our stomachs can no longer digest even normal foods! The reality is that many of us eat more medicines than food!  And so on and so forth!

This is the nature of modern life.  Many of us want to escape this and go back to a more meaningful existence. But we find ourselves trapped in this whirlpool of a frenetic life from which there is no escape. Many of us want to run away but even that is not possible as to live, we need to be plugged into the modern world. It costs a lot of money to live even as a Sanyasi (renunciate)!

Many of us are told that spirituality and Yoga and seeking God can help us to escape from this sorry situation but we are so trapped in the cycle of give and take with the world that we have no time even for God.  So even when we are told that finding God is a solution, we have no time for seeking Him.

The question that faces us today is-How do we lead meaningful and happy lives in the world today?

Let me answer this question in this article.

The world is and has always has been a creation of  Maya.  The extent of Maya varies from age to age and epoch to epoch but the truth is that it is always Maya that predominates. And what is Maya’s job?  It is to endlessly create and recreate versions of the world that seduce and entrance the souls that come in it. And why is this done?  This is how the material universe is created in the first place.  The entirety of creation consists of various components that are roles played by the very same soul particles that God consist of Himself.  From the atoms that make up matter, to the minerals that make up all the substances of the universe, to the plants, to the animals and to man, each entity is just a deluded seduced soul that believes that he is that thing which he chooses to be.  And there is nothing wrong in this since this is the only way that Kaal can control creation. After all what would happen If a proton stopped believing that is was but a proton?  The atom will fall apart!

But the underlying truth is that none of the roles that the soul particles choose to take are real.  Creation is a contrived act and such a pretence can never give peace and joy to the soul. The soul may be misled for some time but it cannot be misled forever. Sooner or later it realizes that peace and joy are obtainable only by living in the truth.

And that leads us to the final question. What is Truth? People have different interpretations about what is truth.  Most people also think that truth is relative and are often confused by the meaning of truth. “The sun rises in the east” is a truth but is it the ultimate truth?  The answer is that truth also has layers and till we reach the ultimate truth, we cannot find peace and joy.  And what is the characteristic of the ultimate truth?- That which is unchanging.  If we examine this world by this yardstick, we find that there is no truth in it. The highest mountains, the deepest oceans, the planets and the stars, even the gods are not the truth since even they are time bound and will be destroyed after a certain period of time.  The only unchanging truth is the Lord Himself who is the creator of all.  When we seek and find the Lord, we find the truth and only that gives us the peace and joy we seek.  So then what is the truth? That there is only one truth in this universe and that is God Himself.  And this is why you must seek God.

What I have given you today is a reason – a ‘Why’ for seeking God.  It is only when you have a ‘Why’ for seeking Him, will you make the time and effort to seek Him in your otherwise busy life.  Once that understanding is there, you will get the motivation to make your life God-centric. Once your heart is set on seeking God, then I and you will be on the same page.  Then we can talk about ‘how’ we can seek God. I will tell you about the pathway to Him and what tools we can use to reach him but the first job that the individual MUST do is to have a heartfelt reason to seek God. The individual must constantly strengthen that resolve by believing that God is the only Truth.  This is the meaning of the phrase that is recited “Ram Naam Satya Hai!” when a dead body is taken for creation.  Actually this phrase should be recited at all times so that we may be reminded of this eternal truth.

So to sum up the teaching – how do we seek God in our busy modern lives?  By realizing that only He is real, that only He is fruitful and that only He can give us the happiness that we seek.  Once we realize this fact-not only in mind, but also in our heart and soul, then the modern life or for that matter, life in any age or time will fail to bother us or distract us from this fundamental reality.  Only then we will build our lives on the central unshakeable rock called God and only then will we shed all unnecessary Maya to find Him.  There is no end to Maya but we will stop getting entranced by what is fake and we will gravitate only towards what is real. We will then use Maya to reach God and not use it to run away from Him.

Many people are also confused about what do we owe to our families and friends and what is our duty toward them.  Is it right to abandon them in the search for God?  The answer is ‘NO’. It is God Himself who has sent us to take part in the play called life. It is He Himself who has assigned us this role.  It would not be appropriate for us to abandon our roles in the play of life. If we do that, we are only letting God down, so we must take part in the play and do our assigned duties and tasks.  for example, if my role in my present avatar is to be an Architect then I must be the best Architect possible and if your assigned task is to be a doctor then you must be the best doctor possible.  And yet at the same time, we must be constantly aware that the only reality is God and that we are only playing the role of an Architect or a Doctor or a father or a mother or a son and so on.  We must never attach our sense of self to our profession, our family or our nationality.  The ultimate truth is that we are nothing but a part of the eternal spirit of the Super-soul.  That identity is the only truth. It is the only unchanging reality. My profession, nationality, family even species can change from birth to birth but  me being part of the eternal spirit of God can never change. So even as we live in this modern world playing our assigned parts, if we are in constant remembrance of this truth, we will find everlasting happiness and joy, here and now.  This state of being is called Sat-Chit-Anand which translates to Truth consciousness bliss.

The Philosophy and Teaching of AADISHRI ARUN

The PhilosophyThe Philosophy and Teaching of AADISHRI ARUN

The teachings of AADISHRI ARUN is based on a real belief in three things. These three things form the three pillars of ‘AADISHRI Faith’. These three things are:-

(i)         The belief in the existence of God even though he is not visible to our eyes,

(ii)        The belief in the Oneness of the essence of God and the spirit entity in human   beings.

(iii)       The Law of Karma and the Continuity of life after death.

Those who believe in the teachings of AADISHRI ARUN and the Faith hold that there is one True Supreme Being who is the Creator of the universe, who is the spirit or soul of man (Surat) and who is the Fountain-Head of all spirituality.

According to teachings of AADISHRI ARUN, there are three elements in the human body: the Inferior Energy ‘JAD PRAKRTI’- which can be called material nature, and from which the physical body is made; the Superior Energy ‘CHETAN PRAKRTI’- conscious nature- from which the human mind (mind) is made and the third, the spirit – ‘Super Soul’, which is the life and soul of the human body and brings about the evolution and development of man’s body and mind.

The human body and mind are both perishable or mortal, while the spirit – ‘Super Soul’  is immortal. Corresponding to these, there are three Grand Divisions in the Creation, namely, the pure spiritual region called Avinashi Desh; The Brahmanda or the Region of Universal Mind in which the mind dominates over spirit; and the Pind Desh or Physical Universe in which matter is pre-dominant. A spirit can attain salvation or freedom from the cycles of birth and death, only if it enters the purely spiritual region. The techniques are used to enter in the purely spiritual region is called SURAT SHABD YOG.

According to AADISHRI ARUN, the highest God or Supreme Being is Sat Purush – AADISHRI ARUN. He is the highest reality, higher than Brahman, Allah and the God of Christianity and Judaism. There is no scripture or religion that describes him adequately. He belongs to the highest region while the scriptures, religions, incarnations and gods mentioned above come from lower regions. He is the highest reality. All the worlds are manifested by Him through a gradual succession of planes which are called Grand Regions. His state prior to creation is the supreme state of ‘Shunya’-which is soundless self. Upon waking up from this state He produced a divine current (Shabd), from which emerged different regions, gods, beings and objects.

These can be classified in four categories called Four Grand Regions. The Highest or fourth grand region is called Chaitanya Desh/Avinashi Lok or the Peaceful Region. In it located Aadishripad, Agamlok, Alakhlok and Satlok. These are pure spiritual worlds of light, love, bliss and peace. They are not subject to dissolution.

This is from where Kaal is a manifest by this Supreme Being. Kaal has both mind and matter. His spiritual energy is known as Adya. Kaal creates both the third and the second grand regions. The third region is a combination of spirit and subtle matter where the spirit is predominating while the second is a combination of matter and spirit where matter is predominating. Using his spiritual energy, Kaal transforms himself into Niranjan and Jyoti and created the third Grand Region known as And-Desh. It has three sub-regions of Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh. Then he created the second Grand Region known as Brahmand, using his Adya and Akshar Purush (latent spiritual energy). This region is a combination of spirit, mind and pure matter (Maya). It has three sub-regions, Sunya, Trikuti and Sahasdal Kanwal.It is pervaded by the Universal Mind and is qualified by the Five tattvas (principles) and three gunas (qualities). Finally Kaal creates Pind-Desh or the First Grand Region. It is the material and physical world with a nerve centre and nine apertures in which is encased the Surat (the Soul or the spirit entity). In this world the soul is deeply enmeshed in matter and the only way it can escape from there is through the help of Guru and by finding the flow of shabd or divine current.

Let me explain the terms mentioned above in detail:-

SOUL OR SURAT: The soul is atomic in nature, but shares the same qualities as those of the Supreme Being. During creation, it descends from above through various higher regions into the physical world (Pind-Desh), below the Sahasdal Kanwal, the lower most sub region of the Brahmand. Here it gets involved with maya, the five tattvas, the three gunas, the mind and matter. In this state, it is called jiva or being. Its loses its freedom and become subject to birth, death and rebirth and the duality of pleasure and pain. Under the influence of Kaal it assumes many forms, develops attachment, desires, delusion and egoism. Its true nature becomes buried under many layers of ignorance and suffering.

Shabd: It is the eternal divine sound current, the first manifestation of Supreme Being. All creation and the four Grand Regions emerged from it. It is an ever reverberating inaudible sound that pervades the whole creation and resonates in all beings as an undercurrent. It can be heard within oneself through devotion to one’s guru and by chanting the holy name (Naam) given by the guru during one’s initiation. Its physical aspect is Naam or the holy name which is known to the guru and who alone can reveal it to a disciple.

Salvation: By repeating the holy name and listening to the shabd in a deep spiritual state of withdrawal, a devotee can join the flow of this current and travel through various higher regions to reach Aadishripad or the highest abode.

Sant Satguru: The Santsatguru is a manifestation of the Supreme Being in human form. Liberation of the jivas can happen only through his grace. Though he is a human form, a guru should never be treated like a human being. He personifies the Shabd and through him the Supreme Being communicates with the jivas, bestows his grace and helps them to liberate themselves from the bonds of Pind-Desh and the exploitation of Kaal. The Satguru is responsible for the karma of his disciples. At the time of initiation he actually takes upon himself the karma of the initiate and connects him or her to the divine sound current. Without him it is not possible to listen to the sound or escape from the bonds of material life.

Bhakti or Devotion: Bhakti is two types (1) Guru-bhakti – that is devotion to guru and (2) Shabd-bhakti – that is devotion to Shabd. Both of them are very important and key to one’s release from the bondage. Guru-bhakti facilitates shabd-bhakti because the guru connects the jiva with the Shabd and through the Shabd with the Supreme Being.

Surat Shabd Yog:AADISHRI Faith believes that the means to salvation is practice of Surat Shabd Yog which involves initiation into a holy name by the Guru and devotional chanting of the holy name to find the current of divine sound (Shabd) within oneslf. This sound in not a imaginary sound or mythical sound. It is an omnipotent and omnipresent divine sound that reverberates continuously throughout the four regions and can be actually heard by any individual with due practice and through the grace of his Guru. The Surat Shabd Yog is easy to practice and can be practiced by any one irrespective of caste and creed or gender and economic status. However its success will greatly depend upon how much love is generated in one’s heart towards the Supreme Being and the Satguru.


The Lord is our provider | Kalki Avatar

The LordThe Lord is our provider


God is your source for everything that you may need and He cares about everything you care about. There’s no need too small for Him to provide and there is no need too big that He can’t provide for you. This is the reason, Holy books says –  Praise be to the God, the Father of compassion and the God of all comfort. It is He  who comforts us in all our troubles, so that we in turn can comfort those around us who are in any trouble with the comfort we ourselves receive from God. For just as we share abundantly in the sufferings of Lord, so also our comfort abounds through the Lord. (Bible, 2 Corinthians 1:3)

The Lord is your Provider. He loves you and He has a good plan for your life. He wants to bless you so that you can fulfil His plan and purpose. Thus you can really enjoy your life. And in His Word, He tells you who He is and how you can access everything we need through Lord.

The problem is, sometimes you miss out on what God wants to do in your lives because you go to people, expecting them to give you what you need, instead of God. Now, God will work through the people He puts in your lives to help you, but you need to go to Him first and let Him determine the best way to meet your needs.

Bible, Philippians 4:19 says, “And my God will liberally supply (fill to the full) your every need according to His riches in glory in Lord.” This verse clearly tells that God wants to meet our “every need…in Lord.” Bible, Matthew 6:33 says, “But seek (aim at and strive after) first of all His kingdom and His righteousness (His way of doing and being right), and then all these things taken together will be given you besides.”

When you feel the need for any help from anyone other than God, your focus is not in the right place. Your relationship with God needs to be your number one priority all the time, because everything you need is found in Him. When you seek God to know Him more and to learn the right way to live, then you can have confidence that He will take care of everything that concerns you and meet all of your needs.

I have found that when I spend more time seeking God’s face and not His hand – what He can give me and do for me – then my desires and thoughts line up more with His will. And when I spend more time praying for God to show me how to walk in love and treat people right, I am more likely to want what God has for me-
what’s best for me – because my mind and heart are set on the right things.

Bible, Hebrews 11:6 says, “Whoever would come near to God must (necessarily) believe that God exists and that He is the rewarder of those who earnestly and diligently seek Him (out).” And Romans 8:17 says that if we are children of God, we are “heirs of God and joint heirs with Lord”. This means, being Lord’s children, God has provided everything we need in Himself. We just have to access it through a personal relationship with Him.

Obedience to God’s Word, giving and serving others are the ways you can release the blessings of God in your lives. And if you haven’t learned to be a radical, generous giver, you are missing out on one of the best things in your life. I know from experience that you’ll never be happier than when you’re helping someone else…when you’re doing something to help make someone else’s life better. And anytime you do anything for anyone, always look at it as if you’re giving to God.

The best attitude you can have with giving is: “Lord, I’m doing this for You because I love You. You gave to me, now I want to give my life to You!” When this is the motive of your heart, then you can stand on Philippians 4:19, knowing He will meet your every need.

Trust God to meet every need in your life today. He wants to be your healer, comforter, wisdom, peace, joy – anything and everything you need. He wants you to live in His grace, forgiveness, mercy and strength. Rest in Him with confidence that He is the Lord your Provider.

To-day’s Message (4)

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From the Desk of Aadishri Arun:

When your eye turns inwards in the brain and you see the firmament within, and your spirit leaves the body and rises upwards, you will see the Akash in which is located Sahas-dal-kanwal, the thousand petals of which perform the various functions pertaining to the three worlds. Its effulgence will exhilarate your spirit.